20 Stunning Dream Bathroom Designs

Luxury Bathroom Designs

The bathroom, for some, is just a simple space wherein function is more important than aesthetics. But that shouldn’t be the case. It has to be treated the same way as you treat other areas of the house. It has to be well decorated too and it should also reflect your personality, create an ambiance and look in coherence with the other areas of the house. You can always be creative with your bathrooms. As a matter of fact, you can give your luxury bathroom designs a stunning look that will make you feel like staying in that area for a long time. I know you wonder how this would happen but once you see the bathroom designs below, you will understand what I mean by bearing that want to stay in a bathroom for some time.


That bath tub is very beautiful with a tufted design in white. Oh, it reminds me of my dream bench! All the other elements in the bathroom has golds and silvers that make it shimmer in style. Image Source: Lineatre


Get a Zen feel with a bathroom like this one. Who will not feel relaxed when you are in here? Image Source: Smart Interiors


Adding a green part for this bathroom indulge it in a more natural feel especially with the wooden elements and the spill of natural light. Image Source: Koyamenz


Don’t be afraid to add some patterns on the walls using patterned ceramic tiles. It look really nice. Image Source: Vera Neborak


A beautiful bathroom with whites and wood combination. Adding some plants in it give it the magic of nature.Image Source: Davidg1230


I love the tile work of this bathroom. It has pretty combinations of tile prints and mosaic tiles. Image Source: Ruslan Rusu


Oh this one looks very serene with an indoor bathroom garden. Who would have thought of adding one like this? Image Source: xcEmUx


Nothing beats the feeling of being soaked in especially if the tub is leveled with the floor like this. Image Source: Jinkazamah


Adding some decorative curtains and some red accents give some pop of style in this contemporary bathroom. Image Source: Olga Fishing


A luxurious bathroom with black, green and silver combinations. Just look at the bath tub and vanity, very sophisticated indeed! Image Source: Lineatre


Stripes for one wall and mosaic tiles for the other walls. Who said it would look noisy? It sure didn’t! Image Source: Anna Teklyuk


This bathroom with an amazing lighting would make one feel very much relaxed especially with a spa area inside here too. The candles bring a romantic and dramatic feel.Image Source: Moma Design


A wall mural of leaves would add the softness of nature into any space just like this bathroom. Image Source: Nina Krasiuk


I like the neat look of this bathroom using wood, white and glass materials for the shower area. Image Source: Marcin Pajak


Charming bathroom area with decorative mirrors and pretty wall decors! Of course, it is the lavender wall that made all the difference. Image Source: Natalia Serebriakova


Look at this black and white bathroom! There are textures on one side of the wall and built-in shelving on one side. Image Source: Nina Romaniuk


If you can’t bring in real flowers and plants in the bathroom, a wall mural would do the job. Pretty colors here too! Image Source: Catherine Kluskina


The letters on the wall are so cute giving it an artistic touch. Pretty modern bathroom indeed! Image Source: Moma Design


Floral ceramic wall on one area and mosaic tiles for the tub- who wouldn’t be captivated with a bathroom like this? Image Source: Olesya Kubiv


An Asian bathroom could be a good option too. Could you spot the Asian-inspired elements in here? Image Source: Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

You can design your bathroom in whatever way you want. You can see that each space has their own personality which goes well with those of the owners. But one thing is in common to all the spaces, they all look stunning and each one of them is a dream bathroom for some people. Can you tell me which one is your favorite?