20 Striking Living Rooms in Blue, Black, White, and Yellow

Living Room Mix Colos

Good use of color is vital to making the most out of an interior space.  If you’ve looked over color trends in recent years, you’ve probably noticed the use of contrasting colors to give a space character.  You might think of the monotones of black and white or the brighter colors of blue and yellow, but you may never have realized what kinds of magic can happen when all four of these colors are combined.  Take a look at the twenty living room arrangements below to see how this combo can make a room pop with vibrancy.


Image: Tom Stringer Design Partners

Natural light has been used to great advantage here to emphasize the darker hues of the blue in the furniture and the black coffee table.  The sunflowers are a great touch also!


Image: Vintage Scout Interiors

The zigzag rug in black and white is a great contrast against the solid colors of the sofa, especially when seen through the clear glass of the table.


Image: Savvy Interiors

Painting adjacent walls in different colors always creates a beautiful look, especially with well-chosen hues like these.  The faux blinds provide a classy accent.


Image: Treoma Design

Don’t be afraid to put your lightest colors on the floor in the form of rugs or carpeting – this is the kind of bright, cheerful result you’ll get.


Image: Atmosphere Interior Design

The black and white Asian-inspired scenic printing on the complimenting chairs really completes this lovely look.


Image: Mint Home Decor

Sometimes small splashes of color can make the biggest impression, as with the yellow tints on the accent pillows and lamp in this room.


Image: Abbe Fenimore – Studio Ten 25

Yellow flowers such as the ones used here can also be used effectively in this splash-of-color technique.  The blue accent pillows also stand out against the monotones in majority.


Image: UNDERground | Design Architecture Invention

Mustard yellow like the shade on this armchair is always a good choice, especially if you’re not a fan of bright colors and prefer more subdued hues.


Image: Amanda Nisbet Design

A piece of modern art in the same color scheme as the furniture is a great way to make the look come together.


Image: Derrel Parker

The bright yellow of the wall combined with the gorgeous blue tiles of the fireplace look wonderful as the backdrop of this traditional art collection.


Image: Total360

This is a sure-fire win every time – two colors in primary on one piece of furniture and as accents on another.


Image: Klang & Associates Interior Design

The blue and white swirls on the accent pillows are definitely the focal point here, helping to subdue the yellows used in the background and in the lamps and tables.


Image: DSI Entertainment Systems

The blue in-wall lighting gives this room added color and an awesome futuristic look.


Image: Hill Construction Company

What an inviting place to have a get-together!  The four printed chairs display the four colors of this scheme with just enough contrast to create a sense of unity.


Image: DesignHAUS 24

This room is a great example of how different shades of the principle colors can be used effectively.  There are many different blue tones used, but the effect is peaceful rather than jarring.


Image: Rachel Reider Interiors

Solid-color furniture and a printed carpet make for an exciting yet cohesive look.


Image: Andrea Schumacher Interiors

This room throws some steel gray into the blue-black-white-yellow mix, with excellent results.  Note also the way yellow is tied in with light in this layout.


Image: B Design Home

The bright yellow hues of the art give just the right splash to this otherwise subdued variant on the four-color scheme.


Image: Busybee Homestore & Design Center

Black and yellow provide the most striking contrast of the four tones used in these rooms, and the rug brings that out well in this arrangement.


Image: S&K Interiors

Soft, almost pastel hues look wonderful against the natural wood of this interior.

You may never have considered combining this particular quartet of colors – until now!  The blue-black-white-yellow combo is taking off in home decor, and with good reason as this photo collection can attest.  A winning combination like this one offers endless possibilities when choosing furniture, paint, carpeting, and accents.  Enjoy coming up with your own great looks!