100 Luxurious Living Rooms With Fireplace

Furniture isn’t everything when it comes to creating an especially wonderful room. Sometimes, the best touches come from more permanent features- such as the fireplace.  Whether they utilize flagstone, limestone or marble, fireplaces can help give a room a certain atmosphere. Here are a few luxurious living rooms, featuring stone fireplaces, that we’re especially fond of.


Image: Locati Architects

Take a gander at this living room. Perfectly blending together rustic and classical elements, we’ve got a space that works especially well with a dark, brown heavy color scheme. Note the traditional furniture crafted with grained wood. But the star of the show, of course, is this rough cut, flagstone fireplace.


Image: Locati Architects

This living room also displays another wonderful fusion between comfortable, rustic elements- note the use of refurnished wood, a dark color scheme, and the cabin style archietecture itself- and traditonal elements- the furniture’s smooth curves and classic shapes- but manages to keep this fireplace where it belongs- at the forefront. It’s naturally set, and we’ve got the color scheme of the rest of the room to play off the flagstone used to build it.


Image: Locati Architects

This intimate living room uses every last piece of furniture and decor to its advantage. Notice that gorgeous ebony china cabinet and those hanging scarf curtains. Classic furniture, drawing partial inspiration from Edwardian era designs, is arranged in a comfortable and inviting round table array. The fireplace is especially lovely, being a naturally set array of rounded sandstone.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Here is a living room with fireplace and TV decorating idea. With a light, white heavy color scheme, this living room is a departure from the last few we’ve looked at but it’s still stunning all the same. Notice that marble topped coffee table and how it provides a center and anchor for this comfortable seating area. Splashes of burnt orange throughout the back walls give a hint of interest to this room. We’ve got a chateau style white fireplace, which makes good use of Tuscan style mosaic work.


Image: D for Design

This goregous living room is infused with a warm energy- with plenty of browns and reds to seal the deal. It’s modern, with lots of straight lines and clean definitions between the furniture. The fireplace is especially noteable here- it’s simple, yet dynamic at the same time. Formed from polished granite, it’s minimalist, allowing for plenty of potential when it comes to designing the room.


Image: Locati Architects

This living room is especially appealing, taking heed from rustic, cabin styles. Especially notable is the fireplace, with natural stacked, rugged stone.


Image: William Piotrowski

This elegant living room makes good use of a spacious space available to it. Notice the white, glossed stone fireplace? It’s made especially endearing with the installation of a mirror on the mantle, and a marble facade.


Image: Mario Selar

This ornate living room uses traditional furniture and a soft, brown heavy color scheme to create an inviting atmosphere. The fireplace itself is simple, but by no means underwhelming. A white mantle plays off well with polished granite trim panels.


Image: Noel Cross Architects

This living room is especially appealing, taking a page from modern Southwest designs. But notice the fireplace. With a white mantle and header, this fireplace is especially unique with its use of stone support legs.


Image: Wright Ryan Homes

This living room is notable for its use of a natural cut fireplace, featuring rounded stone. The firebox plays especially well with the rest of the room, formed out of appealing, red adobe brick.

Fireplaces are not only gathering places for the home but can add a unique touch to any living room. Whether a fireplace is brick, stone or marble, it’s got a personality of its own.

Regardless of whatever theme you’re going for, whether you plan to draw inspiration from more traditional or contemporary design styles, a stone fireplace can be the key element that will turn your luxurious living room into a five star home getaway. Here are a few more of our favorite examples, which we hope will help inspire you.


Image: RLH Studio

This gorgeous living room draws you in with oak paneled walls and shelving and keeps your attention with a gorgeous fireplace, featuring a Moroccan granite lining and an oak mantle.


Image: Home Stratosphere

This gorgeous European style living room features comfortable, luxurious furniture- for example, take a gander at those royal style leather club chairs- which is paired well with a costa mesa Cordovan square leather table. The fireplace is especially notable here, featuring a high over mantle and oak mantle shelf, built out of naturally set gray stone.


Image: Seppala Corporation

This breezy, open living room features a more subdued color scheme. Bright colors ensure that natural lighting has a strong hold on the rest of the room, while open halls ensure seamless transitions between each room. The fireplace is gorgeous- decked out with an oak mantle and gold embelished fire screen. Sometimes, the noble fireplace can even work well with an entertainment center, as we see here with a wide screen televison set into the over mantle.


Image: Capstone Realty

Featuring an extravagant Persian rug, this beautiful living room is spacious and comfortable. The fireplace is especially notable, featuring a marble lining and a mahogany mantle.


Image: Crye-Leike

This stunning living room features cozy, vintage furniture and an ornate rug. The fireplace is especially wonderful, featuring a mahogany mantle and over mantle, as well as a tiled, stone lining.


Image: High Res Media

This European style living room uses a dark color scheme to set the scene. Notice the wrought iron buffet table and cement planter. The fireplace works especially well, being crafted out of carved, stained stone.


Image: Douglas Elliman

This spacious, lodge style living room uses wide, mahogany rafters to set the scene. A sharp, aqua rug keeps the rest of the living room together, while adding a much needed splash of color to this room. But the fireplace is the real star of the show. Featuring naturally set, rounded stone, its high over mantle ensures its presence is known, and is paired expertly with a gold, embellished clock.


Image: WarmFocus Photography

This living room makes use of eclectic mix of furniture to set the scene. The fireplace, crafted out of naturally set stone brick, works epecially well, providing a pleasant contrast between the walls and its mantle.


Image: Century 21

This living room draws inspiration from mid century themes, featuring vintage furniture and a highly contemporary fireplace. You wouldn’t normally associate such a fireplace, which features sleek, minimalist lines and a wide white mantle, with the rest of the decor but here it works perfectly, constrasting and blending in well.


Image: ARMLS

This Spanish style living room features dry painted, rogue walls and floral, vintage armchairs to help set the scene. Notice the coffee table, which features a leather trim and glass top. But the star of the show is the fireplae. With a sweeping, curved mantle and a tiled lining, it’s the embodiment of the rest of the room’s Spanish style.

There you have it. With the right touches, any living room can shine. And a fireplace can take an already fantasic living room and elevant it to the next level.

The humble fireplace can make quite a statement when it comes to designing a living room. Here are a few more of our favorite examples, which we hope will help give you a few ideas.


Image: Emily Carter

This English style living room benefits from a warm, cream and yellow centric color scheme and orange, hardwood flooring. The fireplace, which features Grecian style columns and a wide mantle, sets the scene for this living room.


Image: Windermere

This antique living room uses classic, 19th century furniture and an ornate Persian rug to set the scene. The fireplace is especially notable, featuring a mahogany mantle paired with a polished granite lining.


Image: Estately

With a wide entertainment system and dry painted walls, this Tuscan style living room with corner fireplace room is an entertainment centerpiece. Note the fireplace, crafted out of marble. But unlike many Tuscan style fireplaces, this one features a modern touch- a subtle, minimalist firebox as opposed to the wide, wrought iron firescreens many Tuscan fireplaces features.


Image: Luminous Realty

This European living room features wide tiles and dry painted walls, which works well with the earthy, natural brick fireplace. Pay close attention to this living room with fireplace layout ideas. Sometime less is better.


Image: Latter & Blum Realtors

With sweeping, high ceilings and grand decor, this elegant living room features contemporary furniture and timeless furnishings. The fireplace is especially notable- featuring a large marble mantle and high over mantle.


Image: David Ogilvy

This living room features comfortable, mid century furniture, which is all tied together by the fireplace? And where do we begin with that? Featuring a clean, antique white mantle and marble lining, it works perfectly with the rest of the room’s subtle color scheme and gentle atmosphere.


Image: Mercer Island Waterfront Estate

This contemporary room is a departure from typical contemporary styles, featuring warm colors and eclectic decor. The fireplace is absolutely gorgeous, featuring a mahogany over mantle and a polished, black granite mantle, as well as a minimalist firebox.


Image: Emily Carter

This living room draws inspiration from Edwardian styles. With simple furniture and decor, it’s perfect for small gatherings. The fireplace, which features Grecian columns, makes great use of a polish granite inner lining and brick jambs.


Image: Homes & Land

Filled with vintage furniture, this living room is a perfect entertaining space for guests. The fireplace features a mirrored over mantle and a wide mantle shelf to display decor. A fireplace need not be complicated to make a huge impression, sometimes all it takes is a traditional mantle to make an impression.


Image: Estately

This contemporary living room features two coaster chaise lounge chairs, which are paired well with an ornate Persian rug. Working well with the stone walls incorporated throughout the room, this fireplace definitely makes an impression, featuring a barred fireplace and rounded, naturally set stone.

As you’ve seen throughout this series, fireplaces can definitely help take any luxurious living room to the next level. They provide warmth, a focal point, and not to mention a sense of character to any room. If you’re looking to revamp your living room, it may just be time to consider putting the humble fireplace to good use.

Fireplaces can be an integeral component to creating your dream living room. As these beautiful, luxurious living rooms demonstrate, sometimes a fireplace can be the perfect addition to make your living room shine.


Image: Roy Brocato

This absolutely stunning living works on multiple levels, from a coral, traditional crescent lounge chair to a gorgeous, shimmering crystal chandelier. But turn your attention to the fireplace. With a perfect use of limestone, from the cladding to the mantle, its sheer scale is emphasized and celebrated with the installation of a mirror and artistic decor. Even the black header and firebox provides an interesting contrast.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

A polished granite fireplace with a white brick fire box isn’t the only thing to die for in this gorgeous living room. We’ve got spackled walling, giving this room a traditional flavor. Two classic, retro leather armchairs help seal the deal. Add in the glass topped coffee table and we’ve got a beautiful living room ready for hosting.


Image: Morgan-Keefe Builders

This absolutely stunning living room is spacious and eye-catching. We’ve actually got two fireplaces featured here as a matter of fact, and both have their own individual charms. Our first fireplace is our largest, and the focal point of our room. With naturally set sandstone, it plays off well with this room’s light, breezy color scheme all while looking good while doing it. A tall chimney works with this room’s high vaulted ceiling. The second is a little more modest in comparison but by no means underplayed- it serves a valuable purpose in creating a second seating area, perfect for smaller gatherings.


Image: Horst Architects

This ultra modern living room takes full advantage of the wide space available to it. Take a glance at that gorgeous fireplace. It’s minimalist, with a charcoal body and a wide hearth, which contrasts nicely with this room’s primarily light color scheme.


Image: Benning Design Associates

This log cabin style home brings Americana Western design styles together and gives it a modern touch. The fireplace here is especially notable. A birch mantle shelf adds a nice touch of character. Formed out of naturally set Austin stone, we’ve got a handy alcove to store surplus wood. Notice the decorative screen- even the screen of a fireplace can work with the atmosphere you’re trying to create for a room.


Image: Highgate Builders

This beautiful, spacious living room uses bright colors and a simple color scheme to give this room an open and air appeal. The fireplace is especially notable here. Formed from stacked, gray stone brick, it compliments the lounge chairs and sofa. A mantle shelf provides a handy place to store art or decor, while a raised hearth gives it a simple, yet elegant appeal and additional space to set decor.


Image: Jessica Lagrange Interiors

This beautiful Edwardian style living room wouldn’t be complete without that beautiful, black glossed granite fireplace. With gold veining and a brick firebox, it’s especially charming, perfectly complimenting this old fashioned living room.


Image: Tradewinds General Contracting

This charming living room brings the hunting lounge into your own home. With pleasantly rustic touches- forget the mounted heads, take a look at the refurbished wood island bar and support beams- it’s somehow elegant all the same. The fireplace, natural set stone brick with a wood mantle shelf and raised hearth, works especially well here.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This elegant living room is spacious and grand- with traditional, Victorian style furniture to seal the deal. But note the marble fireplace. With a gold trimmed screen and carved mantle arm, it plays off well with the rest of this room’s high luxurious atmosphere.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This living room draws from late 19th century design styles as well- creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere. Notice the fireplace. Made of marble brick, the mantle support pillars are especially notable here.

Sometimes, the best touches to a room are part of the architecture itself. Fireplaces can not only be gorgeous centerpieces for an already luxurious living room, but provide warmth and a gathering place for family and guests.

These luxurious living room feature beautiful stone fireplaces, which give each room a certain je ne sais quoi. With that being said, let’s take a look.


Image: Locati Architects

This gorgeous living room manages to incorporate a rustic energy. Note the gingham sofas, which work surprisingly well with an ornate rug. But let’s not forget the fireplace itself. Carved out of rustic stone, brick, this fireplace manages to carry over the stone motif prevalent throughout this room while creating an inviting atmosphere.


Image: Locati Architects

This absolutely gorgeous living room uses maple to its best advantage. From the support beams, to the windows and even the flooring, dark wood can do wonders in contributing towards a cozy living space. We’ve even got a glossed maple coffee table, which, in addition to a soft white ornate rug, helps give an anchor to this living room’s seating area. We’ve got gorgeous leather lounge chairs, a carmel loveseat, which all ensure that no one’s left out in the cold when it comes to hosting in this beautiful space. But don’t forget the fireplace. This fireplace is rightfully the focal point of this living room, crafted expertly out of natural stacked stone.


Image: Locati Architects

This cozy living room incorporated rough cut, naturally set stone brick throughout the walls and, of course, the stunning fireplace at the head of the room. It’s rustic, simple, and yet absolutely beautiful all the same. We’ve got a comfortable seating area, beset by a Western inspired rug.


Image: Phil Kean Designs

This modern living manages to create a spacious, comfortable space. We’ve got birch wood flooring, which helps open up this space and works well with the rug set. In fact, you don’t need to look to the portraits around this room to notice the slight Western elements incorporated throughout- from the wrought iron furnishings and the copper plated coffee table. It’s not a typical western style living room, but that’s what adds to this room’s charm. But there’s plenty of modern elements- smooth lines and curves- to seal the deal. But like many of the living room’s we’re featuring here, it’s the fireplace that’s the star of the show. It’s limestone, and somehow manages to not only be the focal point of the room but with a small fire window, doesn’t overpower the room.


Image: Locati Architects

This eclectic living room has a definite rustic energy, adopting Americana quirks. We’ve got a faux cowhide rug and even a driftwood coffee table. It’s comfortable, bringing the ski lounge into your own home, all with a bachelor pad flair. But note the flagstone fireplace. It’s large, naturally cut, and works well in establishing a warm atmosphere.


Image: William Piotrowski

This is another living room that takes definite inspiration from Western Americana themes. We’ve got a refurbished wood coffee table, ample seating courtesy of these fantastic Native inspired L-shaped sofas. But don’t leave the fireplace out of the picture. This stacked, cut limestone fireplace is at the definite forefront of the room.


Image: Locati Architects

This ornate living room features classic furniture and ample dark wood to create a luxurious atmosphere. It’s spacious, elegant and yet manages to bring rustic elements into this gorgeous setting. Not least of which is the fireplace. With naturally set, rounded stone, this fireplace rightfully deserves a spot at the head of the room.


Image: Locati Architects

Through high vaulted ceilings and wide windows, this beautiful living room makes the best of ample space. It’s especially stunning when you consider the wide, tall fireplace at the head of the room. Made with stacked flagstone, this fireplace perfectly heads a pleasingly rustic living room, pairing well with the vinyl chairs and marble coffee table.


Image: Alder and Tweed

Last but not least, this living room is another rustic infused wonder. Featuring a low hanging, glossed coffee table and vinyl lounge chairs, it somehow manages to be both comfortable and elegant. Note the chandeliers. The fireplace is an especially welcome touch here, crafted from rough hewn stone.

As you’ve learned by now, a fireplace can be an especially notable touch to any living room. The following living rooms are beautiful by themselves, but with a fireplace, they become something magical indeed.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This contemporary living room utilizes a rich contrast between white and red. Notice the fireplace. Marble, with a rich brick firebox, it’s highlighted by a polished granite mantle.



Image: Home Stratosphere

This rustic, cabin style living room especially shines when you factor in the fireplace. Built with naturally set stone, with a wrought iron frame, it works especially well with a refurbished wood mantle shelf.


Image: Andrew Skurman Architects

This gentle Edwardian style living room is filled with soft colors and draping curtains. But the fireplace is what shines here. A red granite mantle works especially well here, while a black, ebony colored firebox helps give this gentle fireplace its own character.


Image: Isola Homes

This contemporary living room is awash with clean lines and minimalist feature. The fireplace is especially notable, with a dark tiled mantle and white mantle shelf.


Image: Isola Homes

This contemporary living room, with minimalist lines and art deco decor, makes a huge impression with only a few small touches. The fireplace is especially notable- built into the wall, it says all it needs to say with a marble jamb and mantle.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This elegant living room uses a high ceiling and a spacious floor area to its full advantage. Edwardian style furniture sets the scene. The fireplace is especially ornate, with a gold adorned mantle and jamb, highlighted with a mirrored hood.


Image: Jay Riordan

This executive suite, with amble use of mahogany shelving and leather sofas, works especially well with this fireplace- which is mahogany with a polished granite mantle and ebony firebox.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This breezy, spacious living room works well with dark walls and light birch flooring. A marble fireplace, formed with classic themes in mind, is adorned with a glass frame.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This European style living room is classy, using deep reds and browns. A marble, floral mantle and arms provide a strong, elegant support for this beautiful living room, while a tall hood allows for amble space to display beloved decor.

Stone fireplaces can help elevate any living room to the next level. Here are some more of our favorite living rooms with stone fireplaces, each with their own character and charms.


Image: Joshua & Co.

This luxurious, European style living room uses open, wide windows and the home’s unique architecture to its advantage. Classic furniture (not to mention the grand piano), sets the scene. The fireplace, crafted with dry painted brick, works perfectly, especially considering its Grecian style mantle and a crafted, wrought iron fire screen.


Image: Jennie Wetter

This contemporary living room uses sleek lines and a brown and tan heavy color scheme to contribute towards a unique look. This is carried over with the fireplace, no less, which features charcoal set stone brick and a wide mantle shelf, all the better for featuring favorite decor.


Image: Gables Residential

This modern wonderland features a dark color scheme and art deco design features (take a gander at that high polished obsidian wall) in order to create a stunning space. The fireplace is subtle and modern, featuring a minimalist firebox and a tall, polished marble mantle.


Image: IBI Designs

This gorgeous living room features early 20th century design styles, blended with a fusion of contemporary sensibilites. A dry brushed, marble fireplace with a brick firebox is especially appealing, featuring a wide mantle.


Image: Southern Highlands Real Estate

This ultra contemporary living room has an especially notable, L-shaped fireplace. Featuring a subtle firebox and a polished granite mantle, it plays off well with the shelf alcoves and the rest of this sleek living room.


Image: Dunwoody Gables

This modern living room is a touch more subdued, with a sleek, white color scheme and angular furniture. The fireplace is crafted with white, stone brick, featuring a contemporary, in-wall firebox and a low hearth.


Image: Estately

This ornate living room brings one back into the Edwardian era. With a wide window complimented by hanging valances and drapes, and a soft color scheme, it’s a comfortable space ready for hosting. The fireplace is framed by an extensive wooden shelf system, featuring a marble mantle complimented by a teak wide overmantle.


Image: Stage to Move

This modern, luxurious living room features heavy contrasts and a beautiful stone brick fireplace, with Grecian style support and a brick frieze.


Image: Pat Cassity

This luxurious living room manages to incorporate a few choice, rustic elements. With naturally set gray stone brick and a wide mantle shelf, the fireplace helps add an element of class and warmth to this living room- which also features a wide, mahogany entertainment system and classic furniture.


Image: Tucker Mortgage

This gorgeous living room uses teak to its advantage- decking out the foray, colums, and even the French doors with it. The fireplace is especially notable- featuring a brick overlay and a rounded mantle.

Fireplaces can add an especially appealing touch to any living room. Join us next time for even more luxurious living rooms, featuring stone fireplaces.

Stone fireplaces can be an especially nice touch for any room. Depending on whatever direction you take your fireplace, and the room itself, you can add a specific touch of character to it. Here are a few of our favorite luxury living rooms with especially wonderful stone fireplaces.


Image: Bristlecone Structures, Inc.

With dry brushed walls and brown tile, this living room is a marvelous example of popular Tuscan designs. Notice that wrought iron chandelier, for starters, and the wicker back sofas. But the star of the show, as always, is the fireplace. Crafted out of exquisite marble, we’ve got strong Grecian arms supporting a tall mantle and overmantle. A gorgeous wrought iron fire screen seals the deal.


Image: Platt Architecture

This beautiful, rustic style living room uses natural cut wood wall paneling and comfortable, cabin style furniture to create an inviting space. The fireplace is built with cobbled, naturally set stone, with a handy alcove to store kindling and a high, wide hearth.


Image: Unlinkly

With a subdued color scheme and clean, sleek furniture (just look at those Marie grey armchairs), this living room is elegant and contemporary. A wide fireplace, with stone brick, sets the mood, paired with a rounded stone arch over the firebox.


Image: MRIS Homes

This gorgeous living room is perfect for hosting guests, from a 3 piece Pavoncella Rotunda sofa, to two Victorian style armchairs. The fireplace is slightly more subtle than our other examples- featuring a marble mantle and a polished granite facing. Sometimes having a living room with fireplace and TV on opposite walls works best.


Image: Luxury Montana Home

This ornate cabin style living room features a wide, dynamic rug to tie everything together. A charcoal, stone brick fireplace blends in well with the rest of the deep browns and reds present throughout the room, offering a mantle shelf for displaying art and decor.


Image: Michael Lawler

This cozy living room may not have the floor space that many of the other living rooms we’ve taken a look at but it does well to create a spacious, inviting atmosphere. With amble olive shades and a mahogany coffee table, it incorporates early 20th century designs. The fireplace, with a marble mantle and polished granite facing, is an embodiment of the rest of the room’s classic designs.


Image: Resorts West

This lodge style living room uses lots of browns and creams to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The fireplace is characteristic of the rest of the living room. With a modern, stone mantle and tan, stone brick, it’s the perfect fusion of rustic and contemporary themes.


Image: Live on Crsyal Lake

This dynamic cabin style living room makes great use out of the rest of the home’s natural furnishings. The fireplace provides a particularly appealing contrast- with rounded, naturally set stone, its tall over mantle works well with the spacious, high ceilings throughout.


Image: Iridium Development Inc.

With sleek, marble tiling and comfortable, classic furniture, this living room makes wonderful use of the spacious, light filled space provided. The fireplace, with Grecian style arms and a mantle, works well with the rest of the room.

Fireplaces can be a wonderful addition to any home. And with the right touches, any living room can become a work of art in itself.

Anyone can bring luxurious, five stars designs into their own home. And with a fireplace, you can take any room above and beyond. Here are a few examples.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Rich, faux mahogany tile plays well off of the gentle, cream walls. The fireplace is especially notable, with Grecian style mantle arms and cream granite trim panels.


Image: Morgan-Keefe Builders

This cabin style living room elevates rustic designs to five star levels. The fireplace itself is especially lovely. Naturally set, its high overmantle works well with the high, spacious ceilings. A wide hearth offers optimal storage space.


Image: Home Stratosphere

This gentle, sweeping living room features wide floor space, complimented by glossy, gray tile and a gorgeous, hand painted mural. The fireplace is, in itself, gorgeous, featuring a cracked stone mantle and gold embellished filler panel.


Image: Faith Sheridan

This cozy living room uses olives and greens to bring to mind European sensibilities. The fireplace takes this idea and runs with it. With naturally set gray stone, the high over mantle is perfectly adorned with a simple art decor piece.


Image: Home Stratosphere

This spacious, sweeping living room uses Grecian style colums and wide windows to its advantage. The marble fireplace is something to behold, highlighted by a overmantle mirror and granite filler panel.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This art deco, contemporary living room uses sleek lines and strong contrasts to seal the deal. A rippled, gray body sets the scene for this subtle, sleek fireplace. The firebox is small, but it leaves a huge impression on the rest of the room.


Image: Sotheby’s International Realty

Wide open windows characterize this rich alpine cabin style home. The fireplace, flanked by red vinyl mantle seating, does everything a fireplace should- providing a comfortable gathering place- and is complimented by an especially spacious view. With a wide mantle shelf and naturally set stone brick, this fireplace suits this cabin style living room especially well.


Image: Wallstreet Journal

With grecian style legs, this ornate fireplace works perfectly in this European inspired stone living room.


Image: Brechbuhler Architects

This cozy lodge style living room puts the fireplace at the forefront of the room. Featuring naturally set brick and a tall hearth, it works well with the deep, mature furnishings of the rest of the room.


Image: Lands of Michigan

This delightful living room incorporates classic elements of Southwestern Americana, but it’s the fireplace that’s especially notable. With rounded, set stone brick, it has as much character as the room around it.

Fireplaces can not only serve as gathering places for friends and family but can help elevate any room to the next level.

By now, you’ve seen many examples of how a stone fireplace can make all the difference in any room. Here are a few more of our favorite examples, which we hope will help inspire you.


Image: High Res Media

Flanked by a collection of Eames lounge chairs, this open, spacious living room is contemporary and comfortable. The fireplace, which works well with a dry painted mantle, is something to behold- offering a high over mantle to host a televison and decor, and a spacious firebox to fill the room with character and warmth.


Image: Sarah Bangert

This beautiful European style living room is cozy, decked out with naturally set brick walls. The fireplace takes this concept and runs with it, offering a stone mantle, a wide hearth, and a wood, carved mantle shelf.


Image: Surterre Properties

With scalloped lounge chairs and a blue heavy color scheme, this seaside living room brings the ocean into your own home. The fireplace, with a short mantle and a bronze lined body, works well with the curving decor of this room. 222.ISl2oqpmfzhlpo1000000000

Image: Wallstreet Journal

This luxurious living room incorporates high ceilings and exotic decor to create a gorgeous, dynamic space. The fireplace, with a tiered over mantle, is especially something to behold- with rounded, naturally set brick.


Image: Washington Lakefront

This gorgeous living room features early 20th century designs, as well as birch walling. The fireplace, crafted out of polished granite, is a little more subtle than its surroundings, featuring a glossy lining and gold embellishments.


Image: David Ogilvy

This dynamic modern living room features a dark color scheme and plenty of art deco elements. At first, you may not even notice the fireplace- which features a glossy, mirrored mantle and a simple firebox.


Image: Windermere

This beautiful living room features high ceilings and a gorgeous fireplace- crafted out of naturally set stone brick with a simple, yet effective mantle shelf that’s perfect for displaying favorite decor.


Image: Olympic Realty

This gorgeous living room features a white and cream focused color scheme. But don’t forget the marble fireplace, which is especially notable with a carved mantle and a wall alcove serving as over mantle.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

This sleek, ultra modern living room features sharp lines and art deco decor. High glossed ebony flooring sets the scene. The tiled fireplace features an entertainment system and a subtle firebox- keeping perfectly in tune with the rest of the living room.


Image: Estately

This ornate living room features a Persian rug and gold leather sofas. The fireplace- stone, with Grecian style arms- matches the rest of the ornate surrounding well- with a wrought iron fire screen and a wide mantle shelf.

There you have it. With the right touches, any living room can shine, and none moreso than the living room that includes a gorgeous fireplace.