September 8, 2016

20 Attractive Living Room Curtains

Living Room Curtains

Modern curtains do much more than block out the light. Today they can be used to create semi-private social spaces, block direct light, maintain a constant temperature, or be neatly pulled to the side where natural sunlight can flood the space. Fabrics are available in many styles, with colors, shades, patterns, and accessories making each space unique.

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 Image: Laura Ashley

The fabric used for this window is heavy enough that it will last, yet detailed enough that is drapes the way window treatments should.

02 7b7af530115e880c9a8f291dce57460f

Image: House Beautiful

The fabric for these curtains are light enough that they fold crisply when drawn to the sides, something that is essential for windows.

03 5964b7d849f3b69527088ae6710bd7b3

Image: The Design Chaser

Sunlight can fade fabric with time, so darker colored curtains last longer making this window treatment an ideal choice.

04 af343854af2df27a7b013b8b0956f25c

Image: Home Bunch

Pleating the curtains, the draping effect created by this treatment is ideal.

05 a4403ac46985f6b4eb61a0bf646afc7d

Image: The Every Girl

Customized curtains create tailored looks perfectly suited to non-conventional windows like these. In this space the curtain rods are discreetly hidden with the matching panel.

06 79a1bebab3de167fd10c56a48d8a2af2

Image: Liz Marie Blog

By placing the curtains more than six inches above the window frame, this treatment creates a dramatic look.

07 bda99560e1a4c40e2d0b229e8ae0707d

Image: House Turquoise 96586

By selecting the length and lining for this window detail, these curtains make a great addition to the room using interlining to improve the effect.

08 4c2c1a2cb59016257f58f232f69fc795

Image: Visi

Neutral toned curtains length the room and draw the eye toward the furniture and accent points.

09 8b7408341d74d3e49067db325729fe00

Image: My House idea

Sheer curtains delicately reduce the natural light in the room while still adding to the openness.

10 89d66f020f6c4a318711370526c0a683

Image: Elle Décor

For a modern feel, all white silk curtains are lightweight yet long lasting.

11 764557e6e4969de9ff70c51aaf2928bb

Image: Room Décor Ideas

The combination of heavier curtains with an interlining see through fabric allows windows to block light and temperatures while still prolonging their lifespan. Here too the electrical heating is hidden from view with discreet curtains.

12 7689e283e02a979b91128dea81a934d7

Image: Country Curtains

These curtains really make the room, using the right combination of color and fabric. The country feel of this home is solidified with the two toned drapes.

13 845c049649f9e6bed5fafc7ea3522370

Image: Living Room Ideas

Hanging panels higher than the window itself, as is done here, adds a sense of height to this space.

14 49a35a52e03a0c293b3e3a4bc2cb912e

Image: Roo Home

Custom panels offer high quality window treatment that naturally complements the space. For larger windows, customized curtains can be created to span two stories with one set of fabric.

15 e4649fefde4a4011faa1093d6c6b983b

Image: Home Designing

Neutral colors work well against the hazards of direct sunlight, blending nicely into the décor of this room.

16 9d027292a3a4c9c05dcbc391fff22a1b

Image: Busy Bee Studio

The length of the curtains is important, and with these, the window sill can be discreetly covered.

17 491c9de84d3c454e9d0a8f715c967491

Image: Haute Savage

The lining and interlining here gives the curtains the fullness and body every window needs.

18 c33fd1c0a55ca1f81a6f47e853a10a10

Image: Brit

Even in small spaces, floor length curtains can add a warmth and privacy to any space.

19 45956364a923f42e0109c8234f538540

Image: Apartment Therapy

Simple white curtains stand out against dark painted walls.

20 4f1e4e74214bbd420fb9364b74ef30bc

Image: Architectural Digest

Printed curtains add unique texture to a room, drawing discreet focus like these paisley designs.

With so many options on the market it is easy to see why curtains now play such a significant role in any window treatment. Used not only for efficiency but for beauty, curtains are a modern accessory for any home.

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August 16, 2016

20 Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes To Choose From

Bedroom Color schemes

The world is full of energy and subconscious cues. We envelop specific emotions and feelings through the use of our senses. A symphonic melody can be calming , the feeling of silks are soothing , the scent of a baked apple pie offers a sense of warmth, the taste of a chocolate cake can give you an indulged feeling and the sight of certain colors offers an array of  thoughtful inspirations. This theory is recognized and realized throughout society on multiple levels. When it comes to style and design , we have a wonderful world of colors to choose from. Cooler tones and warm hues will present a bedroom colors scheme that will be incorporated in your next design.

Your bedroom is unlike any other room in your home. It is the one room where you can keep your dreams and personal space to a refined sense of yourself. A bedroom style is not just a choice of fabrics and lighting fixtures. It is a decision on how you will start and end your day. No matter the size of your space, you can create your own stylish get away from your everyday life. We have included photos of how color is able to impact designs.You will see the many ways color inspires each other to create varied styles for each room.

Orange and Gray

001 2-orange-and-grey 14

Image: BF Interior Design

Here we see orange infusions throughout the room. Orange is a vibrant color that is full of energy. The gray tones are a positive balance the style.

Hollywood Pink Glam

002 4-hollywood-pink 14

Image: Lorigen Tile

A collaboration of colors are well met in this style. A light peach has depth when paired with deep neutrals and a pretty plum color.

York Avenue Apartment

003 shabby-chic-style-bedroom 14

Image: Corynne Pless

A pale wall coloring has a hint of cream and is delicately accented with a stark white. Touches of deep pinks and reds accent the room with the right amount of light.

Fulham Bedroom

004 contemporary-bedroom 14

Image: VC Design Architectural Services

A light gray room envelops the space with a keen sense of style. Bright white contrasts are delightfully intertwined in the setting.

Loft Rooms

005 transitional-bedroom 14

Image: Amanda Nelison Interiors

Here we see a mink wall color that is expertly contrasted with white framing. A light wood finish completes the style.

Knightsbridge Apartment

006 contemporary-bedroom 14

Image: Helen Green Design

Enriched neutral tones hold the space with a deep layering of hues. A dusty blue is added to create a chic space.

Bedroom Textures

007 contemporary-bedroom 14

Image: The Couture Rooms

A lavish look is neutral with champagne notes. A white shading adds a thoughtful approach to the design.

Parkwood Road Residence Master Bedroom

008 traditional-bedroom 14

Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

This serene space has a barely there blue wall coloring. Light gray and white hues are accentuated by the natural lighting in this style.

American Dream

009 contemporary-bedroom 14

Image: Maurizio Pellizoni Ltd

Dark wood finishes complement a black on black wall theme. Slate gray and white are intriguing and paired with natural hints of greenery and floral aspects.

Roehampton Development

010 transitional-kids 14

Image: Inspired Dwellings

A white surrounding has hints of color that touches the room in varied accents and decorative pieces.

Dusky Plum Bedroom

011 purple-floral-bedroom 14

Image: Timothy Young Photography

The color of dusk surrounds the style with multi faceted plum purple tones offering a luxurious appeal.

Vintage-style Pink Bedroom

012 pale-pink-bedroom 14

Image: Dominic Blackmore

The color of vintage inspiration is noted with a dusty pink and descriptive gray tones. This style has light whispering hues that harmonize the design.

Retro Patterned Bedroom

013 Retro-pattern--bold-and-beautiful-bedroom--PHOTOGALLERY--Style-at-Home--Housetohome 14

“Image: Jeremy Phillips

Retro styled colors are prevalent with avocado, orange and red accents. a cache of colors are spontaneously decorated into the room.

Bedroom Color

014 main.original.640x0c 14

Image: My Domaine

A dark and rich slate gray covers the walls and has a continuous appeal with matching drapes. White details and yellow intricacy has a modern vintage look.

Bedroom Color

015 Image 4 - Teal Goddess 14

Image: Lifestyle

This room has a fresh style with fuchsia pillows and white accents that are surrounded by a sterling aqua blue.

Bedroom Color

016 Room_Bedroom_1 14

Image: Paint Color

A neutral pallet is enchanting with infused lilac appeals. Soft tones create a design that is absolutely charming.

Bedroom Color

017 764f3e1317fa862f1c28aac2531cf5d0 14

Image: Bykoket

A steel blue is mingled with a chic gray coloring. A brilliant yellow harmonizes the style in a clever compilation of art and style.

Bedroom Color

018 5f09d96e3093fd63d3c4ba7f8945f403 14

Image: The Decorologist

Blue and gray are witty with a refreshing style. The artist uses a play on colors to contribute to an elegant feel to the space.

Bedroom Color

019 master-bedroom-bedding-ideas 14

Image: Mpower Products

Taupe is an intriguing color. This hue changes depending on the time of day and the lighting in the room. The white contrasting ceiling and trim are beautifully styled and paired with a dark wood finish.

Bedroom Color

020 shutterstock_5701279-Medium-633x380 14

Image: Homes Showcase

A golden room is well noted with lush tones. The space has a cozy feel with enriched accenting colors.

We have reviewed many styles and how they correlate with colors and themes. When designing your bedroom, you will want to think of the ambiance you are striving to create. Use of neutral tones and alternate shades offer hushed whispers of serenity and style. When you surround your atmosphere with cues of keen senses and appeals, you will create a bedroom that turns your thoughts into a statement. Bright bold colors will bring a vibrant spirit to the style and deeper tones and palettes offer tranquil serenity. Charming hints add touches of color to bring the look and feel of the room together. Collective textures and tones offer depth to the perception of the space. When looking at the structure of each design, we see the integrity remain true to the vision that was intended.

Any room in your home will be styled and designed to suit your lifestyle. This is especially true of your bedroom space. This particular room holds your own personality within its walls. Your dreams and daily aspirations begin when you open your eyes in the morning and see the colors of your morning. In the evening hours you will find the aura needed to refresh your thoughts and generate a sheer sense of calmness. A spectrum of colors has many shades and tones. When peering through your options, you will come across a hue that makes you feel both energized and peaceful. That is the moment you know you have found your base inspiration for your bedroom design.

August 9, 2016

20 Stylish Bedroom Design Ideas For Boys

Boys Bedroom Designs

It seems as if you blink your eyes and your little boy has turned into a young man. You have moved forward from stepping on Legos to games, sports and academic interests. The question that goes through our minds is how does one convert the imaginative room of a younger boy to a creatively inspired space for a young man? Bedroom designs for boys vary in color and style depending on his personality and aspirations. As the saying goes “Little boys will have their toys” never quite stops being applicable. Shelving and other organizational pieces are  essential to store their toys from yesterday and tomorrows activities. Creating a balance of studying and extracurricular agendas can be a challenge for the days schedule however when it comes to design it is an enjoyable  project to embark on.

Choosing a theme for a boys bedroom can be monochromatic or a collage style. When designing a boys room, you will want to opt for color patterns that are comfortable yet stimulating for their young minds. Youth today have an array of choices and interests. The aspects of the room will be a true reflection and standing mark of their inner self and inspirations. We have brought you images of styles that are refreshing and thoughtful. You will see several lighting options and themed rooms that take center stage and quickly become a fan favorite for a well designed boys bedroom.


Teenage Bedroom Composition

001 7-blue-sheet 15

Image: Home Dit

Symmetry meets color in this design. Ample shelving is set in a creative pattern. The color scheme is ingeniously collaborated with hints of a retro modern look.

002 14-boys-room 15

Image: Yoki Home

A well stated sports theme has a comfortable vintage feel with clean lines and a large space. The room is neutral with hints of ice blue that stand out impeccably.

003 contemporary-kids 15

Image: Turnstyle Design

This space holds many elements. With a tone of world travels and cultured musical accents this room is absolutely inspired.

004 traditional-kids 15

Image: Fina Design

A classic style holds dual toned walls and striped bedding. A dark burnt orange color harmonizes the style while  neutral and white hues bring the design to life.

005 contemporary-kids 15

Image: TRG Architects

This room calls out to baseball fans of any age.a stadium mural and realistic accents and furnishings are just the beginning. Under lighting and vibrant colors are fantastic from any view.

Boy’s Educational Bedroom

006 contemporary-kids 15

Image: Murals Wallpaper

A room to ponder is this articulated space. A large map of the world lets your dreams stretch beyond the imagination. A keen setting and stated colors are set in true fashion.

007 contemporary-kids 15

Image: Hugo Carter Timber Windows

A nostalgic style has plenty of shelving to display favorite pieces from now and then. Natural lighting streams through and highlights the room in a genuine sense.

008 contemporary-kids 15

Image: Shirley Meisels

A whimsical print is surrounded by a trendy bed and desk area. Clever accents bring together color and intellect.

009 modern-kids 15

Image: Matthew MacCaul Turner

A geometrical design has vintage and modern statuses. Gray and black is accentuated with pops of colors and patterns.

010 traditional-kids 15

Image: McCroskey Interiors

Gray and orange are entranced with an array of styles. Pieces and decorative schemes are brilliantly brought together for a fresh and creative room.

Nautical Boy’s Bedroom

011 page-Feb-14 15

Image: Sussie Bell

Here we have an ocean inspired design. Blue is layered offered depth while highlighting the by the sea accents and details leading to a vibrant style.

012 bennett-Sept-12 15

Image: Simon Whitmore

A creative space offers an endless amount of energy and interests. Clever usage of shelving along side a mounted television hold just the right amount of attention.

013 Boys-bedroom-design-idea-8 15

Image: Remodel a Holic

This style is smart and rustic. Wooden shelving and a three tiered metal basket holds ample storage and a cozy style.

014 Big Boy Bedroom Design Ideas6 15

Image: Top Home Designz

Graffiti art is paired with a traditional styling pf wooden furnishings and witty organized storage. Brilliant blues are striped with gray and white leading to a sensational room design.

015 Boys Bedroom

Image: Sheila Concari

This room has an air of historical value. Stripes and stars are paired with accents that tell a tale of the land and sea mingled with a sense of nobility.

Baseball Inspired Teen Bedroom

016 tektonika-interior (49) 15

Image: Decoist

A photographic mural depicts a genuine moment n time. The wall sized black and white in action photo brings the room to an enlivened vision.

017 a229541671d7bd0e510f20e23686c490 15

Image: Home Designing

A room with its own view offers a sideways bed frame with shelving and a matching entertainment stand. The wood finish is remarkable with the blue and white hues.

018 Modern-Teen-Bedroom 15

Image: Mutni

This space is full of personality. Deep neutrals are collaborated with a calling to the beach with accents and decorative inspirations.

Cool stylish shared teenage boys bedroom

019 98285e93b43d49316f9999870f584f70 15

Image: My Interiors Life

A modern and musical room holds bunk beds and a spherical chair. The wall is a clever sheet of music. Theatrical letters add a trendy term of pop culture to a harmonic style.

Music Themed Bedroom

020 fbbdb1cfa9ea7be2b91b865669d0af92 15

Image: Blog Lovin

Music lovers unite! A light up cubed table has a rock star appeal. Slate gray and white are in perfect contrast. Decorative tributes and wall prints are definitely on the top of the list.


We have sailed historical seas, visited musical lands and walked through a sports arena. Design and styles are similar to books. They have the ability to sweep you away to another place and time. We have seen creative spaces that combine the art of living literary tones and personal inspirations. The theme of each room is a determined reflection of hobbies and aspired achievements. It is important for a young mind to have a space to cultivate their thoughts that will lead into the man they will one day become. Noted in each style is the organizational effort built into the design. There are numerous ways of this concept to be realized. Shelving and bins are useful and efficient to catch the many aspects of their day.

When he comes home from school, his room is his very own space. It is a safe haven from a dizzying world. The mirrored image they see will reflect into the style of their bedroom offering confidence and a genuine sense of self. Smart colors are a keen directive that is used throughout bringing balance to the room. Accompanying accents and decor finalize the look and feel of the style. Be creative and add a hint of spontaneity to your design. The result will be a seamless trend that will inspire him every day.

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August 8, 2016

20 Corner Bathroom Floor Cabinet Design Ideas

bathroom corner bathroom

On the forefront of bathroom design we take note of color and decorative accents that bring an ordinary bathroom space to an envisioned style. We peer through illustrative images of allures and persuasions that get us excited to start our restyling endeavor. You will notice in each setting, the room is neatened and has an aromatic appearance. There is no clutter and essentials that distract from the intention of the space. In this article we are going behind the scenes to see the tips of the trade that we can bring home. We see a core strategy that infuses functionality with effortless style. A corner bathroom floor cabinet not only saves space, it also saves time.

Whether you have a large or small family, we often find our bathroom space over run with products and items that a part of our ever day repertoire. In effort to stay true to your design, incorporating a corner cabinet in your bathroom will allow you to continue your regimen and keep a keen sense of organized efficiency. There are many styles of corner cabinetry that you can choose from. You can customize your choice or opt for a market design. Drawers and shelving  will optimize your organizational efforts. Below you will find examples of trendy ways to stow your accessories with style.

Carlton Corner Bathroom Storage with Sink

001 3-linen-tower-storage-cabinet 12

Image: Wayfair

This cabinet style has a white continuous theme that is inclusive of the room. Shelving displays everyday items in a chic display.

Corner Free Standing Cabinet

002 5-wood-corner-cabinet 12

Image: Homedepot

Towels are tucked away in a cabinet with a glass door that offers a visual appeal.The top of the cabinet can be used decoratively and efficiently.

A Small Green Home

003 contemporary-bathroom 12

Image: Greener Lives

A double wooden cabinet under the sink is convenient and a great way to keep your daily agenda organized.

Traditional Bathroom

004 rustic-bathroom 12

Image: CK Architects

A white and wooden trio consists of a medicine cabinet on top, a creative cabinet under the sink and a bench that sits under a window offers a definitive style.

Master Suite Remodel

005 traditional-bathroom 12

Image: Mahoney Architects

Stay neat with an array of storage options. Doors and drawers sit under a double sink with dual mirrored cabinets. A vanity space offers extra space for decorative touches.

006 transitional-kitchen 12

Image: Glenvale Group

A cornered three drawer design offers a spacious style and is a clever use of a usually underutilized area of the room.

Gwynne Bathroom

007 transitional-bathroom 12

Image: Claire Jefford at Creating Contrast Designs

A curved style bends around the corner indulging the ability to increase the amount of cabinets and drawers that are accessible.

Bathroom Design Remodeling

008 mediterranean-bathroom 12

Image: USI Design & Remodeling

A wooden inspiration has shelving along with well designed cabinets and drawers. Decorative accents intermingle with a skillful design setting.

White Wooden Cabinet

009 interior-white-wooden-cabinet-with-single-door-and-four-legs-feat-white-sink-above-white-corner-bathroom-cabinet-728x1087 12

Image: Soder Homes

A chic white cabinet that sits below the sink and efficiently saves space in storing everything from towels to toiletries.

White Corner Floor Cabinet

010 wilshire-27-7-8-in-w-corner-floor-cabinet-in-white 12

Image: BHG

This cabinet is sleek in style and fitting for any space. A clean white look is designed with a glass door to add to its appeal.

Wooden Corner Bathroom Cabinet

011 8334792_R_Z001A_UC1275945 12

Image: Argos

A paneled door keeps all of your items neat and organized. The design of the cabinet can be placed at floor level or hung on the wall for ease of accessibility.

Corner Cabinet

012 Stufurhome-Monte-White-25-Inch-Corner-Bathroom-Vanity-with-Medicine-Cabinet-c80e5af8-03f2-4a20-9d7d-0725f52e965d_600 12

Image: Overstock

A corner cabinet duo is well stated with a smaller mirrored cabinet on top and a trendy classic look under the sink.

Corner Cabinet

013 11-wooden-white-corner-bathroom-cabinet 12

Image: Ebay

This trendy cabinet has spacious doors and drawers. A three compartmental style holds both decorative and intentional items.

Bathroom Corner Storage Cabinet

014 3918122e913654530c533fd203ce1b36 12

Image: Improvements Catalog

This white cabinet is compact yet large enough to hold all of the essentials. A double shelved space is paired with a drawer for smaller items.

Corner Cabinet

015 9b442f3ba592c1fbc39d1ae87bc54fe1 12

Image: The Kimsix Fix

Frosted glass doors add a hint of elegance to this ingenious design. Three exterior cabinets accompany built in drawers and additional cabinet space.

Corner Sin

Image: About

017 b30bd494ec984b832c13d4d562fff05f 12

Image: How to Decorate

Here we see a classic cabinet. A charming style that suits your needs for tucked away details and decor.

Corner Cabinet

018 029f9886208f4640e8a4d060ad203a19 12

Image: Lanewstalk

A rounded style is in a rich wood set and framed with drawers. A wide double door cabinet adds an inspired tone to the room.

019 24282722531afd4a873714438bee071e 12

Image: Bathroom Ideas Tips

A tall curio appeal has the best of both worlds. Shelving accents bring the spaces style together while adding a  functional convenience.

020 36c6648a8afbea12ac12ce8e9feefda0 12

Image: We Bring Ideas

Rustic with a hint of country decor is a fitting way to efficiently utilize space and style in your modern bathroom design.

When designing your bathroom you will not want anything to distract from your envisioned style. In every bathroom there are a plethora of towels and collections that we use on a daily basis. At times we may feel there is not enough space or our vanities become cluttered making the area seem similar to a blurred image. Storage options have spacious compartments in the form of shelves and drawers that will accommodate your needs. Creating clarity in your space will assist in the efficiency of your day. Your cabinetry becomes an integral aspect of your rooms style. Choosing wood finishes or paint options provide continuity in the space. The size and design you choose will add an efficient touch of class.

Your day has a balance of time and energy. Bring a method to the madness and organize your bathroom with trendy cabinetry. Your schedule will feel refreshed with the ease of accessibility. Simplify your life by coordinating your daily regimen and essentials. An organized bathroom will have a spa appeal. Your favorite cleansers,lotions and serums will be set with a hint of luxury in their own designation. With the days going by so quickly, it is imperative that you take a moment to care for yourself. Life is too busy to seek and search for what you need. whether you delicately display your collection or neatly tuck them inside, a corner bathroom cabinet may be the exact solution you have been looking for.

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August 4, 2016

20 Modern Vintage Bedroom Design Inspired Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Designs

In today’s society, we are surrounded by modern art, technology and innovations. When it comes to restyling our bedroom, we may begin to look at ways to modernize our style. When faced with the descriptive angles and design of true modern perception, you may find yourself feeling nostalgic when you come across a chandelier or chic accent. The wonderful aspect of design and style is the ability to infuse innovation with reminiscent notes. You can intricate details from eras throughout personalizing your style with the eye of your own design. A modern vintage bedroom is artistic and an inspirational approach.You will find decorative designs that meet the best of both worlds indicating a harmonious style.

When designing a modern and vintage approach, you will use an array of patterns, prints and colors.  Creative lighting and artistic pieces will contribute to a collaborative style. There are many fashionable furnishings that offer indicative appeals to enhance the room. Lighter shades add an airy sense to the room while darker colors contribute to an intriguing feel. In the images below you will find your inspiration for a genuine space that will envelop your style with delectable accents and hues. Many designers are embellishing vintage and modern spaces with touches of rustic, Victorian and country hints into these bedroom designs.

Master Bedroom

001 1-vintage-gold 10

Image: Simsim Open

A grand look is airy and prosperous with the use of white surroundings and neutral touches. A Victorian chandelier casts a glow over the space.

Vintage Bedroom

002 5-vin-rus 10

Image: Raven

A beautiful wall mural is full of enchanting senses. The vintage design is chic and of an utmost style that whispers in a soulful thought.

Masculine Vintage Bedroom

003 modern-bedroom 10

Image: Kenneth Brown Design

Sleek modern lines are mingled with vintage decorative touches that accentuate the space bringing a comfortable sincerity to the room.


004 modern-bedroom 10

Image: Tran + Thomas Design Studio

Vintage stylings are well met with a modern feel. The prints and patterns are eloquent with sheer highlights of color.

Santa Monica Modern

005 modern-bedroom 10

Image: DISC Interiors

Symmetry and patterns compliment a modern white space that is held with a vintage and rustic application.

Vintage Platform Bed

006 modern-bedroom 10

Image: MIG Furniture Design, Inc.

Plush gray tones are paired with artistic touches and color. The style is modern with just the right amount of vintage cues.

Private Residences

007 modern-bedroom 10

Image: Signature Innovations LLC

A traditional design has an array of styles. From a Vintage Victorian appeal to a modern window setting, we see a deep sense of a generous approach.

Fox 1

008 modern-bedroom 10

Image: Cause Design Group

Here we see a whimsical and colorful room. A bright and colorful artistic style is full of culture and modern intricacies. Vintage hints bring a complementary tone to the space.

Modern Vintage

009 bedroom--painterly--Ideal-Home 10

Image: Simon Whitmore

A play on color is evident in this design. The Blue shades are matched with the accents throughout the space offering an abundant view of vintage and modern appeals.

Vintage / Retro Bedroom Design

010 stylish-vintage 10

Image: Decorola

Victorian and vintage charm is traced through the room with delicate touches and fresh accents. The style is effective and true to its well fashioned design.

Modern Vintage

011 vintage-bedroom-designs-ideas-6 10

Image: Home Designing

Designed elegance is brought throughout the space with the use of clever accents and cool and warm tones. Vintage decor is lavishly paired within the style.

Old Fashioned Bedroom

012 bedroom-old-fashioned-bedroom-ideas-ultimate-hollywood-luxury-bedroom-decorating-ideas-themed-hollywood-style-bedroom-decor 10

Image: Sysanin

This room has all the trimmings in effectual design. A luxurious chandelier sets the mood of the space while intricate patterns and details harmonize the styling of a lovely bedroom.

Modern Vintage


Image: Retail Evolution

A champagne and roses style design is chic and holds a subtle extravagance. The Bedding and furnishings are well met with gentle natural lighting  and a crystal chandelier.

Vintage Style

014 vintage style teen girls bedrooms2 10

Image: Top Home Designz

A quilt of styles are placed throughout this design. A plethora of patterns and fun details tie together to create a cozy feel.

Modern Purple

015 modern-purple-bedroom-design-ideas-vintage-bedroom-decoration-ideas-2016 10

Image: Ideal Home Decoration

Modern lines and sleek designs are met with a vintage purple coloring and white trimming. A gray wall and wooden floor are genuine to the style.

Vintage Bedroom


Image: Furniture Furniture

Luxury and grand styling takes its place in this Victorian setting. Tall ceilings and dramatic accents are elegant and dream like in an inspirational theme.

Luxury Modern Vintage

017 elegant-bedroom-ideas-modern-vintage-that-has-wooden-floor-can-be-decor-with-brown-carpet-that-can-add-the-natural-touch-inside-the-house-with-cream-concrete-wall-1017x653 10

Image: Lararay

A refreshing wood finish sets the stage for neutral tones and palatable designs. Deep rich colors are intrigued with clean lines.

Minimal and Inspiring

018 d93d4ace44a54fd0793e3b36ae449d26 10

Image: The Ultranix

An industrial theme is paired with a wooden floor. A modern barely there bed frame sits along side rustic and vintage furnishings and decorative touches.

Modern Vintage

019 7db46fc555ec1a775a6ab60c261a6486 10

Image: Bloglovin

A space full of inner thoughts and whispering is dawned with trendy art work,books and vintage accessories that complete a thorough look.

Modern Vintage

020 3ba02947f671000a8acd5d8fe4a09fd2 10

Image: Classy Captain

A clever closet is designed with comfortable surroundings and classic gray tones. This space is a true modern design with the barest hint of nostalgic hues.

Modern times and vintage memories are noted in indicative styles. We have seen lavish colors and styles that come together to create a magnificent design.  Appealing bed frames and chic lighting add a subtle and refreshed look . We have seen how flooring unifies the varying colors and shades. Scrolled woodwork and framing are delicately set with a thoughtful directive. Paint options reflect the mood of the space while representing the true sense of the rich cultural aspects of the style. Bringing your own enchanting touches of style and purpose will envelop the room in a trendy and chic setting.

Design your bedroom with touches through the ages. The continuity of styles are through a purposed sense of cherished appeals. A vintage and modern tradition will bring you a style that intertwines an absolute look with an inspired feel. When sheer vision meets touches of grandeur, you will have a vibrant pairing of an ideal and iconic style. The theme and scheme of each design will enliven your senses and bring to life a look that you will enjoy each day. The poetry of a room is insightful with a personal approach. Your bedroom is your own. Refresh your space with innovated spirit and style and you will set the stage for tomorrow.

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August 2, 2016

20 Gothic Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

Gothic Room Design Ideas

Through the ages of what seems to be a timeless era, no other design evokes a wider range of emotional appeals than the Gothic style.  Many associate the term Gothic with a dark brooding setting that would befit a mysterious castle that creepily looms in the night. This is due to the phases of societal agendas and broadcasted classifications. The truth of the matter is in the world of design and history, the term Gothic refers to a a specific style of architecture and decor that was prevalent in the twelfth through sixteenth centuries.  Gothic bedroom ideas integrate the very meaning of its identity and personifies its keen ability to bring you from a nostalgic feel to a strengthened bold appeal.

Some of the most powerful artwork and literary inspirations in our historical world come from this definitive time period. It was an era filled with culture, dramatic energies and artistic emergence. You can see intricate intelligence in every curvature and prominent accents within the architectural integrity of Gothic designs. The images below will show you a refined sense of light tones and deep persuasions. You will see a spectrum from wood to metal that inspires the styles into the twenty first century.

Tomas Frenes Residential

001 9-Tomas-Frenes 9

Image: Tomas Frenes

A sleek modern tone denotes superiority with fine artifacts and an artistic design. A chic black scheme is dreamy with a modern scope of lighting.

Dublin Contemporary

002 11-Taylored-Interiors 9

Image: Taylor Interiors

With a Victorian edge this design is enigmatic. A deep red apple coloring on the walls gives a sense of nobility with Gothic themed furnishings and accents.

Beirutful House

003 eclectic-bedroom 9

Image: WHAT Architecture

A wooden door frame is elaborately scrolled offering a cathedral feel. Arched aspects are surrounded with a clean style and a compelling appeal of pattern.

Modern and Moody Nostalgia

004 contemporary-bedroom 9

Image: Lucy Call

A modern room meets touches of days past with draping sectioned around the room. Large pieces of art work is illuminated with lights that accent the chandelier over head.

Victorian Gothic

005 traditional-bedroom 9

Image: Giuseppe Digno

Open the door and step back into time with this Victorian and Gothic inspired style. An aura of antiquity holds within the furnishings and clever sconce style drapery.

Traditional Bedroom

006 traditional-bedroom 9

Image: Dragonfly Interiors

A lavish dwelling space is heeded with a four poster ornate bed and an intricate cathedral styled window.  Gothic designed accents and frames add luxurious tones throughout.

Dartmouth Lodge House

007 victorian-bedroom 9

Image: Colin Cadle

A light and airy design is elegant and thoughtful. A large ornate picture window is surrounded by charming pieces.

Gothic Bathroom

008 mediterranean-bedroom 9

Image: Bushman Dreyfus Architects

A stated white vintage chandelier sits overhead a corner columned fireplace. Dark wood finishes add depth and warmth to the style.

Bright Gothic Bedroom

009 Bright-Gothic-Bedroom 9

Image: The Interior Place

An iron bed has a delectable canopy that is paired with beautiful window dressings. The white accents offer the perfect contrast creating a delightful design.

Bold Gothic Bedroom

010 03-cama-com-dossel 9

Image: Rick Hoge

A deep sense of enriched notes are noble and embellished with generous designs carved into the canopy style frame. The bedding is lustrous and perfectly paired with insightful accents.

Bright Gothic Bedroom

011 impressive-gothic-bedroom-designs-12-554x400 9

Image: Digs Digs

A billowing canopy offers a reminiscent approach. The lighting seems to float and sets the wall with a stunning allure.Distressed pieces and vintage touches are elegant spoken in true fashion.

Gothic Bathroom

012 28-33 9

Image: Dekor My Home

A dramatic chandelier hangs dreamily over a black Gothic styled head and foot board. Vintage hints are prevalent throughout this well styled design.

Modern Gothic Bedroom


Image: Rebel’s Market

A Gothic impression is vibrant with deep and rich tones. Embellished frames and accents collaborate together in this masterful appeal.

Sleek Gothic Bedroom

014 diversen-savoy-bergers 9

Image: Gq

Sleek and chic this look boasts clean lines and reflective surfaces. A modern black and white holds a Gothic interpretation with a glamorous candelabra and lavish accents. The Artistic setting is unparalleled with a keen sense of divinity.

Dark Décor

015 bfe17c6114deba0f1e7c6d10c728a8d4 9

Image: Home My Design

A rich wood tone is elaborately carved and paired with a majestic purple for an elite look. The night stands are the exact compliment to provide continuity to the space.

Gothic Bathroom

016 tumblr_ndzcdthQVR1qbtq8zo1_1280 9

Image: Spooky Pou

This style is well noted with a lush black theme and Victorian appeals. A brilliant canopy sweeps over the bed offering a dreamy and sensational design.

017 6bd1eeda18c662244a50f6a766dd9a1d 9

Image: Hub Pages

A style that is fit for a king, we have a luxurious theme with an intriguing drapes that set the room in enriched colors that add a sense of grandeur.

018 097cc40e62765aa866472556839d4ee2 9

Image: Interiors by Studio M

A dramatic look has a brilliant style. Lace curtains enchant the space with a step up design. Mirrored accents and plush wall art lead to an inspiring view.

Gothic Bathroom

019 68722533884bcf5d8ba855d3b4f7f36b 9

Image: The Decorista

Floor to ceiling drapes frame cathedral windows to bring charm into the room. The four poster bed is paired with a chandelier of true fashion.

Gothic Bathroom

020 4185e65d6d24fe9e5d54f8f7d6e0cc36 9

Image: Pop Sugar

An elegant shabby chic design flourishes with enchanting essences. The slate gray bedding is delectably met with prints,patterns and accents creating a harmonious style.

An interesting aspect about a Gothic style is the enriched detail. You can see the intricacy of embellished styling through accents and purposed elegant pieces. Chic chandeliers and candle light  illuminate the billowing drapes that are whispered throughout the styles. A modern tone is trendy as is styling in true fashion maintaining its integrity of origins.  Rich romantic appeals surround the details with  nostalgic decor that brings you back behind the mirror and into another time. A certain serenity will put your mind at ease as you slip out of the day and into a cozy evening. A cup of hot tea and a favorite read will put the finishing touch to your style.

We seem to have natural cues that are indicative to what we need. We have cravings for certain foods that carry the nutrients we need most and we shiver when its cold as we reach for a sweater. The filled schedule of your day and the long to do lists keep us busy. Some of the more subtle cues can get clouded and left to yesterday.  The unintentional deep breath or even closing our eyes for three seconds longer than usual are hints that you need a moment. Closing the door to your bedroom allows you to take that very breath and moment. Surrounding yourself in a wistful style brings a sense of enchantment where the hands of time seems to stand still.

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August 2, 2016

20 Asian Bedroom Design Ideas

Asian Bedroom Design Ideas

When your day has been full of demanding bosses and a barrage of barking dogs on your way home, you sigh in relief as you open your bedroom door. You are ready to put the day to rest and start your evening. As you step in , what do you see? If you are not sure if you should answer that then take a moment. Imagine opening your door and stepping into a whole new serenity. A place that envelops a deep enriched sense of your inner zen. You do not need to take a vacation to find this peaceful corner of the world. You can bring the harmony to you with an inspired Asian Bedroom.

Asian bedrooms have a fine balance of the elements. An intricate collaboration of your style and an ancient culture of meditative qualities, you will find your bedroom space to be an unparalleled piece of paradise. Asian decor has long been a tradition in many homes around the world. The hues and tones range from bold reds and gold to earthy muted neutrals. Themes and pictorial qualities tell a tale of wisdom deeply set in an antique culture. A modern world collaborates with designs from the past for an inspirational style. Below you will find images that will sweep  you away into another place that will soon have you designing a room of your own.

Bedfordale House

001 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Suzanne Hunt Architect

Beautifully set is a design that appeals to your senses. Wooden and metal touches work together with a modern yet cultural style.

Hale Ho’omalu

003 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Antony Homes

Pleasant neutrals are intertwined with wooden appeals. The decorative accents and shudders create a refreshing and spirited look.

Mauna Lani Resort

005 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Kohala Creative Construction

A vaulted roof accentuates the divine mural that sets the tone for the room. Sleek furnishings are designed to accompany the rich wooden accents throughout.

Master Bedroom

008 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Laura Birns Design Eco-Furnishings

A sage green back drop is well met with a deep bronzed silk inspired bedding. Greenery and wooden pieces offer an elemental quality to the design.

Nejad Oriental Rugs Bucks County Historic Estate Featured in Architectual Digest

009 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Nejad Oriental Rugs

Oriental accents are lavishly set along a canopy bed. Sheer panels hold a nostalgic feel and create a brilliant design. The accessories to the style are chic and of utmost elegance.

Makai Residence

010 asian-bedroom 37

Image: GFDS Engineers

This room has clean lines and a fresh appeal. The large dual doors are intricate in design and adds  a prosperous look to the room.

Hale Ho’omalu

012 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Antony Homes

Create your own getaway with this captivating style. A bamboo impression and symmetrical design is seemingly luxurious.

Classical Japanese Meets American Techno-Luxe

013 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty

A grand picture window is accompanied by a cultural round window. The wooden room has Asian inspired art that is a phenomenal design.

Antique Bed

015 asian-bedroom 37

Image: China Furniture and Arts

A beautiful cultural design is set with enriched accents and decorative embellishments. Wood is gracefully carved and perfects this divine look.


017 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Mosher Dolan, Inc.

This design holds wonderful artistic pieces that contribute to the grand wooden framing around the bed. Gentle accents and curvatures add a prominent feel to the room.

River Runs Through It

022 asian-bedroom 37

Image: L&K Real Estate

Here we see a rustic and vintage point of view. Distressed woods meet vintage scrolled lighting that highlight the elegant furnishings presented.

North Rim – Wild Rye Circle

024 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Pacwest Homes

Picturesque windows lend a hand to a traditional and modern appeal. The aqua accents are well noted throughout the space.

Mandarin Oriental

025 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Lisa Escobar Design

An oriental chest of drawers and stated art are brought into a modern sphere with clean lines and a classic look.

Teen’s Colorful Dream

027 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Texture

A whimsical use of color and style brings a vintage feel and an air of antiquity. The accents and decorative touches are genuine.

Anomalous Asian Fusion

030 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Circa Interiors

Modern styling is well met Asian touches. Wooden appeals and a chic corner fireplace are paired with witty art work and hints of luxury.


037 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Japanese Space and Decor Zen’s Studio

An Asian fashioned sliding door has intricate wooden framing. A simplistic allure meets a modern headboard creating a comfortable space.

Cosy Alpine Bedroom + Bathroom

039 asian-bedroom 37

Image: ASVInteriors

An ingenious use of wooden symmetry. Lighting accentuates the angular design along with precise accents and chic white bedding.

Dan Fein – Ethan Allen Scottsdale, AZ

042 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Ethan Allen

In this room we have a headboard that is a unique modern design. Wooden shudders add specific dimension while complimenting the neutral palette to the room.


044 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Japanese Space and Decor Zen’s Studio

A different angle to an inspired setting allows us to see the frosted glass and wood detailing that has inspired the sliding door within a room.

Woodstock residence headboard & live edge tatami platform bed

049 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Miya Shoji & Interiors Inc

This bed style has risen to the designing occasion and is paired with a naturalistic art design that accents the room to complete a sensational modern design.

Styling your own retreat will bring a fresh perspective to your mornings and a light breeze to your evening. Integrating the nuance of modern intricacy with the integral poise of an antiquated culture. Our deep connected sense of culture surrounds us with an elemental perspective. The air that swirls around us, the earth and oppositional water and fire harmoniously balance our day. We are able to infuse these balances into our space with accents and designs. When you are entering your bedroom you should not only see a scheme that envelops your senses, you should feel as if you have stepped into a manner of exclusivity and serenity. Clean lines and tones are displayed with simple elegance as some designs may envision a more luxurious space with lavish decor.

When you are ready to enchant a design with your refreshing style, you will culminate references to cultural appeals. The aspects that speak to your being, your clarity and aspirations are intertwined with a stylish representation. Your bedroom is a part of your home however it is so much more. It is a personal oasis away from the door, the phone and the ringing of timers. It is a room to take a journey through the pages of your favorite book or just close your eyes and dream of what inspires you most. The decorative world has much to offer. Murals and artifacts are rich with cultural symbolism. Use of color sets the tone of the room and offers a refreshing aura to the space. Bring hopeful expressions of  luck,spirit and the essence of your insightful thoughts to a brilliant view. Be inspired in your your own zen. When the day comes to an end and a new one dawns, your Asian bedroom will be a personal paradise.

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July 27, 2016

20 Stunning Exterior Asian Home Design Ideas

Asian Home Designs

The Asian culture is both serene and spirited. Designers today have adopted the ancient architectural concept of Asian home designs, and have conformed the design to a modern structure. The asian style home infuses a balance of the elements that is said to increase awareness to the senses. The thoughtful energy adds harmony to our style and our way of living. The asian designs consist of clean lines and shallow roofing heights. The angles and geometry of the designs offer smart solutions to year round effects as well as an eye appealing structure. The windows are a concept to allow a fluent flow of energy through and around the home. Modern designers have continued tradition with asian details and inspirations.

You can adapt an asian style theme for any size home. The cultural style is architecturally precise while conveying the designers visionary prose. The materials will be indicative of your personal options and the environmental needs of your region. The look is adaptable with masonry directives and and wood choices. You will find many asian style homes will collaborate materials to create a unique design that has a generous curb appeal.

01 f086420139a6afdfe597172089eb6950

Image: Prairie Architect

This Asian inspired home has a stately appeal. The brick column style balances the homes geometrical design. An abundance of light is evident as it shines across the manicured lawn.

02 060ffc436724ef1e2e2cfdbb938f209d

Image: Designer Dream Homes

This traditional asian style utilizes a white screen surrounding and a light wood bamboo style ambience. The house is set on risers over a tranquil and meditative pond.

03 45a0c470fa8be4ee6b6b939b70b1e299

Image: The Berry

The perfect modern appeal holds an ancient style. The elegant windows are paired in a rich wood setting. A cultural pond runs beneath the house inviting prosperity and positive energy to the home.

Cadell House, Big Sur, California. Overall exterior. Mickey Muennig USA Residential 8998-40-1 Alan Weintraub PLEASE READ OUR LICENCE TERMS. ALL DIGITAL IMAGES MUST BE DESTROYED UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED IN WRITING.

Image: Dwell

An inspired asian styled home has dramatic ocean views.  The dimensional roof sits atop a wooden structure with large glass properties that open the home to a breathtaking surrounding.

05 6915ba09ee1cee5f9685f08bfa2d78dc

Image: Houzz

This home holds an open concept. Brick and wooden touches inspire a charming perspective on Asian styled architecture. The landscaping adds a natural balance to the homes design.

06 a9cf056db8f80056900a50fcc3b7e7f9

Image: Bensley

In this eastern style, the home is dressed in stylish touches that are balanced with a modern tone. The foyer of the home is traditionally inviting luck and ancestral prosperity to the home.


Image: The Home Decorz

In true asian style this home depicts many of the cultural aspects using the origins of the elemental design. The home is set with natural woods and indications window directions. The home has an earthly appeal with a keen sense of appeals.

08 075abed361c7cc4b648ea15d9edbb6d4

Image: 966v

Private and architecturally inspired, this home has a balance of modern details and Asian styles that have created a dimensional design.

09 2e08f87dec4daa0cf2e7b4e95e4f649e

Image: Luxe Source

This Asian styled home has an elegant air to its design. The creative collaboration of stone and woods add a finessed touch to the multi dimensional style.

10 7b3d0f3be424c35489908ba8a84c914f

Image: Bloglovin

Multiple textures are integrated in this Asian style home. The shingled rock harmoniously charms the wooden details set within this design. Windows and lighting lend a grandeur look and feel to the home.

11 5b1b5b1012fef765d0f75fd714b441b7

Image: Architecture Art Designs

A spiraling wide concrete stairway leads up to an asian styled home. Ocean views and a spacious surrounding is chic and luxurious.

12 9c90a36eb1175382e1a8f3f53b242938

Image: One Kind Design

Overhead slats adorn a cultural walk way. Clever doors and windows contribute an open and inviting style. The mingled materials create a genuine design.

13 a09cfb512c6423dcfc7a2e2487619ab4

Image: Home New Design

This modern elegance is lined with structured pillars leading to a dimensional style. The Asian design is lavish with cultured accents and a modern flair.

14 84dd84c57e859febc11154130f4e9a3e

Image: Awillettarchitect

This home has an infused style of a cabin feel with Asian culture appeals. This wood and stone structure sits on a peaceful corner of your own part of the world.

15 1b9f59f03cc823dcb049709952d07aa1

Image: Home Adore

Pond views are central in the style of this Asian styled home. The natural setting accentuates the wooden elements and brings a vibrant sense to the design.

16 d20db42bb0c970a39725f64c7abc65c2

Image: Home Design Find

A varied collaboration of elements and materials are balanced with an angular view. The home is dressed in a refined palate and designer style.

17 13240b0391ef609dd732a0a24c5f824f

Image: V-Meni

Industrial hues are paired with an asian style home. The white and neutral is refreshing and airy with a witty sense of accents and designs.

18 Contemporary-Lake-House-SkB-Architects-11-1-Kindesign

Image: SKB Architects

A grand design has luxurious windows and an open modern appeal. The layout has multiple levels that accentuate the Asian concept.  The lighting is brilliant offering an illuminated view of the elaborate setting.

19 47520c9bfb23e82ba08a6c59507c5dd5

Image: Florplan

This creative fencing surrounds an Asian styled home. The neutral colors are designed to harmonize with rich and earthly accents that are both intricate and delightful.

20 42b0712937c652161615c01c3803f48b

Image: Envy Avenue

Black and white tones are melodically elemental in this Asian styled home. The modern structure is set with architectural genius while utilizing a style that has an elaborate curb appeal.

The designs we have seen today are inspiring with a keen sense of culture. The elements and style are integrated with the philosophies of tradition. With a designers touch these homes are luxuriously set with grand views and stunning surroundings. The clever structures are designed with stone, brick and wood that offers a refreshing style. An Asian styled home has both personality and charm leading to ingenious architectural structures.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or building your own, you will find this design a genuine style to call home. The Asian aspects of your design will provide a link to the elemental nature that surrounds us. Prosperous thoughts and new beginnings are in the air when you decide on an Asian styled home.

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July 21, 2016

20 Amazing Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Cathedral Ceiling Design

Style has reached new heights of fine designs. In the modern search for fresh and trendy looks, we find ourselves in a perplex collaboration of colorful themes and enriched settings. Many designers are looking up for a newer style to add inspirational structures to your bedroom. A cathedral ceiling in your bedroom will enhance your room to the next level. When you think of a cathedral ceiling you may think of a simple vaulted ceiling. With today’s innovative appeals, there is a new view and a wide interpretation of  a modern day cathedral style. Shapes of symmetry and tones offer a balance of an effectual design. A contrasting view is dimensional with dual tones and finishes that complete the looks and styles of your ceiling.

A cathedral ceiling brings an open feel to the room. With an airy appeal the senses are awakened with enhanced lighting and a generous style. Designers have infused decorative beams and colors that  create a look that is anything but simple. A high ceiling carries fans and chandeliers that offer a delightful look to the room. Harmonious aspects are brought together in a well met design. Below we have images that will show primary examples of the charming character that a cathedral ceiling can offer your bedroom.

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Mastro Residence

001 3-mastro 17

Image: James G Lover

A room with a view holds an angled cathedral ceiling. White beams are paired with natural wood and a lighted ceiling fan.

Custom Residence

002 5-patterson 17

Image: Patterson Construction Corp

A white cathedral ceiling is highlighted with modern recessed lighting and a Gothic styled chandelier that takes center stage in this rich design.


003 traditional-bedroom 17

Image: Thompson Custom Homes

A rustic ceiling is enchanted in a cathedral style. The look is accented with a birdcage designed light fixture that holds an appealing touch.

Contemporary California Farmhouse

004 farmhouse-bedroom 17

Image: Griffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc.

A paneled look has symmetrical beams that cross over adding dimension to the all white ceiling. The lighting is a lantern style that adds a wonderful touch to the room.

Sullivan’s Island Beach House

005 traditional-bedroom 17

Image: Ink Architecture + Interiors

This style is sleek with a modern style triple blade fan. The natural lighting is elegant and thoughtful when paired with clean lines.

O’Toole Residence Master Bedroom

006 craftsman-bedroom 17

Image: Max Crosby Construction

An intricate design is styled in a rich finished A frame structure. The stylish woven ceiling fan add a lavish tone to the room.

Hamptons Style

007 traditional-bedroom 17

Image: RS Myers Company

A subtle vault is accentuated with a bright crystal chandelier that offers an elegant style to the room.


008 farmhouse-bedroom 17

Image: Kevin Spearman

Natural wood lends a rustic hue that is expertly paired with dual candelabra styled chandeliers for an enchanted look.

Owner’s Bedroom

009 beach-style-bedroom 17

Image: Echelon Custom Homes

Horizontal slats run the length of the ceiling. Inset lights are accompanied by a circular window that lets the sun in to a spectacular design.

Los Altos Residence

010 traditional-bedroom 17

Image: Eric Aust Architect

A clean design holds bright lighting and a chic lighted chandelier offer a sleek style to an inviting space.

Loft bedroom with rich wood cathedral ceiling, white floor and white bed

011 187575845 17

Image: Home Stratosphere

This ceiling is elemental in a deep finished wood with an inspired built in window. The ceiling has two dimensions that are intriguing and delightful.

012 ct-lincoln-park-home-with-coach-house-105m-201-013 17

Image: Chicago Tribune

This style has a resemblance to a doll house. Charming  windows sit atop the design offering a creative style.

Wood Cathedral Master Bedroom Ceiling

013 3d89207c24521847158f10df56926ef3 17

Image: Residence Style

A calico of wood finishes offer a completed look with a window that is smartly placed above an airy ceiling fan.

014 0f3eb617b35a4a5f63db2a22248a5f49 17

Image: Home Bunch

A geometrical beamed design is crossed across the ceiling in a two toned style consisting of a wooden finish and a white surround that is befitting of any room.

015 388e28ff44c26668959e70797069c41e 17

Image: Adore Your Place

A pleasant white cathedral ceiling presents a delicate curved trim that adds a fresh perspective to the style. Natural lighting offers a direct sense of a chic style.

016 a6831e9c5bac189647ec594074c76a64 17

Image: Sublime Décor

An arched designed cathedral style is well met in a trio of neutral tones that accentuate the grand scenic views of the room.

017 5bf6f69dc77207cd8adde5689fc50a24 17

Image: Classic Chic Home

A classic bare hint of gray touches the ceiling with an elaborate crystal chandelier that is both elegant and luxurious.

018 86f6dcb24fd6d80389ab3c12fd1a7a8f 17

Image: Décor Pad

A brilliant iron light is spherical with a modern tone. The ceiling has a splendor of lighting that is true to the intention of its design.

White Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom

019 d7d80e63b0912a831b0c0de81c312a0a 17

Image: Jadore Decore

A white ceiling complements the golden hue on the walls. The Victorian chandelier offers a sincere look to the style.

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom

020 ac558ee5522a1f35a45fe92d874afee9 17

Image: Black Band Design

A vaulted white ceiling holds wooden beams that are in line with continuous windows that are chic and clever.

A genuine choice for your bedroom is a beautiful cathedral ceiling. With so many options to enhance your ceiling, you will be able to suit your style in exact perfection. Wooden beams are no longer only used for a structured purpose. They are decorative and well designed attributes to the space. Dual tones and clever finishes are beautifully paired together to create depth to the design. Natural lighting and significant chandeliers offer an illuminated appeal to the room. It trends well with any design style that you choose offering a vibrant sense of charming touches. Some designers add a symmetrical structure while others keep simple lines to contribute to a harmonious balance.

Cathedral ceilings in your bedroom have a grand theme of luxury and elegance. The open design and brilliant lighting are paired ingeniously to befit  your day. This style accents your design in a fashionable modern day style. The inspired view is refreshed with bright and subtle hints of elaborate and decorative cues that contribute to a completed style. Windows sit atop the room allowing for sunlight to stream in and the moonlight creates a path to starry dreams at night. Bring a cathedral style into your design and enjoy the space in a whole new light.

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July 17, 2016

20 Stylish Blue Bedroom Design Ideas

Get inspired with a classic blue hue. Shades and depths of a blue color offer an energetic feel to the room. Whether you are styling your bedroom in a vintage, rustic or modern look, using blue colors will enhance any style you choose. A blue tone is noted as a confident color that represents a calm harmony of inner thoughts and style. A blue bedroom is full of ideas and iconic appeals. When designing a bedroom space you are creating a room that is enhanced with your own style and energy. The room is a representation of your own authentic signature. Personal tastes will ring through the rooms design offering a thoughtful and chic space. Beautiful aqua and lighter blue hues take center stage in an array of visionary echoes.

In the images below you will see how traditional meets classic styles. Lighting and accents are prominent in each design showing the harmonic balances within the spaces style. Color is paired with tones and hues to breathe a fresh perspective into the design while accents are intertwined to create a sincere look within the room. Vintage and modern chandeliers and recessed lighting provide an luminous appeal to the design. Natural lighting brings the look from day to night while inspiring the mood and feel of the style.

001 3-southern-living-idea 8

Image: Maragaret Donaldson Interiors

An aqua style is pleasantly paired with silver accents and a deep wood finish. The chandelier is a brilliant accent that sets the tone of the room.

002 5-colorful 8

Image: Anthony Baratta

A deep powdery blue is brought together with colorful aspirations and scenic artistic touches.Natural lighting offers a brightened sense to the style.

003 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Steven Ford

A rich and deep navy blue is complemented with white trimming and accents. A light gray touches the space with elegance.

004 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: American Eagle Builders

The look of serenity is offered with a sheer blue tone and scenic views. A pleasant gray is well paired adding a sense of depth.

005 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Amy Studebaker Design

An intriguing light frosted blue tone dusts the space with chic complementary hues and notes. The traditional and Victorian style are complementary and elite.

006 transitional-bedroom 8

Image: Last Detail Interior Design

Baby blue and white are a dreamy combination. The room is cozy and fresh in style and thought.

007 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: R. Cartwright Design

An alternated hint of blue and gray are warm and comfortable within this stylish bedroom design.

008 transitional-bedroom 8

Image: Lawlor Architects

A dusty blue is paired with a natural wood finish that is rustic with hints of country accents and decorative touches.

009 1737535-robins-egg-wall-xl 8

Image: Robbie Caponetto

Soft blue applications are accessorized with chic white accents. The style is fitting in a traditional style.

010 blue-bedroom7 8

Image: House to Home

This lovely space is wearing a slate blue color with white hints. The patterned wall is inviting and definitive.

011 2146 8

Image: Slodive

A deep royal blue has a white floral outline on the main wall. The style is continuous with blue bedding and matching rug. The wooden floors and black setting for the wall are a sensational design.

012 445 8

Image: Bhg

A formal blue is trimmed in a stark white framing. The chic colors have an air of nobility throughout the spacious room.

013 647 8

Image: Curtain’s Colors

A deep blue is cleverly applied throughout the style. Dramatic draping is an inspired feel with a dreamy approach.

014 947-630x822 8

Image: Babbaan

Rich tones are set in a blue and gray decor. The room holds a classic feel with a fresh natural lighting that fills the space.

015 1733-630x475 8

Image: Saladecoracao

A jeweled tone sits in a modern setting and complemented with white bedding and alternate wall. Artistic accents are inspired through out the design.

016 dark-blue-bedroom-design 8

Image: Decosee

This design is encased in a deep blue coloring with white trim that offers a harmonized look.An array of prints and patterns are a true genuine style.

017 modern-dark-blue-bedroom-design-decorating-ideas-contemporary-minimalist-style 8

Image: Home in Tradition

A large window is complemented with a teal wall that brilliantly sets in a modern room design.

018 Blue-Bedroom-Design-Pictures 8

Image: Apartment Therapy

A rustic and country style is accompanied by an enchanted blue wall that collaborates ingeniously.

019 Dark-blue-master-bedroom 8

Image: Style at Home

An iconic blue is bright with a vibrant energy and tasteful blue shaded and toned accompaniments.

020 blue-boys-bedroom-ideas 8

Image: Decoist

A whimsical and clever design is brought together with denim blue hues. The space is inspired with white detailing and trim.

We have seen delightful styles that incorporate color to create intricate looks. A blue shade is a powerful color that denotes  a wide range of thoughts and feelings. Deep blue colors are well noted with light blue tones that create a peaceful statement. Surrounding yourself in these enriched styles will bring a sense of calm serenity. When choosing a design , you will incorporate stylish details to create the bedroom you desire. Bedding and curtains pair perfectly with trendy hues that surround the walls with enveloped style. The chic blue tones that you use is accentuated by the many forms of lighting that we have available to us. Sparkling crystal and modern recessed lighting set an illuminated appeal to a well styled design.

Your bedroom is a personal retreat where you set  your day to rest and begin a new morning. The look should inspire you and make you feel comfortable and energized at the same time. Blue tones are specifically styled to bring you a peaceful design that is full of personality. When you bring an envisioned image to life you will find each day will bring a refreshed perspective to your timeless style and classic appeals. It is important that you bring originality , functionality and your own charisma to your well thought out designing agenda. With these aspects you will intricate a wonderful style that will have infused brilliant blues and charming pieces to decorate your bedroom in an infinite style.

If you are looking for a different bedroom design color, take a look at our  20 Blue And Brown Bedroom Design Ideas photo gallery to get you inspired.

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