20 Stunning Bedrooms with Wooden Wall Panels

Enchanting and warm, wooden accents, like wooden wall panels, add charm and a rustic, endearing quality to any room. This is especially true when it comes to the bedroom. From modern and contemporary to country and rustic decors, wood wall paneling adds a unique element of style that is both captivating and mesmerizing.

If you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate wood into your bedroom decor, why not create a wooden accent wall? Doing so will add warmth, comfort and character to your space. From bead board to tongue-and-groove paneling, there are many options when it comes to wood walls. If you don’t know where to start, look at these rooms for ideas that you can use in your own home.

silk rug

Image: Happy Irena

Most people shy away from traditional wood paneling. However, by painting the paneling white and cream, this designer makes wood paneling modern and current once again.

green headboard

Image: Axis Mundi

Not only does this wall stylishly hide loads of storage space, it serves as a stunning accent wall for this contemporary bedroom.

whitewashed wood

Image: Kate Davidson Design Inc.

Gorgeous, wide-planked knotted pine has been whitewashed and hung horizontally in this lovely, rustic bedroom.

red pillows

Image: Groundswell Design Group, LLC

This beautiful day bed is made ravishing by the rich, wooden wall accent behind it. Constructed from several types of salvaged wood, this stunning wall serves as the focal point of this cozy space.

rustic wood

Image: Xmstudio

Rustic and charming, this spacious bedroom features hard wood floors and an exquisite wooden accent wall.

wood tiles

Image: Uglyanitsa Alexander

Hand-cut blocks of wood have been expertly fitted together to form a stunning accent wall for this glamorous bedroom.

hard wood floors

Image: Artem Evstigneev

Don’t be afraid to use too much wood. Cleverly designed with wood floors and wood paneled walls, this room is extremely beautiful.

sky light

Image: Stanislav Ermolenko

You can also use wood to draw attention to unique architectural detail in your space as seen here in this alluring bedroom.

salvaged wood

Image: Crystal Ann Norris

Rough, salvaged wood has been used to create a breathtaking accent wall in this country-inspired bedroom, which makes the room feel homey and inviting.

padded headboard

Image: Uglyanitsa Alexander

Elegantly crafted from bark, this unique accent wall serves as the focal point in this handsome room which features lots of wooden details.

bead board wall

Image: Dyna Contracting

All the wood in your bedroom doesn’t have to match as proven by this lovely, enticing bedroom. Featuring at least three types of wood, this bedroom decor is cohesive throughout.

wood accent wall

Image: Terra Firma Home

Featuring a gorgeous wooden accent behind the bed, this smartly designed bedroom also has stunning hardwood floors.

gray blanket

Image: Capital Building

Resplendent in gray and white, this charming space possesses a lovely accent wall that matches the flooring.

modern architecture

Image: John Maniscalco Architecture

Don’t let windows stand in your way of creating a perfect wooden accent wall for your room. Simply incorporate it into the design like the designer has done in this handsome bedroom.

cream area rug

Image: Imagine Living

Rustic yet sophisticated, this elegant room features wood wall paneling throughout. Warm wood furnishings add additional charm and character to the space.

platform bed

Image: Happy Irena

Gorgeous hardwood floors along with coordinating wall paneling transforms this modern room into a warm, comfortable haven.

wooden wall panels

Image: Cornerstone Architects

A richly-colored wooden accent wall is the crowning jewel of this refined contemporary bedroom. A custom bed and side tables complete the look.

pendant lighting

Image: Olesya Kubiv

An exquisite walnut accent wall makes this plush room feel truly glamorous. Complete with lush bedding and a deep-pile rug, this luxurious space feels extravagant.

wooden ceiling

Image: Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Wooden accents on the ceiling tie the decor of this space together and draw the eye up to the intriguing architectural detail of the room.

shear curtains

Image: Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design

Luxurious furnishings make this handsome room extremely comfy and cozy while the rustic wooden accent wall lends it character.

Whether you cover all the walls in your bedroom or just a small portion of them, you can’t go wrong with wooden wall panels. Accent walls, wainscoting, trim and other architectural details can all be crafted from wood. You just have to know where to start. And these rooms are full of inspiring ideas that you can adopt for your own.