15 Glamorous Asian Kitchen Design Ideas

Featuring Asian-inspired decor, these high-end kitchens will simply amaze you. Rather than being crammed with a multitude of Asian pieces, these beautiful rooms have been brought to life with a few select pieces that set the tone and theme of the space, proving that it doesn’t take a lot of stuff to make a huge impression.

If you’re interested in adding a touch of Asian design to your home’s decor, take a few tips from the designers of these exquisite Asian kitchens. Find a few pieces you love and place them strategically throughout your space. You’d be surprised by how much a few select pieces will transform your space.


Image: John Lum Architecture, Inc.

Simply stunning, this cozy kitchen uses one or two pieces of art and a few uniquely designed bar stools to create an Asian vibe.


Image: Gaspar’s

Sleek and modern, the Asian flair in this handsome kitchen is created by the wood grain on the upper cabinets and a few potted plants.


Image: K Marshall Design

These cabinets are absolutely gorgeous, and they beautifully set the tone and theme for this luxuriously designed kitchen.


Image: Neil Kelly

Beautifully designed, this Asian-inspired kitchen features custom cabinetry in three gorgeous finishes.


Image: Lighting Elegance

This delightful kitchen features a few Asian-inspired pieces, such as the Buddha and slatted upper cabinets. Although there aren’t many decorative items incorporated into this space, the effect is dramatic indeed.


Image: Design Build Invest

Resplendent with vibrant lanterns and a marvelous back splash, this kitchen relies on the natural elements of the room, like the tongue-and-groove ceiling and cabinetry, to create a stunning visual.


Image: Richard Landon Design | Space Planner

An exquisite cross-section of a stately tree makes a grand statement as a counter for the center island in this fabulous Asian-inspired kitchen.


Image: John Kraemer and Sons Inc.

A dramatic painting serves as the focal point of this luxurious kitchen that’s been sparsely adorned with accessories and artwork.


Image: Mueller Nicholls | MN Builders

Simply splendid, this gourmet kitchen comes complete with plenty of prep space and two breakfast bars, making it ideal for large families.


Image: Kaufman Homes, Inc.

A chef’s dream, this impressive kitchen has been beautifully outfitted with Asian-inspired cabinets and granite counters.


Image: Dogwood Interiors

Warm and inviting, this sumptuous kitchen features wood cabinets finished with a rich stain. The black granite counters provide contrast, making the space truly memorable.


Image: John Lum Architecture, Inc.

Lavishly decorated, this deluxe kitchen boasts professional-grade appliances and beautiful custom cabinetry.


Image: Quality Custom Cabinetry Inc.

Brilliant and lavish, this one-of-a-kind kitchen has several stunning details that shock and awe. From the exquisite cabinetry to the unique back splash, this kitchen is unforgettable.


Image: Oregon Cottage Company

Small in size but large on style, this wooden kitchen and complementary dining space feature gorgeous custom lanterns.


Image: Cathy Schlecter Interior Design

A lovely accent wall sets the theme for this Asian-inspired kitchen that also possesses some of the most beautiful cabinets ever constructed.

These stunning kitchens prove that you don’t have to go overboard when decorating a theme-inspired space. If you start with a beautifully decorated, but neutral space, you can add a few key elements to get the look you’re going after. So, if you’ve always wanted to create an Asian vibe in your home, take a few ideas from these gourmet kitchens and start shopping for a few carefully selected pieces to transform your space.