20 One of a Kind Living Room Coffee Tables

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Good design is in the details. In fact, one or two carefully selected pieces could make or break your overall design plan. When it comes to the living room, there are lots of choices to make. From furnishings and wall coverings to lamps and accessories, there are a lot of design elements that you need to include in your living room decor.

However, most people tend to forget about one very important item — the coffee table. Located on prime real estate in the living room, the center table is one of the first things your guests see and it literally takes center stage in your room. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your living room/family room unforgettable, choose a unique coffee table.

ottoman table

Image: I.O. Metro

This gorgeous ottoman serves double duty as a convenient, fashionable coffee table.

see through table

Image: Charles Luck Stone Center

Intriguing and lovely, this table —  constructed completely with glass — possesses clean lines and a unique shape that really sets it apart from other tables.

modern table

Image: Design Loft Interiors

These matching coffee tables add a touch of glamour to this living room. Cleverly crafted with a mirror surface, these tables are truly astounding.

simple table

Image: Cynthia Lynn

This delicate metal-and-glass table keeps things simple. By choosing an understated table, the designer of this small multi-purpose room opens up the area and prevents it from feeling overcrowded.

wicker style table

Image: Habitat

Gorgeous and beautiful, this elegantly crafted table features an intricate base constructed from dozens of delicate slats.

carved wood table

Image: M. J. Lanphier Interior Design

Expertly hand carved, this solid wood table has an imposing presence, making it the first thing you see when you walk into the room.

round center table

Image: The Exuberant Home | Cynthia Mason Interiors

Traditional and elegant, this circular coffee table beautifully anchors the decor in this lovely living room.

padded coffee table

Image: Tara Seawright Inc. | Interior Design

Enticing and intriguing, this wicker coffee table adds texture to this living room, making it feel warm and inviting.

glass coffee table

Image: Rikki Snyder

Modern in design, this triangular coffee table features a dramatic wooden base and glass top. The shape and design of this gorgeous table works very well in this small living room.

glass table

Image: Brookfield Homes

Crafted with painted driftwood, this artisan coffee table possesses a lovely glass top, which lends the piece a delicate, classic look.

center table cart

Image: Insidesign

This exquisite cart serves as the coffee table for this room and gives it a rustic, country appeal. Re-purposing old items to be used as furniture is just one way people are personalizing their space these days.

artsy coffee table

Image: Lizette Marie Interior Design

Molded to look like the base of a majestic tree, this resin table is the crowning jewel of this living room and, perhaps, the whole house.

storage center table

Image: Leanne McKeachie Design

Constructed with aged wood, this sturdy coffee table looks old, but its modern lines make it perfect for modern design.

salvaged wood furniture

Image: Kitchenlab | Rebekah Zaveloff interiors

Salvaged wood makes beautiful furniture like this striking coffee table, which serves as the highlight of this casual living room.

wooden storage chest

Image: Twenty One Two

Polished and modern, this sophisticated center table is also a chest that can be used for storing items, such as blankets and pillows.

small coffee table

Image: Jane Ellison

These enchanting, Moroccan-inspired accent tables are used together in this space as a trendy and chic coffee table.

Moroccan coffee table

Image: Interiors Matter | Marc Goldberg

Beautiful and intricately designed, these accent tables can be easily moved when necessary, which makes this small living room highly functional.

ornate coffee table

Image: Shelter Interiors LLC

Beautifully constructed from brass, this contemporary table also has a mirrored top, which gives the piece a luxurious look.

modern center table

Image: Restore 818

Innovative and unique, these center tables are perfect for this simply furnished living room.

traditional coffee table

Image: Fluegge Interior Design, Inc.

Traditionally crafted with massive, carved legs, this regal coffee table makes this room feel sophisticated and dignified.

Don’t forget to choose your coffee table carefully the next time you revamp your living room. This integral piece of furniture presents loads of opportunity to personalize your space, make a statement, or just leave people wondering. Whatever your goals are, there’s no doubt that you will have fun choosing your next center table.