20 Luxurious Bedrooms That’ll Make You Sleep Like Royalty

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a bedroom that is beautiful, comfortable and offers everything you need? A bedroom’s design depends on the lifestyle of the person who owns it and it may also reflect the owner’s economic standing and personality. Expect to see luxurious bedrooms for those well-to-do families and those who are famous in their own countries. But you really don’t have to be a somebody to get a luxurious bedroom design. Sometimes, you just have to be creative! If you are currently looking for luxurious bedroom interior design ideas, then this is the list you are looking for!


If purple is your favorite color and classic sophistication is your style, then this is the bedroom of your dreams! Image Source: Maher Ayazera


Without the elegant wall decors and other intricate details all over the bedroom, this would look simple. But with all those details, it sure is very astounding! Image Source: Noel Diaz


Brown doesn’t look dull at all especially with the right lighting, decors and color accents. Image Source: bizkong


I know you want a Jacuzzi in your bedroom just like this modern private space. Image Source: Semsa


A canopy for the bed always add that royal look to the bedroom. It looks even more elegant with the gold colors in it. Image Source: Luis Acebedo Interiors


A contemporary bedroom can look luxurious too. That wooden canopy bed and the lights in it made all the difference. Image Source: Adapt Studios


You can go simple with white and then play with patterns in black and white just like this bedroom! It turned out very luxurious too! Image Source: Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech


Black furniture with silver trimmings are luxurious features of this bedroom. I guess this one is very expensive but you can copy this too with a cheaper alternative. Image Source: Paradise Carpets and Furniture


Black and white is the combination that never fails! And it would look great even for a bedroom with a luxurious feel. Image Source: Zigshot82


Circles are the motif of this bedroom which we can see on the walls and bedding set but it did not overdo it to avoid a crowded look. Image Source: Tankq77


Now talk about “luxurious”! Well, this bedroom tells us everything about that word! Image Source: rodbrenz


Using mirrors for the headboard expands the look of the space especially that it was also used for the ceiling. I know you love that tufted bench, the circles of the area rug and the intricate floral design on the wall. Image Source: Elftug


A modern bedroom has that abstract design that made it all look stunning. Image Source: Sawaya & Moroni


This is the ideal bedroom of most people who would want to get into a luxurious sleeping hub. Image Source: Tankq77


One classy and sophisticated bedroom in white, cream and some black accents. Talk about contrast! Image Source: Kasrawy


Intricate elements are most likely there when you are talking about a luxurious bedroom. Note the combination of textures here. Image Source: Zgsally


This bedroom is fit for a man because of its black furniture. The light under the bed added to its floating appeal. Image Source:Avetex Furniture


Shades of pink and brown were combined in this bedroom that has a very sophisticated design. Any female would love to have a bedroom like this! Image Source: acen


Another bedroom that would fit for man but would also be great as a masters bedroom. Its wooden elements stand out is really beautiful! Image Source: Arnold Schulman Design Group


The ceiling, headboard, carpet, colors and every single thing in this bedroom is something we all want to have! Image Source:Jaxpc

You might look think your bedroom is dull after seeing these luxurious designs! But you don’t have to because you can actually add some sophisticated features to your space too. If you are a DIYer and have that creative mind, then you can copy some decors in the bedrooms above and alleviate the look of your bedroom! Well, who doesn’t want to sleep in a bedroom as sophisticated as the ones above? We all do!