20 Posh Living Rooms with Dramatic, Vaulted Ceilings

Exquisitely designed, dramatic vaulted ceilings add architectural detail and a certain wow factor that’s necessary to create a luxurious, posh living room. And when it comes to luxury, these spaces are without equal. From the fine furnishings to the smallest of details, these posh spaces are simply divine.


Image: Realty Restoration, LLC

The high ceiling and extravagant lighting fixtures take this swank living room to a whole new level. Floor-to-ceiling windows add architectural detail and allow lots of natural light to flood the space.


Image: Howells Architecture + Design, LLC

This modern marvel is an architectural dream. Complete with a vaulted ceiling and an overlook on the second floor, this luxurious living room is larger than life.


Image: Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty

Open and spacious, this heavenly living room features modern furnishings with clean lines, which serve to complement the architectural design of this space.


Image: La Tour Design

Grand and imposing, this unbelievably gorgeous living room soars to the top of the second floor. Richly finished exposed ceiling beams draw the eye up to the breathtaking ceiling.


Image: Cullum Homes and Renovations

Fit for a queen, this luxurious living space boasts expertly and intricately crafted woodwork, which lends the vaulted ceiling a dramatic look.


Image: Homes by Design

An elegant coffered ceiling is the focal point of this upscale living room. The similarly painted woodwork found around the windows and on the trim pays tribute to the exquisite design of the ceiling.


Image: Rey Hernandez Interior Design

Stunning windows add visual interest and a unique look to this sophisticated living room. What’s more, they allow lots of natural light into the room, which gives the space an open, airy feel.


Image: Markay Johnson Construction

Using an accent color on a vaulted ceiling is a great way to draw attention to the beautiful architectural detail of any space.


Image: Markay Johnson Construction

A staggering two stories high, this soaring living room features intricate and lavish furnishings which are complemented by the grand beams on the ceiling.


Image: DrewettWorks

The stonework surrounding the fireplace extends to the ceiling in this sumptuous living space, which makes the space feel larger than life.


Image: Markay Johnson Construction

Dazzling marble floors and rich woodwork set the tone for this extravagant living room while the crown-molded ceiling serves as the icing on this very decadent, delicious space.


Image: Siemasko + Verbridge

Rich walnut window casements add detail and visual interest to this space and make you oh-so aware of how tall the ceilings really are.


Image: Linda Ashley Interior Decoration, Inc

Full of interesting detail and touched by architectural genius, this modern living room takes advantage of vertical space at every opportunity.


Image: Cullum Homes and Renovations

Passionate and bold, the red tiled floor gives this room a striking appearance while the classically designed columns draw the eye upward.


Image: Staprans Design

This small, cleverly designed space is made to feel larger by the glorious vaulted ceiling. A unique, chrome fireplace is the crown jewel of this living room.


Image: H O M E + atelier Michael Ranson

Sleek and modern, this room possesses a retro vibe, which is enhanced by the woodwork and high ceiling.


Image: Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty

Exposed rafters turn this common vaulted ceiling into a sensational design element that you can’t take your eyes off of.


Image: Ryan Street & Associates

Equipped with a large skylight, this ceiling makes this stylish living room feel enormous. The fireplace and sensational built-ins keep the space grounded.


Image: Villwock Interiors

The high ceiling and marvelous balcony are the greatest features in this luxuriously swank living room. Notice how the lines of the balcony are mirrored in the shape and placement of the furniture.


Image: V.I.Photography & Design

Opulence at its finest, this space is crowned by an exquisite ceiling adorned with extravagant chandeliers.

As you can see, a vaulted ceiling adds grandeur and opulence to any living space. And the more architectural detail there is, the better. Sometimes all it takes is a few exposed beams to take a vaulted ceiling from ordinary to extraordinary. So, if you’ve been looking for ways to embellish your formal living room, look to the ceiling. You’d be surprised by how much a few changes transforms the¬†whole space.