20 Must Have Living Room Architectural Details


Image: The Corcoran Group

Architectural details turn ordinary spaces into marvelous, unforgettable rooms that leave a lasting impression on guests. If you’re looking for a way to wow your visitors with your classic style and keen eye for design, one of the best ways you can do so is by introducing architectural details into your living room decor. Even if you have a plain, boxy living room, you can spruce it up with texture and stunning details without demolishing your space and starting from scratch. Sometimes adding detail is as easy as hanging corrugated tin on your ceiling. So, if you’re looking for ways to add fantastic features to your living room, take a gander at these gorgeous photos.


Image: Braswell Architecture

Rustic cross beams don’t have to be part of your original architecture. You can create this look easily with reclaimed wood or another lighter material that looks like wood.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Add an industrial flair to your space by exposing your ceiling and adding columns to your living room.


Image: Kathleen Bost

Beautiful crown molding can be easily added to any room to create a classic, sophisticated look. Adding trim is pretty inexpensive, too.


Image: David Scott

Even if you don’t have a fancy round room like this one in your house, you can add interest and flair to your space by selecting unique finishes like the chandelier shown here.


Image: Terrene Homes

Make any room feel grand with the addition of wainscoting and wood trim. Adding wood trim is an easy way to make a room appear like it’s been built with built-in beams.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Exposed ceiling beams add a great deal of architectural interest to living spaces. You can get this look by raising your ceiling to expose your existing beams or with the addition of faux beams.


Image: Horst Architects

Tongue-and-groove wood paneling can be used anywhere in your living room. Here, it is used to draw attention to the majestic vaulted ceiling.


Image:Architects Clayton & Little

Even if you don’t have clearance for a vaulted ceiling, you can raise your ceiling as much as your pitched roof will allow. This look is also great for finished attic spaces.


Image: Jan Gleysteen Architects inc.

Domed ceilings are majestic. While it might take an extensive remodel to get this look, you won’t regret it.



Covering a ceiling with reclaimed wood adds a rustic touch to your living room and makes it feel oh-so warm and inviting.


Image:Clark Gaynor Interiors

Tray ceilings are a great architectural detail that can be added to any home, provided the ceilings are tall enough.


Image: E.B. Mahoney Builders

Putting a unique twist on arched doorways, the designer of this space cleverly uses lines to create interest in this modern living room.


Image:Dalius & Greta Design

The unusual and imposing light fixture in this living room adds a stunning touch to its gorgeous decor.


Image:ablik Enterprises

Not only are skylights beautiful, they allow lots of natural light to spill into a space, which makes the room feel bright and airy.


Image: Beard + Riser Architects

Adding a unique feature, such as the aluminum ceiling in this room, puts a personal touch on your living room.


Image: CRISP Architects

Bead-board, used on the ceiling and as wainscoting in this room, adds a lot of texture and visual interest to your decor.


Image:Richard Bubnowski Design

Built-in shelves and cabinets make any room feel more substantial and enduring. In this formal living room, the built-ins are simply gorgeous.


Image: D’ Apostrophe

Beautiful and alluring, tray ceilings add architectural detail and a sophisticated touch to any living room.


Image:Shelter Interiors

By adding wooden paneling to your living room, you can create an aesthetically pleasing, custom look.



Simply stunning, exposed brick adds a certain charm to any living space. You can recreate this look even if you don’t have brick walls.

Adding architectural detail to your living room doesn’t have to be difficult. By choosing unique materials or by using old materials in a unique way, you can add visual interest to your space and create a look that your guests will be talking about for years.