20 Bold Modern Bedroom With Fireplace Designs

A few hundred years ago, having a fireplace in the house’s bedroom(s) was essential for keeping warm on cold nights.  Nowadays we have other, updated methods of heating our homes, but having a fireplace in the bedroom still provides a cozy atmosphere like no other heating system.  Feast your eyes on the twenty photos below to see modern takes on the bedroom fireplace design.


Image: Begrand Fast Design Inc.

The two narrow, curtain-less windows high on the wall provide a comforting contrast as the owner can look out on a chilly, windy evening while staying warm inside.


Image: Planika Fires

This unique fireplace perfectly captures the natural beauty of the flame, as it can be clearly seen from three sides.


Image: Mark Brand Architecture

In this wonderful design, you can enjoy a cool breeze on the patio or the warmth of a bedside fire indoors.  Perfect for spring or autumn days that go from warm to cool.


Image: Melander Architects, Inc.

You can curl up and watch TV by the fire before falling asleep in this industrial-style room with plenty of storage space.


Image: PIQUE llc

This beautiful marble fireplace gives the room an ornate touch, as well as reflecting the natural light from the patio windows.


Image: Jacobsen Architecture

The black-on-white color scheme of this design perfectly complements the light-on-dark colors of the fireplace.


Image: D’ Apostrophe Design, Inc.

This room contains all sorts of treats for the eyes with its art collection, flat screen TV, and window views, accompanied by the warm glow of the fire.


Image: Allen-Guerra Architecture

An extra-long fireplace lends even more beauty and warmth to a room with its length of flickering flames.


Image: AB Design Elements, LLC

The plants, African art, and rich earth tones of this room make every visit a warm, relaxing getaway.


Image: John Maniscalco Architecture

With this furniture layout, you can curl up in bed or get right up close to the fire on the cot-like lounge.


Image: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

This brushed chrome, suspended fireplace is a one of a kind piece for a modern bedroom design.


Image: Lean Arch Inc.

With an expansive open-air patio and all the amenities you could wish for, this bedroom is a dream come true.


Image: Maven Interiors

The black setting on this elegant fireplace provides a striking contrast with the light tones of the rest of the room.


Image: Shubin + Donaldson Architects, Inc.

With the natural wood ceiling and the industrial burnished metal of the walls and fireplace, this design brings two styles together with gorgeous results.


Image: Stephenson Design Collective

The muted gray of the fireplace is repeated within the blanket and accent pillows of the bedding for a relaxing atmosphere.


Image: LOTOS Construction

Chrome framing on this fireplace makes it stand out even as it complements the square pattern on the walls.


Image: Tongue & Groove

The openness to this fireplace design makes this bedroom look and feel extra cozy.


Image: Design Wagen

The natural, wild look of this fireplace goes perfectly with the room’s bold colors and funky decor.


Image: Les Constructions MontagneArt

With this layout, you can choose the bed or the sofa to relax by the fireside.


Image: David J. Wade Inc., Architect

The well-placed plant imitates the peaks of the flames on this wonderful open-air fireplace.

The fireplaces of the modern day are safer, cleaner, and easier to install than their counterparts of the past.  It’s no wonder this heating system is still treasured in modern interior decor.  After experiencing these photos, can you think of anything more cozy and inviting than a bedroom fireplace design?