19 Gorgeous Shabby Chic Dining Rooms Built to Charm

shabby dining room

While shabby dining room chic seems like an oxymoron, with the right materials and eye for design you can mix elements of the antique with modern class. This style can be accomplished by mixing natural, worn components like wood and ceramics with contemporary glass and metal. So if your style sits somewhere between rustic and upscale, these dining rooms are for you.

Clean White Shabby Chic

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Image: Noted List

A subtle checkered tabletop starts off the antique look in this room. Meanwhile, assorted clock decor and an elegant chandelier create that modern edge.

Rustic Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: instagram

A rough wood dining table brings in the old. A sparking chandelier and candle sticks bring luxurious light over the cream upholstered chairs and antique mirror.

Naturally Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Primitive Spirit

If earthy is more your style, use this natural look as your inspiration. Wicker chairs, pine decorations, and a beat up wood table combine for a scruffy, yet balanced look.

Multi-Colored Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: My House Sucks

Amazing color combinations echo throughout this room. Though the elements look antique and stylistically worn, they still communicate bright, cheery fashion.

Scruffy Dining Room

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Image: Meegan Makes

Pale turquoise pairs with natural brown in this shabby chic dining space. Various levels of artful deterioration add character while the simplicity maintains a chic look.

Aqua Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Shelterness

Roughed up paint on the base of this table communicates a loving past. Meanwhile, clean, light chairs and a dazzling chandelier brighten the dining room.

Wooden Elegance Dining Room

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Image: Full Bloom Cottage

This dining room encompasses everything shabby chic is meant to be. An intricately carved table and opulent chandelier rest against two rough wood barn doors.

19th Century Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Wings View at Home

This dining room reflects the style of a 19th Century home with its carved wood chairs, pillow top seats, and clay carved table. Exposed wood beams have been painted white for additional charm.

Subtly Scruffy Dining Room

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Image: Digs Digs

A light wood table and modern lighting capture focus. Small details such as an antique mirror and matching candlesticks add hints of character.

Charming Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Digs Digs

The exposed brick wall has been painted white to match the clean appearance of the bench and chairs of this dining set. Elements such as the wooden crate and antique mannequins bring the shabby, while the gorgeous table brings the chic.

All-White Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Homedit

Small touches of character can be found in the burlap tablecloth and whitewashed walls. Classic windows and modern metal light fixtures bring the rustic look into the modern century.

Seaside Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Compltely Coastal

The bright windows and soft pastels communicate a beachy vibe in this dining room. A stunning chandelier lends a contemporary edge.

Lacy Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Indulgy

This dining room looks like a life-size doll tea party with its soft pink floral and lacy tablecloth. It would make a great breakfast nook or front room seating area.

Picture Featured Twice

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Image: Indoorz

Picture Featured Twice

Pretty-in-Pink Dining Room

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Image: Architecture Art Designs

Gorgeous pink wallpaper drips opulence into this space. Cool carved table legs and chairs complete the look.

Small Space Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Laughing with Angels

Mirrors can help to make a smaller dining space look larger. This scruffy table and chairs are done with a creamy exterior for an even brighter, more open appearance.

Large Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Mc Blog Decoration

A massive table acts as the centerpiece of this dining room with its rough wood top. A 20s chandelier hangs dramatically in the otherwise antique room.

Pine Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: Etsy

This stunning table and matching bench are topped with knotted pine. Carved legs have been painted a soft gray to help it stand out.

Fresh Shabby Chic Dining Room

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Image: The Design Files

Re-purposed wood has been used to create this gorgeous table. Simple white bricks and a seaside print coupled with shell-shaped centerpieces and natural light build a breezy, beachy setting.

Floor-to-Ceiling Scruffy Dining Room

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Image: City Farm House

The table in this shabby chic dining room appears to have been made from the same wood as the exposed beam ceilings. An iron bench and lantern light fixture succinctly add charm to this chic spot.

If you love old things but want to class them up, these shabby chic designs are directly up your alley. Use your favorite antique pieces and mix them with New World flair for a combination both stunning and eclectic. For more cool designs like these (but for your kitchen!), check out our post 15 Wonderfully Made Vintage Kitchen Designs.