15 Gorgeous Contemporary Home Design Ideas

Architecture today has grown tremendously in regards to overall designs and methods. Designers in specific are capable to take visions inside of their head and bring them to life.

There are more than just a few different ways to create aesthetically pleasing homes. In this article we are going to discuss Contemporary Home Design Ideas. Whether you are in the market for a home or simply looking for inspiration (for future reference) enjoy these examples and adore the beauty.


Image: Natural Balance Homes

This design while contemporary also looks a little bit minimalistic as well. The two-story floor plan works perfectly for this home. For individuals and families who are interested in growing plants (whether it is flowers or food such as tomatoes and/or herbs) the top right area can serve as a mini garden. It seems to have just enough exposure for the sun and a little room security if you want to put umbrellas over them during rainy weather.


Image: Sherman Homes

When one looks at this house the perception of very modern and sleek come to mind. One of the great benefits to a contemporary design like this is the exterior setup. Also the garage area is very beneficial for individuals/families who invite others open on a regular basis. Instead of compacting everyone with street parking, there is enough room to host 4-6 cars comfortably outside.


Image: Lamme Misi Urban Studio LLC

Simple contemporary designs are starting to make a great impression on homeowners. For those who prefer to have the main areas (such as kitchen and master bedroom) on the first level, this design is a marvelous example. As you can see, the top of the roof is an eye-catching design. The illusion of a slight curve in the middle shows just a little bit of contemporary style design. The stainless steel garage door not only fits the home design, it also melds well with the exterior color scheme.


Image: Veranda Estate Homes & Interiors

Many families with children love this type of contemporary design for a multitude of reasons. The single car garage is beneficial for adults who have one compact car and one over-sized car that has to stay parked outside. The white/grey stone scheme with hints of brown is very subtle to look at. Kids can also spend time playing outside in the front yard. Parents can view from the living room comfortably without any obstructions blocking their view from the windows.


Image: Axiom Luxury Homes

Architecture designers are starting to become more keen to unique and form fitting designs. In this example, the home design is contemporary, classy, and naturally fits the environment. Vibrant and bold colors displayed on the exterior are quite lovely, yet elegant. The single tree on the left and garden boxes are beneficial for homeowners interested in gardening activities. The two single garage doors can be beneficial for those that enjoy “his and her side” types of designs.


Image: Infinity Homes NW, Inc

One thing about contemporary designs are how intricate and meticulous in details they can be. Bold color schemes typically play a major role in contemporary designs. Whether it is the exterior color schemes or the interior, with great attention to certain elements, everything eventually comes together aesthetically. With multiple large windows, this is a great design for individuals who love staring outside and watching Mother Nature from inside.


Image: Maienza-Wilson Interior Design + Architecture

Versatile contemporary designs can be simple and beautiful or lavish and luxury. The beauty of having control of your home design is the ability to add bells and whistles as you see fit. This two-story home is very chic with not that many windows, yet the unique opening sliding door on the side (directly in the center of this photo). The swimming pool is a very simple rectangle design. However, with this home’s exterior structure, it fits the look tremendously.


Image: Fine Focus Photography

When homeowners ask for something to fit their personality and style, homes like this are created. From first glance this home has character all on its own with multiple levels and a sense of extravagance. The fluidity of the two-tone beige and brown colors are simple and amazing. Pairing this home with eccentric furniture such as the wood color couches outside are great accents to the design.


Image: Coates Design Architects Seattle

Contemporary designed homes have no boundaries at all. This simple, yet secluded-like design gives homeowners the feeling of security and creativity. What is very important to notice here is how much driveway space is available. For homeowners who tend to have numerous guests over at one time, this is a major element to the overall design of your home.


Image: TaC Studios, Architects

Meticulous details and contemporary designs go hand in hand with each other. This design in specific shows how much freedom homeowners and designers can have to play with. Visions and ideas of having large windows and seclusion are the routes that some owners tend to take.


Image: Benjamin Hill Photography

Minimalistic designs work best for those who don’t mind simplicity. This home is very modest in regards to color, yet aesthetically pleasing because of the details. Another amazing benefit is the driveway overall. Homeowners who adore simple, yet intricate designs will the separator design as quirky (in a good way).


Image: Cablik Enterprises

The interior of your home is just as important as the exterior. Contemporary home designs tend to replicate or compliment the exterior and interior color schemes together perfectly. As you can tell with this home office, the contrast between both walls are different, yet fit each other seamlessly.


Image: West Seattle

A major problem that architecture/home designers have adapted to greatly is reducing the amount of window disasters. For those who love to enjoy the sight of outside in any part of their home will enjoy this style.


Image: Next Century Modern

Simplicity works best for those who are not overly concerned about details. Modest colors and exterior elements are clean and sleek visually for this home. However, as you can see there are no trees fairly close to the house that could randomly crash into a window. It will take some strong winds to cause such an accident.


Image: McClellan Architects

The “compact look” is also a very popular contemporary design that many homeowners seem to enjoy. The mantra of “big things come in small packages” fits this home perfectly. On the outside looking in, it may seem like a decent size, but when you walk in you will notice how much area space actually exists.
Blueprints and mock designs are more intricate than previous generations. In addition to that, technology has played a major role for the progression of designing buildings of any structure. A home does not have to be large to exude elegance and beauty.

When designing your next home, feel free to explore contemporary options. This is an investment that you should be proud to look at every single day. Whether it is simple or meticulous in detail, design your home the way that you want to without any limitiations.