20 Astounding Modern Open Living Room Ideas



Furnishing and decorating an open-concept space can be challenging. The key is to create a cohesive space throughout while maintaining clear distinction and separation between the various areas incorporated into the open living room space. For ideas on how to do just that in your open-concept living room, look to these fabulous pictures for inspiration. Found in some of the most upscale homes ever built, these designer living rooms will give you a lot to think about.


Image: Jeffrey King Interiors

Maintaining a neutral color scheme across various zones or sections of your home keeps the decor cohesive. Add pops of color to your space with coordinating accessories and accent pieces.


Image: qinteriordesign.rs

Built-in shelving and cabinetry makes clever use of wall space in an open-concept living area where room may be limited.


Image: Rachel Reider Interiors

An eclectic decorating style, like the one used in this room, allows you to choose all your favorite pieces and use them together in one space.


Image: Eleven Interiors

Decorative and stylish area rugs add warmth to your home while giving sitting areas and other single-use areas separation from the rest of the space.


Image: COOP15 Architecture

Bright pops of color, like the lime green used here, can be used throughout an open space to tie the decor together.


Image: ArchiTrix | Design Studio Inc.

When decorating with contrasting colors, accent pillows and accessories of the same color allows very different pieces to complement one another.


Image: The Anderson Studio

Borders on area rugs, tiles, or other types of flooring creates zones within a single space. See how the pattern on the area rug anchors this sitting area?


Image: Usona

By choosing to use the same drapes on all the windows in this open space, the designer creates unity within the decor.


Image: Frank Pitman Designs

Selecting pieces that can be easily moved around as needed — such as the stools and accent chairs in this living room — allows you to expand your lounge area¬†for entertaining.


Image: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Rugs woven with natural fibers add warmth and character to any space. They can also be used to create distinction.


Image: Meritage Homes

The designer of this room repeats several colors throughout the room — white, beige, and gray — to create a truly beautiful space.


Image: Portico Design Group

Decorate with light colors in a small space to prevent it from appearing overcrowded. This gorgeous decor works well in the space and makes the room feel larger.


Image: Morrison Homes

A few intriguing accent pieces can make any room come to life. For example, the peculiar floor lamps in this stunning space make it more interesting and alluring.


Image: Usona

You can anchor your decor with a few natural pieces as well. Wooden furnishings — cabinets, stools, tables — that are stained the same color lend this space cohesiveness.


Image: Jace Interiors

Selecting pieces that have different patterns but similar colors maintains unity throughout your decor as well.


Image: Content Architecture

Adding a few personal touches, like the monogrammed pillow and photographs in this room, allows your personality to shine through.


Image: Marie Burgos Design

Architectural details, such as the cross beam and columns included in this space, divide your open-concept space into zones while maintaining open sight lines.


Image: Muse Interiors

Very few of the items used to decorate this room match each other. However, they complement one another beautifully.


Image: Croma | Toronto on M5V 2P6

Give multi-purpose rooms dual functionality by selecting furnishings that serve more than one purpose.


Image: Ownby Design

In this space, the designer uses a sofa table to separate the living room/lounge area from the entry.

Now that you have a few ideas swimming around in your head, it’s time to create the open living room you’ve always dreamed of. Take a few of your favorite ideas and build upon them to decorate your open-concept home.