20 Refreshing Green Living Room Designs

Green Living Rooms

Using an earth tone like green in interior decor brings a touch of nature into your living room.  Green looks especially beautiful when paired with other muted colors, or when used sparingly such as on a single wall or a large piece of furniture.  Here are twenty wonderful green living room designs that utilize this color as an accent. Enjoy!


Image: Tobi Fairley Interior Design

The bright green touches on the arm chairs, accent pillows, and lamps look lovely against the white, muted yellows, and vibrant sunburst on the wall.


Image: Seattle Staged To Sell

Painting adjacent walls in different shades is always a great way to give a room character.  Here the single wall painted in green gives the room added depth.


Image: Jim Courtney

This sunny spring-green paint will light this design up even after the dark of nightfall.


Image: Borden Interiors & Associates

The bright Kelly green of the carpet, side table, and single wall make the room glow with life.


Image: Barbara Schaver

Hunter green is a good choice for a more subdued and studious look.


Image: Gacek Design

The two-toned carpet with white accents on a green background contrasts perfectly with the opposite white and green balance on the sofa.


Image: Riehl Designs, Inc.

The many different shades of green between the paint, sofa print, footstools, and mantlepiece art give this room a diverse, adventurous look.


Image: Cecile Lozano Interiors

This room, with it’s patio on one side and large windows on the other, makes the most of the green both inside and out.  The orange flowers and matching accents provide another natural touch of color.


Image: Barker O’Donoghue

The green walls paired with the white closet doors and pillar accents are simply breathtaking.


Image: Inform Interiors

This beautiful willow tree wall installation truly brings the green of nature indoors.


Image: Willey Design LLC

You might not think to combine spring green with powder blue, but as you can see here they complement each other very nicely.


Image: Sara Ingrassia Interiors

The pale green perfectly fills out this spacious living room design.


Image: Joni Koenig Interiors

A comfortable cushioned bench with storage space underneath is the focal point of this green-themed scene.


Image: Shytakun

The red of the roses and the woman’s hair in the portrait pop out elegantly against the green tones of the room’s walls and rug.


Image: Zigshot82

Here’s a unique twist on adjacent walls in different tones – solid paint on one wall, and stripes in a separate shade of green on the other.


Image: NGO Design

This elegant and simple design would look wonderful in a variety of colors; green is a soothing choice.


Image: Semsa

This ultra-modern look wouldn’t be complete without the Kelly green chairs and shelf.


Image: DrewBrand

The green and white of this room create a wonderful relaxing atmosphere, especially when viewed against the greenery outside of the window.


Image: GorgeB

This awesome sunken living room design looks excellent with a touch of green on the far wall, as well as the natural green of assorted houseplants.


Image: Evilwata

The white stripes on this green wall create a distinguished look that complements the linear design of the rest of the room.

As you can see, green always looks excellent when paired with simple colors like brown and white, but you can also get adventurous with some brighter contrasting color choices.  Whatever you choose, and however you use green in your space, it will bring an atmosphere of peace and serenity to any room.  Use these photos as inspiration to create your own relaxing green living room designs.