101 Luxury Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Luxury can be a fairly broad term when we’re talking about home design. But typically, when we say a room is luxurious, we mean that a room is outfitted with the finest decor, is dynamic and is well designed with high aspirations in mind. This collection of luxurious master bedrooms features modern designs , mid-century, colonial, and more. So join us as we take a look.

Image: Locati Architects

Furnished with rich mahogany and a stacked, stone fireplace, this luxurious master bedroom draws inspiration from colonial and hunting lodge styles.


Image: Locati Architects

A strong, hardwood coffered ceiling gives this luxurious, modern bedroom a comfortable, traditional element.


Image: Locati Architects

A hardwood ceiling and leather loungers set the scene in this contemporary bedroom, which benefits from a minimalist color scheme.


Image: Phil Kean Designs

Sleek lines and hardwood flooring infuses this contemporary bedroom with charm and no-fuss elegance.


Image: Locati Architects

Another rustically inspired master bedroom, this room features plus decor and a rich, stone fireplace.


Image: Locati Architects

A padded headboard and wood supports help keep this luxurious master bedroom feeling charmingly rustic and grounded.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

A cheerful, cream filled color scheme, plus a vintage rug, infuse this room with early century charm.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

A padded headboard, plus atmospheric lighting and European decor, keep this contemporary living room feeling anchored and strong.


Image: Laura Umansky

Elegant, draping curtains are a nice touch in this contemporary, stunning master bedroom.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

A polished fireplace, plus a stark, white heavy color scheme, add a lot of charm in this beautiful bedroom.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Floral print bedding and a rug, plus well constructed, traditional furniture definitely infuses this master bedroom with a colonial atmosphere.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

Not only does this master bedroom feature a second floor loft but gorgeous, Edwardian style furniture and birch flooring keep this room feeling breezy, light and cheerful, all while emphasizing its strong, traditional roots.


Image: Jay Andre Construction

Taking advantage of a large floor space, this master bedroom features strong, polished hardwood flooring, a tiny entertaining nook and ornate, hardwood furniture.


Image: Locati Architects

Ornate throw pillows and loungers contrast elegantly with this rustic living room. Decked out with rich, refurbished hardwood, it’s especially delightful and brimming with charm.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

But a luxurious master bedroom need not have ornate furniture in order to be considered luxurious. Comfortable, simple furniture, when contrasted with well constructed, ornate decor, can work quite well and here it helps infuse this room with a colonial style charm.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Flowing drapes and a light color scheme works well with an ample color scheme.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

With checker board furnishings and a saffron heavy color scheme infuse this spacious, gorgeous bedroom with plenty of down home charm.


Image: Locati Architects

Rustic wood, paired with contemporary furniture, helps keep this room cozy and comfortable, all while ensuring there’s plenty of charm to spare.


Image: Mitch Wise Design, Inc.

An elaborate carved and gilded headboard helps elevate an already gorgeous, contemporary room to the next level.


Image: Brickmoon Design

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this bedroom for a full fledged living room. But in fact, it is a bedroom, offering ample floor space and an elegant contrast between light, breezy furniture and hardwood flooring.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

With oriental inspired furnishings and a neutral color scheme, you can bring hotel style luxury into your own home.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

With a stately, marble fireplace and mahogany furnishings, this living room draws inspiration from mid-century trappings.


Image: Locati Architects

With olive tones and ebony furnishings, this Edwardian European bedroom manages to feel welcoming and cozy without feeling too overbearing.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

Hardwood flooring, contrasted with cream fixtures, helps keep this living room feeling breezy and cheerful.


Image: Charco DB

Dry painted walls and hardwood infuse this highly contemporary master bedroom with a Mediterranean flavor.


Image: Bethany Jenkins

This European style master bedroom features dry painted walls and Grecian style columns but best of all, ornate rugs and a bed spread.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

A light color scheme and ample space help this room take advantage of plentiful sunlight. It’s cozy yet simple. Curtains add a quick and easy touch of luxury.


Image: Jay Andre Construction

With a seating area in the corner, anchored by a Persian rug, this gorgeous master bedroom is not only a bedroom but an ornate, Oriental inspired hideaway. Varnished wood flooring and rich red tones spread throughout the room add a very appealing, warm element.


Image: Claire Paquin

A deep contrast between black and white sets the scene in this beautiful master bedroom. Plush rugs need not feel childish or overbearing- here, the white rug works quite well, highlight the rich hardwood beneath and adding a charming element to this bedroom.


Image: Suzanne Tucker

Colonial inspired, this gorgeous master bedroom features well constructed, mahogany furniture and a cream heavy color scheme.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

Hardwood flooring, plus dynamic olive toned walls, helps create a space that’s not only comfortable but has an uninterrupted flow. The dark flooring complements the light rugs, bed spread and siding quite nicely.


Image: The Corcoran Group

A low set bed is an especially nice touch in this urban penthouse. Birch flooring and a woven rug helps keep this room feeling spacious and open, while charcoal pillows and a comforter keep this room from feeling monotonous.


Image: Locati Architects

This European style master bedroom is made complete with the use of tasseled throw pillows and dry painted walls.


Image: Connell Building Company

With teak cabinets and a vinyl footrest, this gorgeous modern living room benefits from a neutral, white, brown and black heavy color scheme.


Image: The Corcoran Group

A woven rug, paired with mahogany furnishings and tall drapes sets the scene in this beautiful, mid century modern bedroom. But a glass closet, with iron panels, is what really works well here, adding a unique and traditional touch.


Image: Sennikoff Architects

This beautiful European style master bedroom features an Earthy color scheme and well constructed hard wood furniture- the better to help you feel like a king in your own home.


Image: The Corcoran Group

A gentle contrast between blue and white sets the tone in this studio apartment. Black and white afghans help add a spark of personality, while a plush blue rug not adds a gentle appeal into this room.


Image: Gregg De Meza

White oak walls and a built in night stand add a lot of character and personality to this contemporary living room. Note the padded headboard. Built into the wall itself, it provides an interesting contrast between the wood surroundings and the comfortable decor.


Image: Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Hardwood paneled walls and flooring, with a woven rug to add interest, create a highly contemporary scene in this cozy master bedroom.


Image: Highgate Builders

A rich, marble fireplace, combined with a neutral color scheme, create a master bedroom that’s comfortable and gentle.


Image: Garrison Hullinger

Eclectic furniture- from a pair of refurbished wood night stands, to cushy, corduroy stools- seals the deal in this contemporary master bedroom. Note the subtle use of bright colors to make this room stand out. While the walls and floor are predominately neutral, bright greens and pops of yellow and red help the earthy shades throughout the walls stand out.


Image: Neal Prince Studio

This cozy bedroom draws inspiration from colonial designs. A rug helps the hardwood flooring stand out even more while a four poster bed is made complete with gentle white sheets and a woven headboard. An olive toned dresser fits in well with this room’s subtle color scheme all while adding a traditional element to it.


Image: Christopher Derrick

Saffron walls and varnished wood flooring set the scene in this Mediterranean style master bedroom. A brick fireplace, paired with a mahogany mantle and a wrought iron fire screen, is an especially appreciated touch here, adding a traditional and classic element to this gorgeous room.


Image: Suzanne Tucker

This gorgeous master bedroom relies on a cream heavy color scheme, as well as plush bedding and refurbished wood furniture in order to make a huge impression.


Image: CBI Design Professionals

A cut away mahogany wall and padded headboard sets the scene in this executive style master bedroom. Mahogany furniture, including a pair of white leather loungers, adds a strong element to this room. The color scheme is neutral but far from bland, thanks to alternating shades of gray and brown patterned throughout.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Gently aged Edwardian style furniture creates a traditional and comfortable master bedroom. Blue walls, gently contrasting with white decor and furniture, really seals the deal here. Not to mention, birch flooring, which works well with the ample light filtering in.


Image: Arnold Schulman Design Group

Oak paneling is a rich and highly contemporary touch in this beautiful master bedroom. Gold and black bedding, especially when considering the padded headboard it’s paired with, is an especially appreciated touch here.


Image: Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Aged hardwood furniture and a carved fireplace mantle create a gorgeous, mid century modern outlook in this intimate master bedroom.


Image: ZDV

Internal bookshelves and hardwood flooring adds a contemporary outlook to this urban master bedroom.


Image: D for Design

A wood paneled fireplace, plus silken sheets, add a luxurious outlook to this vintage master bedroom.


Image: Nina Magon

Mosaic tiling adds a Mediterranean element to this contemporary master bedroom.


Image: The Corcoran Group

A coffered ceiling, plus a patterned floor, adds a contemporary element to this beautiful, early century bedroom.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

With plus carpeting and rich mahogany furnishings, this master bedroom is the ideal hideaway from the rush of the work week.


Image: John Willey

Oak flooring, paired with rich, blue carpeting and a woven bed frame, create a space that’s not only comfortable and cozy but contemporary as well.


Image: David Scott

A violet head board gently contrasts with rich, oak furniture all while adding a comfortable element to this contemporary space.


Image: CBI Design Professionals

Olive furniture, contrasted with cream curtains, adds an executive outlook to this mid century master bedroom.


Image: The Corcoran Group

White oak furniture, plus hardwood flooring and an expansive rug, sets the scene in this Edwardian style suite. A fireplace, plus a four poster bed, add warmth and luxury to this space.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Hardwood furnishings, paired with soft, gray bedding, creates a space that’s highly modern and subtle.


Image: Anthony Michael

Paneled walls, paired with a neutral color scheme, add an executive outlook to this contemporary master bedroom.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Oak furnishings and window panels, are nice touches in this contemporary bedroom. A woven rug and gray loungers seal the deal.


Image: Lang Lequang

A curved half wall, paired with stunning giant windows and a low set bed create a space that’s not only spacious but highly modern.


Image: The Corcoran Group

While the color scheme is primarily white, it’s far from bland, thanks to bright pops of color and vintage furniture.


Image: Interior Decisions Inc

Victorian style wallpaper, plus a cream colored floral rug, create an intimate and traditional space that’s ideal for helping you feel like royalty.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Mahogany flooring and wood wall panels contrast nicely with white bedding and a contemporary, low set fireplace.


Image: Gregg De Meza

This contemporary master bedroom benefits from orange wood furniture and white tile.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

Bed drapes, plus a soft color scheme create a comfortable space ideal for retreating at the end of the day.


Image: Anthony Michael

A padded headboard/back wall adds a comfortable element to this intimate bedroom. The lighting’s soft, the color scheme even softer, creating a bedroom that’s comfortable even for man’s best friend.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

A cream filled, neutral color scheme takes advantage of this room’s ample lighting. Tiled walls add a pleasant touch here.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

A soft, Spanish style color scheme, paired with a woven rug create a gentle and soothing retreat from the heat of the day.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

Green curtains, paired with cream and white decor and bedding, add a spark of color and help contribute to a comfortable, contemporary outlook.


Image: Jamie Herzlinger

A floral bed frame, complete with curved headboard, is the perfect addition to this breezy, gentle master bedroom.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Brick walls and minimalist furniture are the ideal touch in this urban penthouse bedroom.


Image: David Scott

A tall padded headboard, paired with a brown heavy color scheme, adds a wonderful touch to this beautiful, contemporary master bedroom.


Image: Andrew Skurman Architects

This master bedroom is something to behold, featuring ornate carved bedposts and a tall, Tuscan style fireplace- the better to help you feeling like royalty.


Image: 3D Rendering

This highly contemporary room features polished birch flooring and strong, minimalist furniture. Light furniture contrasted with dark walls adds an interesting touch to this beautiful master bedroom.


Image: Kellie Burke Interiors

Floral wallpapers adds a classy and traditional touch to any room. And this room, while contemporary, is infused with traditional charm- from draping curtains to strong, mahogany cabinets and furniture. A soft green paint job adds an earthy appeal to this spacious master bedroom.


Image: The Corcoran Group

A neutral color scheme helps infuse this master bedroom with a strong outlook. Note the floral afghan and the rippled rug- nice touches in a comfortable bedroom.


Image: Interior Decisions Inc

This intimate master bedroom is elevated to the next level with shimmering curtains and vintage furniture.


Image: Anthony Michael

This breezy, beautiful bedroom is contrasted nicely with black awning and walls.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Art deco wallpaper, paired with a gentle blue filled color scheme, creates a comfortable space that’s ideal for any sized room.


Image: David Hertz

Bright pops of color, paired with soft tans and blacks, create a space that’s highly modern but far from alienating. Wide, wall sized windows elevate this space to another level.


Image: David Scott

This Southern American style bedroom is filled with a sandy color scheme and stone lamp bases.


Image: ZAK Architecture

Rich wood walls and a bed frame create a breezy space that’s cabana inspired and an ideal retreat from the chaos of the working day.


Image: Anthony Michael

Black walls and furnishings are contrasted nicely with white decor and bedding. An orchid adds a natural and sophisticated touch to an already stunning contemporary bedroom.


Image: David Scott

While simple, this master bedroom is by no means anything to sneeze at. A padded headboard and minimalist decor keep this space simple and comfortable.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Spacious and filled with ample lighting, this gorgeous master bedroom features mid century modern decor and a full seating area. To add an especially luxurious touch, this beautiful bedroom even features full fledged container gardens.


Image: Gregg De Meza

Tiled flooring and art deco decor create a space that’s highly contemporary and yet highly comfortable all the same.


Image: Home Stratosphere

Ebony furnishings and black furniture add a rich atmosphere to this Mediterranean bedroom.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This gorgeous bedroom is elevated to the next level with floral, glossed wallpaper and gold embossed flooring.


Image: Suzanne Tucker

Hanging, floral drapes and sturdy, traditional furniture create an Edwardian style space that not only feels fresh but perfectly livable in.


Image: LinkstarIndustry

Glossed tile flooring embossed with gold and obsidian columns and furnishings contribute towards a rich, elaborate master bedroom that’s the epitome of luxury.



Image: Jeneration Interiors

Flashes of pink and floral designs create a funky, colorful bedroom that’s chock full of personality.


Image: House & Homes Palm Springs

A stone fireplace and black furniture creates a space that’s mature and exciting, without being too overwhelming.


Image: Keesee and Associates, Inc.

An elaborate canopy bed, paired with rich wood flooring and a marble fireplace create a clearly European inspired room that’s ideal for any sized room or architectural design.


Image: Anthony Michael

Featuring stitched leather panels, a plush rug, and vintage ceiling decor, this bedroom is the ultimate in contemporary luxury.


Image: Steven Favreau

Art deco decor, plus a plush rug and geometric designs, ensure that this luxurious bedroom is a conversation piece in itself.


Image: Bill Bisset

A rich floral carpet, paired with a subdued color scheme and a white brick fireplace makes for a bedroom that’s highly European and high on style.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Wall mounted shelf lighting and dark wood flooring, this rich bedroom is fit for a king or queen.


Image: Hilton & Hyland

Wood flooring and a plush rug add a lot of appeal to this beautiful, regal bedroom.


Image: Bill Ears Realtor

Carved wood canopy frames add a traditional element to this European master bedroom.

Whether you go for a more traditional route or aim to create a contemporary space, luxury can encompass a wide variety of different design styles.