20 Beautiful Backyard Patio Designs for Family Outdoor Moments

Got that backyard that just hang in there and left covered with tall grasses? Well, you’ve got to do something about it. Get those grass out and make it a serene sancturay for you and your family. Turn it into a courtyard or a patio where you can enjoy outdoor moments day and night. You can do everything by yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you. If you are clueless of what you could do to your backyard, we have gathered some contemporary¬†backyard patio design ideas that will make you green with envy.

For sure, you will be very much inspired to make use of your backyard or change its look so you can transform it into a space that the entire family will enjoy and love. No, it isn’t just that fun and relaxation that you could get but you will get the chance to appreciate nature even more with the outdoor beauty around you. Come take a look at what we have for you!


A neat patio with greens growing around the concrete pavers. This looks modern because of the sleek used you see here but this is a simpler version. Image Source: Marcus & Willers Architects


This could be a small backyard but just look at how beautiful it is the the mix of stones, concrete and wood. Image Source: Bagnato Architects


Using wood for the patio right into the pool deck gives it a continouos flow from the interior. Image Source: Anastasia Arquitetos


Stone patio will never be out of style because of its natural look. This is another example of a small backyard treated really well. Image Source: Danny Broe Architect


This looks classy as it floats above the ground white creating a connection to nature. Notice with stunning patio lighting

Image Source: Austin Outdoor Design


Concrete and wood is indeed a lovely combination. The green chairs added to its appeal and made it look even more inviting. Image Source: Arterra LLP Landscape Architects


A sophisticated patio with two swing chairs that would make one take a second look. The glass walls that allow transparency to the interior seem to act as a backdrop. Image Source: Spry Architecture


Dining and preparing food in this patio would be so much fun and the guests will be very pleased to be able to dine in a place like this.Image Source: JDS OUTDOOR DESIGNS


I love how this one is designed especially with the stones in between the pavers and the space allocated for the plants and sphere sculptures. Image Source: Arterra LLP Landscape Architects


This patio has different levels which add more interest to the area. This bird’s eye view of the space will make you want to have one like this. Seen here are glass concrete planters, wooden deck and glass fencing. Image Source: Arterra LLP Landscape Architects


For this one, you can wood and concrete were alternated. I like how the candles are lined and how the plants are distributed in the area while leaving enough space for seating and lounging. Image Source: Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes


Got a long and narrow backyard? This is what you can do with it. Just beautiful, right? A water feature can still be incorporated into it. Image Source: Zorrodesign


The pathway of this backyard is covered with wood and it directs to a raised covered patio. Image Source: Laird Jackson Design House, LLC.


I love that flower wall sculpture on the wall. Other than that, I also like the idea of having two separate seating areas wherein one has a firepit. Image Source: Coffman Studio


This contemporary patio has a curvy design. Adding gray wooden furniture it made it look neat and masculine in appeal. Image Source: Windermere Real Estate


Aside from the patio, they made sure that there is still enough space for greens which is of course a good idea. Image Source: ModernBackyard


The pool here is raised from the patio which adds depth to the area as well as visual appeal. Instead of stone or tile, grass cover was used for the area. Image Source: EasyTurf


The green living wall is what I love most in this patio and of course, the steps that in this area. I’d guess that apart is steep and they opted to add some steps to avoid erosion. Image Source: Martha Angus Inc.


The geomerty of this patio is just beautiful as it used poured concrete on the area with plants and a wooden bench. Image Source: Grows Green


This one has a nice combination of concrete, wood and green ground cover. A modern backyard patio indeed! Image Source: Christopher Yates Landscape Architecture

These backyard patios are really a nice place to relax and have a glimpse of nature. You’d truly have a different feeling once you are able to spend time outdoors especially if it has a beautiful design like the ones above. Just be sure that you choose the right type of furniture and see to it that everything in there would be functional and useful for everyone. Getting a backyard makeover? Give it a go!