20 Functional Outdoor Sitting Hammocks

Outdoor Sitting Hammocks

Hammocks have become a huge hit in the world of backyard furniture. While long hammocks are great for lounging, reading, and napping, these outdoor sitting hammocks allow for both relaxation and productivity. Their functional designs work great around a gathering space or as a place to get some much-needed work done in a comfortable setting.

Like their traditional counterparts, these sitting hammocks come in various patterns and designs, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your style.

Slouchy Sitting Hammock


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A scrunchy sitting hammock swing makes relaxing in the backyard a breeze. Its traditional striped design creates a classic look.

Rainbow Connection


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This vibrant sitting hammock has two comfortable cushions built in to its design. The rainbow stripes add a beautiful pop of color to any setting.

Self-Shaded Sitting Hammock


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A bright, self-shaded hammock is just what you need on a balmy summer day. This one comes with its own stand for easy mobility.

Matching + Rustic Hammocks


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These neutral-toned hammocks blend in wonderfully with a breezy outdoor setting. Their unique overhead bars are made of wood and add an additional rustic touch.

Riverside Relaxation


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With just two trees, you can create a comfortable, padded riverside getaway. Detailed black fringe gives the cream-colored hammock a bit of edge.

Indoor Hammock


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Why not add hammocking to your list of indoor activities? A modern design coupled with a statement pillow becomes the best (and most fashionable) seat in the house.

New Take on the Traditional


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While more traditional in its construction, this hammock includes its own stand and eliminates the need to find two trees or poles on which to hang it. The woven net design creates an airy vibe.

Free-Standing Sitting Hammock


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The design of this free-standing hammock allows for unlimited mobility. Plus, with built-in shade you can take peace and relaxation with you without needing sunscreen.

Tropical Sitting Hammock


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The vivid colors on this sitting hammock give it a tropical vibe. The thick cushions give it both structure and comfort.

Beachy Hammock


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The blue and green strips on this more traditional hammock create a nautical vibe. Its design simplifies the process of hammocking and allows you to set it up virtually anywhere.

Chic Sitting Hammock


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This stylish sitting hammock comes with built-in arms. The mid-tone wood paired with black and white striped cushions top off its mod appearance.

Old-Fashioned with a New Twist


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Pale blue cushions speak to a vintage time, while the design of this sitting hammock swings you into the modern age. Furthermore, the cream-colored frame and wood accent matches perfectly with the blue-striped outdoor swing.

Revamped Hammock Palace


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A multi-person lawn swing creates a centerpiece for any garden. A tiered top and foldaway mosquito netting helps complete this backyard paradise.

Shady Swing


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This lawn swing’s neutral tones contrast with its darker frame. In addition, an adjustable shade curtain keeps the sun off and the comfortable atmosphere going.

Classic Croqueted Hammock


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The details on this crocheted hammock draw attention to the swing. The delicate design fits in perfectly with the surrounding outdoor seats.

Earthy Outdoor Swing


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A large, green sunshade overhangs this earth-toned lawn swing. Meanwhile, dark iron framing stands out against the cream, brown, and green theme, yet it blends in to its natural surroundings.

Traditional Hammock


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Sometimes you just cannot beat the woven, classic design of the original hammock. This one also swings between two trees and makes relaxing a second nature.

Raw Wood Design


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The gorgeous woodwork of this two-person lawn swing is enough to make anyone want to spend their evenings lazing on it. Latticed sides and a shaded top complete the picture-perfect swing.

Bohemian Sitting Hammock


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The incredible croquet work of this piece creates the sitting hammock à la mode. Plus, the edgy black color coupled with a tribal print cushion stands out from basic hammock designs.

Perfect Chill Spot


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With a touch of Rastafarian, this colorful hammock brings thought of chilling out to the forefront. On the other hand, the safari print cushion brings out this hammock’s wild side.


These functional-yet-relaxing outdoor sitting hammocks and swings make anytime a great time to hangout. For more on striking outdoor settings, read our post 32 Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Porches Design Ideas to get inspired and find the perfect place to hang your hammock.