20 Beautiful Wooden Bathroom Designs

Wooden Bathroom Designs

When it comes to putting wood furnishings and decorative features in bathrooms, most people shy away. However, wood is just as trendy and chic in the bathroom as it is in other areas of the house. In fact, these luxurious designer Wooden Bathroom Designs are simply stunning due to the wooden details that have been incorporated into the decor.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about warping or water damage because all the wooden features used in these designs are water resistant. So, if you’re looking for a way to add something unforgettable to your bathroom design, think wood. While it may be unconventional, there’s no doubt that wood is beautiful. Just take a look at these awe-inspiring bathrooms.

wooden wall panels

Image: Edy Romi

Sleek and modern, this luxurious bathroom features beautiful hardwood floors and a lovely wooden accent wall.

oval tub

Image: Marc Canut

This deluxe bathroom, complete with a very unique shower, uses hardwoods throughout — even for the base of the shower.

wooden accent wall

Image: Lori Carroll

This gorgeous luxury bathroom boasts an intricate wood wall feature, which serves as the focal point for this great room.

modern bath vanity

Image: Joseph Cortes

This chic bath proves that wooden paneling doesn’t have to look dated. By choosing smooth wood panels, this designer has stayed true to the style of this modern bathroom.

glass shower enclosure

Image: James Rixner

Complete with sleek cabinetry and matching crown molding, this lush bathroom has everything you could possibly desire and more.

open wooden shelves

Image: Arlex

Open wooden shelves provide much-needed storage in this attractive contemporary bathroom. A simple wood vanity and matching mirror complete the look.

partial privacy wall

Image: Danelon Meron

Separated from the master suite by a clever privacy wall, this dignified bathroom has a wooden accent wall, which makes the space feel homey and cohesive.

wide plank floors

Image: Danelon Meron

Wide plank wood floors add warmth and beauty to this sensational bathroom overlooking the ocean. Furnished with unique fixtures, this space is simply stunning.

wooden storage center

Image: Flora

A gorgeous adjustable wooden shelving unit adds storage and an extra design element to this lovely space. The sink and shower are sculpted from luxurious wood as well.

wooden tub

Image: Flora

Exquisitely crafted, the wooden claw-foot tub in this posh bathroom is absolutely divine. The gorgeous stamped wall panels add a beautiful touch to this awe-inspiring room.

dark wood trim

Image: Zajeczyca

Playing with the unique shape of this bathroom, the designer used light and dark wood to draw attention to the architectural detail of the space.

wood paneled walls

Image: Mind-Rust

Decorated with scads of elegant wood, this luxurious bathroom possesses a very extravagant and expensive look.

rustic wood walls

Image: Mind-Rust

Charming and rustic, this bathroom features walls that have been covered in rough, natural wood. By leaving the wood unfinished, the designer creates a cabin feel in this space.

vessel sink

Image: Alessio

Featuring wooden floors and wooden walls, this beautiful bathroom illustrates how you can use a plethora of wood in a small space.

narrow vanity

Image: Kenzo

The exotic wooden vanity takes center stage in this exquisite bathroom featuring gorgeous tiles and a modern aesthetic.

modern bathroom vanity

Image: DasilvaGFX

Wooden accents galore transform this sophisticated bathroom into a luxurious space that’s to die for.

wood blinds

Image: Anthony Maras

Sleek and stylish, this ultra-modern bath has been decorated with decadent tongue-and-groove hardwood, which covers almost every surface in this space.

wood mirror

Image: DasilvaGFX

Smartly designed with two types of wood panels, the walls in this stylish bath boast a great deal of texture and architectural detail.

wood shower

Image: Acen

Luxuriously equipped, this modern bath features a multitude of unique and beautiful wooden accents, which give this space a refined look.

green tiles

Image: Jinkazamah

Supported by a gorgeous wooden stand, the tub serves as the focal point in this immaculate bathroom.

If you’ve never thought about putting wood in a bathroom before, now’s the time to start thinking about it. From new builds to renovations, wood is one thing everyone is asking for this season. If you’re not sure where to begin, use a few ideas from these photos to serve as your inspiration. No matter what you decide to do, you can’t go wrong when you put this beautiful, natural, sustainable material in your bath.