20 Creative and Innovative Living Room Wall Decorations

Living Room Wall Decorative Ideas

Have you been trying to decide on the perfect piece to use for wall decor?  Before choosing a simple framed work, take a look at these twenty creative living room wall decorations.  These examples make use of new styles you can buy or even find among your own belongings.  Take a look!


Image: Rizzoli New York

These multicolored raindrop shapes make a great statement against the white wall.  The matching pillow is a nice touch too!


Image: Gibbs Smith

Ship’s wheels are an excellent choice for a room with a nautical theme.


Image: I.O. Metro

The wooden piece is reminiscent of a conch shell, and the bright colored square art looks fantastic against it.  The modern spiral pieces round off the look.


Image: SLC Interiors

Round pieces are a fantastic way to fill a blank wall.  This piece is made of smaller circles in various colors and patterns of glass.


Image: Cynthia Lynn

Combining different shapes creates an interesting focal point for a room, such as this combo of photography and plates.


Image: Nicole Lanteri | On My Agenda

A full-wall installation is very attractive, whether painted on or done in panels like this example.



Image: Hensley Premier Builders

These ceramic deer busts are a hip modern touch, and look fantastic with these white grid pieces.


Image: Forer Incorporated

Colored squares look good alone, but even better when combined as in this piece.


Image: Horchow

This gorgeous medallion-style piece looks perfect with the Mediterranean screen and lanterns.


Image: Jonathan Calvert

Combining mirrors with wall art is another way to enhance a room – and make it seem bigger, using the magic of optics.


Image: Transom Design Build

A real or faux tree branch looks striking against a dark backdrop.  This one is also lit for added effect.


Image: SVOYA Studio

The metallic stones on one wall and fiber optics on the other are reminiscent of river rocks and fire, with an industrial touch.


Image: Jeff Andrews Design

Straight from the age of atomic decor, sunbursts are back with a vengeance!


Image: Barry Grossman

Here’s another lovely sample of combined colored squares, with tones chosen to complement the tan and natural wood of this room.


Image: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

You can hang bowls separately, alongside square art – or in a big, exciting cluster!


Image: Cecile Lozano Interiors

Same shapes with different patterns create a distinguished look, such as these four squares over the fireplace.


Image: Thirdstone Inc. [^]

Clusters of bowls can also be staggered across a space for a unique artistic look.


Image: Lisa Teague Studios

Here’s an excellent shabby chic piece for romantic interior designs.


Image: Richard White Home Designs

Old reels are a bold look for film and media buffs, or anyone who enjoys great style.


Image: Two Art Directors

This room combines the best of retro and modern for a look that’s 100% original.

From furniture specialists to big box retail stores, it’s easy and fun to find unique wall decor.  You can even use items you already have around the house to create a look that’s all your own.  Let your imagination run wild!