20 Beautiful and Inviting Living Room Designs

Living Rooms Design

One important space in the house is the living room. We consider it important because we spend some time in a day there to relax while watching TV and it is also a public space where we entertain guests. It is the part of the house that welcomes everyone that gets into it. That is why, it is important that we make our living rooms inviting so that the guests will feel very welcomed even if you don’t say it.

There are different ways to design a living room. You can choose from a variety of styles and concepts that suits your taste and lifestyle. The living room can tell the guests what type of people live in the space. So, we have to decorate and design it in a way that it can give a positive vibe for the entire house. Let us check out some beautiful living room designs that will surely inspire you.


Earth colors will never fail if you choose to use it for your home. Adding plants into it as well as a fireplace can complete the look. Image Source: Own by Design


It would be nice to have an open living room that is surrounded by windows giving it a nice view of the outdoor scene. Image Source: Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants


A beach themed living room can look even more charming with lovely colors in it. Can you spot beach inspired elements in this space? Image Source: Matthew Bolt Graphic Design


A living space with a tall ceiling and exposed beams may look hard to decorate. But this one won it! The carpet added more life to the area as well as the colorful throw pillows. Image Source:  New Urban Home Builders


A small living area can still look beautiful with a wall painting and a carpet that defines the space. Image Source: Modiani


I can feel the masculinity of this area with the blacks, browns, grays and whites. Adding some pops of aqua blue breaks the monotony. Image Source:  Revival Arts | Architectural Photography


We can see white everywhere. Adding wooden elements into it add some warmth into it. Image Source: NICOLEHOLLIS


Add a subtle cottage feel to a contemporary space with floral prints like what we can see in the throw pillow. Image Source: Martha O’Hara Interiors


A modern vintage chic living room with the chandler as a focal point. A small space but a sure stunner! Image Source: Vintage Chandeliers


Once you step into this area, you will feel like you are one with nature because of you can see nature’s colors and other natural elements like the wall mural and the jars. Image Source:  Inform Interiors


If you want something formal, this one is for you. Face two sofas and break them two coffee tables. I can see much symmetry in this one! Image Source:  Inspired Dwellings


Another symmetrical furniture arrangement for a living room but this one has a fireplace as the focal point because of the stones that surround it. Image Source:  C & C Partners Design/Build Firm


The colors in this living room are lovely! Who wouldn’t fall in love with the combination of green and blue? The ceiling is gorgeous too! Image Source: Mary Dewalt Designs Group


By leaving more space in the area, this living room look very serene especially with the abstract carpet and painting. Artistic space I would say. Image Source:  S & K Interiors


Note the patterns in the walls, curtains and throw pillows. It looks like inspired with the waves. Even the design of the sofa is wave-like too. Image Source:  Amy Lau Design


Instead of leaving a wall blank, add a sunburst wall decor into it and your living room will look totally beautiful! The colors here are pretty fresh. Image Source: Tobi Fairley Interior Design


Another space that looks masculine with a black sofa and some cowhide accents. Yes, that drum shade chandelier also nailed it! Image Source: Axis Mundi Design, LLC


If you want something more cozy and very homey, this living room is for you. Just add decorative pillows and some colorful elements to get a nice space like this. Image Source: Robenson Design


A modern home with a neat living space comprised of sleek furniture where in one could just sit and watch the beauty from outside. Image Source:  Habitat Studio


Why not add some industrial and rustic elements to your living area? You can do that too just like this one. Image Source:  Jeffers Design Group

There are really so many ideas that you can get from the list above. You might even feel confused because there are so much to take note of. But you don’t have to copy the look of an entire living room. You can just note some things that you want to apply in your own space. Then combine them together while making sure that your space doesn’t look crowded or over decorated. Always observe balance when you decorate your space especially if that is your living room. See to it that your guests won’t hesitate to sit in your sofa. Make them feel comfy and at home in your very own home!.