20 Luxurious White Master Bedrooms Designs

White is often thought of as a bland color. But as these white master bedrooms demonstrate, sometimes white can work very well when it comes to creating a luxurious atmosphere.


Image: Laura Umansky

This beautiful, contemporary living room uses graceful glass and metal fixtures to set the scene. Note the Henry ghost chair. There is potential for contrast, note the mauve, Manhattan curtains and how they play well off of the bedding and decor.


Image: Lang Lequang

This contemporary living room features reclaimed oak furniture and a low set, Lang Le Quang bed, to set the scene. Paired with a low mantle fireplace, it’s comfortable, classy and takes great advantage of the wide space available.


Image: Connell Building Company

This gorgeous master bedroom features dark paneled walls, which contrasts nicely with the rest of the room. Mahogany furnishings- including a pair of reproduction end tables- contribute towards a mature, executive atmosphere.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

This gorgeous, light filled living room features a soft cream and white heavy color scheme. A draping, canopy bed paired with a low, sofa like ottoman, sets the scene.


Image: The Corcoran Group

This contemporary living room uses sleek lines and bright colors to set the scene. Birch flooring expertly reflects natural lighting, while a sleek, minimalist fireplace adds an element of class to this breezy bedroom.


Image: Fougeron Architecture

This modern living room uses sleek, minimalist lines and glass walling to turn this urban penthouse into a contemporary wonderland.


Image: MIG Furniture

This master bedroom is all about the bed and what a bed it is. A Janni White bed, its sleek lines and minimalist vinyl frame help characterize the rest of the room. Birch flooring ensures that the ample lighting throughout the room is put to good use.


Image: Majo Mansour

This luxurious living rom does everything right. From a regal, vinyl backed queen bed, to simple, vintage Victorian style furniture, it’s the living room to help you feel like royalty.


Image: Iris Furniture

This living room makes good use of modular designs and art deco decor to create a conversation inspiring, contrast heavy space.


Image: Lang Lequang

Featuring an L shaped vinyl sofa, this living room is practically an entertaining space in itself. There’s a subtle, modern fireplace, and enough contrast to add dynamic interest to this room.


Image: Patrick Russell

With wide windows and minimalist furniture, this master bedroom is the ultimate in contemporary luxury. Take note of that entertainment center, for starters. There’s no wasted space, just sleek lines and a good use of natural lighting.


Image: Matt Fernandez and Doug Simone

This wide, urban penthouse bedroom features dynamic contrasts and light, minimalist furniture. With glass walls, there’s an amazing view and plenty of natural lighting, all while this living room makes perfect use of its birch flooring and art deco decor.


Image: DKOR Interiors

This master bedroom offers sleek lines and an elegant contrast between white bedding and walls, against mahogany frames and furniture.


Image: Anthony Michael

With wide windows and draping, Manhattan style curtains, this luxurious living room says a lot, even without a lot of space to spare.


Image: Lang Lequang

With dynamic lighting and art deco decor, this L shaped master bedroom makes great use of its primarily white color scheme without it feeling bland.


Image: MIG Furniture

This master bedroom features sleek, minimalist furniture and sharp, well placed splashes of contrast (notice those ebony framed end tables and mirrors) to create a dynamic, appealing space.


Image: The Corcoran Group

With elegant, timeless furniture, this master bedroom features a soft color scheme and soft, rippled flooring.


Image: Iris Furniture

This contemporary master bedroom features sleek, curving furniture and sharp contrast to contribute to its futuristic, five star appeal.


Image: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

With rich, mahogany flooring, this living room isn’t as white heavy as the other examples we have here but nonetheless, it succeeds at creating a rich, simple contemporay space.


Image: David Collins

With reclaimed flooring and plenty of midnight blues splashed throughout, this gorgeous living room is a perfect example of modern luxury.

With the right touches, even a predominately white color scheme can make any master bed room shine.