20 Contemporary Wingback Chairs to Fit Your Style

Contemporary Wingback Chairs t

Wingback chairs add class and style to any living room. Their design is meant to curve around your back and give support while the wings are a good place to rest your head while relaxing after a long day. These options come in a variety of fabrics and styles from vintage-inspired to new age.

Contemporary Wings


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The modern wingback style of this chair blends perfectly with its mid-century modern legs. It gives a living room style and a contemporary edge.

Shared Seating


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This chair oozes comfort with its soft black material and extra folded padding. A deep seat allows for curling up or sharing this seat.

Geometric Wingback


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With legs extending beyond the base of this chair, it lends to the geometric angles of the entire piece. Couple that with the vibrant blue color and you have a visually striking chair.

Bold Color Combos

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Very modern in its design, this orange and gray wingback chair sets a contemporary tone. Here, it becomes a wonderful resting place in a chic office space.

Versatile Chair


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White leather with dark wood keep this chair classic. Its versatile elements fit in an office, living space, or library.

Futuristic Twins


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Two geometric wingback chairs enhance the futuristic look of this room.

Traditional Addition


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A traditional taupe wingback chair keeps this nook neutral. Studded piping and dark wood legs add class.

Contemporary Sets


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Two matching stark white chairs keep this entire living room modern. They add the perfect class and contrast with two bold green loungers also in the room.

Bookend Wingbacks


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These white leather chairs act as bookends for this dark wood table. They add the perfect amount of brightness with orange accent pillows and a lined tufted design.

Bold Designs

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Two light gray wingback chairs draw out the grayscale tones in the tiled stone floor. Mixed-and-matched patterns throughout the space add pops of drama.

Stately Wingback


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Blue leather with piped cushions and studded accents put this chair in a league of its own. If you’re looking for a statement chair for your living room, this would be a great addition.

Vintage Contemporary


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The robin egg blue color of this chair immediately garners attention. Antique style legs and back add a great contrast to the modern shade.

Leather Contemporary


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Modern black leather and a natural recline in this wingback chair add comfort. Meanwhile, medium wood and a square-style base for the chair and ottoman add style.

Wooden Accents


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This structured wingback chair is neutral in color, but wood encases the back and sides for a unique pop.

Vibrant Statement Piece


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The bright lime color of this modern wingback chair stand out in a clean, white space. It matches any other color scheme as well, from brown wood themes to grayscale.

Subtle Design


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A cushioned, white wingback chair with a subtle design pattern suites any living space. More traditional in its looks, it adds style and comfort.

Chic Traditional


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This wingback chair has a chic design. Its vibrant color makes it a statement piece and small studs trace the outline of the back for an edgy accent.

Royal Blue Wingback


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Royal blue leather on this uniquely designed wingback chair gives it a regal touch. Small studs trace piping for additional appeal.

Comfort and Class


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Black suede creates a soft and comfortable option in this wingback lounge chair. Graceful curves and a deep cushioned seat finalize this chair’s status as a throne.

Grayscale Modern


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An ultra-modern wingback lounge chair, this dark gray material suites most decor themes. A slight pattern and button tufting soften its edgier look.

Sit back and relax in the newest and trendiest addition to your living room–a contemporary wingback chair. Looking for another furniture piece? Check out our blog post 21 Living Room Accent Chairs Interior Design Ideas.