20 Opulent Traditional Dining Rooms

Traditional Dining Rooms

In today’s on-the-go culture, many meals are eaten in front of the TV, in the car, at the office – and in a rush.  Having a space in your home to share a meal with friends or family can help you put aside the everyday hustle and bustle to enjoy a more traditional dining experience.  Here are twenty gorgeous wood dining table designs in classical styles to inspire a return to enjoying a meal for a meal’s sake.


Image: ytsejeffx

The beautiful autumn colors, along with the rich curtains and chandelier, give traditional touches to this modern design.


Image: nawaitsa

The brick facade and twin angel light fixtures lend an elaborate and romantic air to this design.


Image: gobz81

This elaborate dining set is the perfect companion for the Victorian style living room that shares the space.


Image: sentido

The lovely black and white contrast on the doors and ceiling lends some wonderful detail to this bright room.


Image: Orange.n.Green

Here’s a more modern take on the traditional dining space, complete with wall accents and a beautiful view.


Image: deguff

The wood paneling, striped wallpaper, and classical paintings make this a stately place to dine with companions.


Image: Scrapler

The singular use of light colors in this dining room design creates a crisp, clean look that’s easy to light day or night.


Image: Keita Turner

Here the gleam of the polished wood table, chairs, and chest of drawers complement the red-orange of the walls and carpet.


Image: Zava Interiors

A glass cabinet to display china, curios, or other favorite items makes an interesting classical addition to a dining room.


Image: Amanda Burdge, AB HOME Interiors

In today’s decor trends, it’s easy to find upholstered dining room chairs that are just as comfortable as living room furniture, such as the ones shown here.


Image: Beth Paparone

This room takes the occupants back to the Baroque era with an opulent painted fresco.


Image: Crisp Architects

Here’s a design for those who enjoy clean, straight lines and angles in the dining area.


Image: von Hemert Interiors

An ornate rug looks wonderful underneath a dining table and chairs.


Image: John Hall Homes

A combination of wood and upholstery is another excellent look for a set of dining chairs, providing class and comfort.


Image: Stonewood, LLC

This room combines a simple color scheme with a fine view for guests to enjoy.


Image: Marlene Wangenheim AKBD, CAPS, Allied Member ASID

If you look carefully, you’ll notice a pair of French doors are the entryway for this light and welcoming design.


Image: Paula Grace Designs, Inc.

A chandelier looks dazzling, especially when it’s accented with a rounded mount on a ceiling painted an individual color.


Image: Jill Wolff Interior Design

The light fixtures on the far wall combined with the overhead lighting make this a bright, cheerful place to share a meal at any time of day.


Image: Janie K. Hirsch, ASID

Here’s a simple yet elegant design that would work well in any type of home.


Image: Gardella Furniture

Here’s a style combining several traditional dining room elements: a chandelier, a china cabinet, and oval-backed chairs.

While you may not choose to decorate your home in the classical opulent style, let these incredible designs serve to remind you of a time when the dining experience was meant to be shared and savored.  Consider creating a dining area in your own home to encourage the enjoyment of food, and more importantly, the enjoyment of companionship.