20 Jaw Dropping Luxurious Walk in Closets

Closets are often overlooked when it comes to designing your dream home. After all, they’re just storage spaces. Who cares about a closet? Well, as these luxurious closets demonstrate, it’s high time to give your closets the 5 star treatment they deserve.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This walk-in closet uses oak shelving to create a rich atmosphere. There’s ample shelving, sure, but there’s also plenty of raised seating, making this closet inviting. With plenty of lighting, all your clothing items are given the boutique treatment.


Image: California Closets

This is another stunning walk-in closet, taking inspiration from modern designs. Rich mahogany shelving and cabinets provide plenty of space to displaying your wardrobe, while the contrast between the rippled flooring and cabinetry provides an intimate atmosphere.


Image: California Closets

This open closet ensures a seamless transition between the master bedroom and the wardrobe. Bright, white flooring and birch cabinets help highlight the ample lighting present, while floral stools ensure you’ve got a comfortable space to try on shoes or set decor upon.


Image: Eddie Martin

This closet is full of light and space, admittably not the first two things you think of when you consider a closet. There’s subtle amoirs, designed to tuck away your belongings. Lit shelving highlights your collection- perfect if you’re wanting to display your extensive shoe collection.


Image: Laura Umansky

This closet is practically a den in itself. Featuring ample space for a vanity and seating area, it’s perfect for giving your wardrobe, or rather, the dressing room, the 5 star treatment.


Image: Ernie Rottinger

This closet, featuring rick oak paneling, is perfect for those who have an extensive shoe collection- offering individually lit shelves and ample storage space.


Image: CD Construction

Rich oak cabintry and shelving offers ample space and potential for your wardrobe.


Image: California Closets

These simple angled closet works well with small space. But in conjunction with multi-hued wood paneling, this closet is something to behold, effectively storing your belongings all with the beautiful and simplicity of contemporary designs.


Image: Heather Hungeling

This spacious, airy closet almost feels like a foray- filled with opportunity. As it is, gentle hues and classic, Victorian style designs contribute to a traditional, breezy atmosphere.


Image: California Closets

This modern closet uses lots of blues and grays to set the scene, providing a pleasant contrast, when considering the birch cabinets and shelves.


Image: Eddie Martin

This closet, utilizes bright colors and minimalist lines to create a rich, contemporary space.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

This simple dressing room and closet combination uses soft colors- from the birch cabinets and closet doors, to the baby gray ceiling and accents- to create an open and welcoming space.


Image: California Closets

This closet, however, uses dark colors, minimalist lines, and subtle lighting to create a mature and subdued space.


Image: California Closets

Airy blues and whites contribute to an open and spacious closet space.


Image: TZS Design, LLC

Spacious floor area and lit shelving marks a seamless transition into a gorgeous master bathroom.


Image: CBI Design Professionals

There’s ample storage space- from plenty of rack real estate space for your shirts and jackets- as well as glass fronted cupboards for smaller items. It’s simple and beautiful, boasting plenty of elegant contrast between aspect of this room.


Image: California Closets


Image: Connell Building Company

This narrow closet is by no means cramped. Boasting elegant maple cabinets, there’s plenty of space for your wardrobe, while shaded windows and birch flooring contribute to a mature, executive atmosphere.


Image: California Closets

With mint walls and tinted glass, this spacious closet is bright and comfortable, providing a seamless transition and ample space to display and try on the collection.


Image: California Closets

With white cabinets and mauve walls, this closet creates a sophisticated, spacious space to be proud of.


Image: Classic Urban Homes

Wide white shelves and cabinets, paired with birch flooring, create a gorgeous space that leads directly to the bathroom.


Image: Mark Bartikoski

This closet, adorned with rich oak shelves and wardrobes, provides ample storage space all while contributing towards an executive, classy atmosphere.


Image: Carla Zilch Steuck & Paula Ciardelli

Richly furnished with mahogany walls and shelving, this closet is spacious and wide, with amble lighting to highlight each item.


Image: Atlanta Sold Sisters

With a marble countertop, a classic chandelier and plenty of tans and whites, this beautiful closet is a spacious, gorgeous room that you could almost host guests in.


Image: Michael Vanadia

Mirrored closet doors contribute to this classic, executive style closet- which benefits from teak doors and black vinyl seating.


Image: Andrew Skurman Architects

Providing a seamless transition to the master bedroom, this elegant wood paneled closet provides plenty of space for your wardrobe, while creating an elegant and personal space.


Image: Debbie Jungquist

This modern closet uses lots of straight, clean lines and simple shelving to create a spacious, well lit, and highly functional space.


Image: imbuedesign

This combination bathroom and closet ensures for a seamless transition between both rooms. Maple shelves provide plenty of storage space while a sleek, white cabinet ensures each part of the room has its own identity.


Image: Tony Leocadio

This rich, mahogany closet system ensures amble organizational opportunity, all while playing well off of rich, green walls and the rest of this classy, sophisticated space.


Image: Smith Macdonald Group

Reclaimed oak shelving and chicken wire shelf doors provide a delightful rustic atmosphere for this master closet.


Image: Elite Remodeling

Graceful checkered flooring and maple amoirs contribute towards this room’s elegant, early 20th century atmosphere.


Image: Autumn Dunn

Wide shelf faces and a pleasant contrast between white walls and a deep maple floor creates an elegant, contemporary closet space.


Image: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Wide birch shelving, paired with sky lighting, creates a luxurious, wide space for the woman who loves her shoes.


Image: Sorensen Real Estate

A marble topped island provides plenty of additional storage space while a glass china cabinet is the perfect place to display favorite shoes, handbags or personal items.


Image: Jeff & Jan Bruno

Ample lighting and bright, white cabinets and shelving provide the perfect space to proudly display your extensive wardrobe.


Image: Estately

Luxurious tans and browns bring the Meditteranean into your own master closet.


Image: At Properties

Rich maple cabinets and mirrored closet doors add a classy, executive room to your master closet.


Image: At Properties

Teak cabinets and glass doors contribute to an open, sophisticated closet system.


Image: At Properties

Maple shelves, plus an island contribute to an elegant closet, along with mirrored walls and a door.


Image: At Properties

Checkered seating and open windows contributes to a pleasantly open and cabin style closet- while white furnishings play off well with the ample natural lighting provided.