20 Stunning Residential Wine Cellars Design Ideas

Attention, winos. Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’ve either got a fairly impressive bottle collection or you’re thinking about starting one. Well look no further. Even the humble wine cellar can be as classy as the glass of red you’re having with your fillet mignon. Read on to discover some of our favorite 5 star wine cellars to give yourself a little inspiration.


Image: Jeremy Locke

This contemporary wine cellar cooling unit utilizes glass walls and rich mahogany wall and ceiling paneling to bring the cellar into the center of the home. It’s a rich, inviting space, perfect for displaying this expansive vintage collection.


Image: doron dreksler

This modern custom wine cellar works either on its own or incorporated into your living room. Rich oak shelving provides plenty of display space. Cobbled walling provides an intimate, cozy atmosphere. An oak table with marble legs adds an especially nice touch to this wine cellar.


Image: Barbara Gilbert

For the budding wine sommelier, here’s an especially notable wine cellar rack. The brick walls and table legs are reminiscent of Mediterranean style wine cellars. Handsome mahogany and glass cabinets effectively store each bottle of wine, while proudly displaying them. A polished granite table provides a gathering space to meet with friends and sample the wares.


Image: Home Stratosphere

This wine cellar is especially notable, drawing inspiration from traditional European designs. Take notice of that beautiful table- supported by barrels, it provides a unique, yet traditional appeal. The wrought iron wine rack is nothing to sneeze at either- providing a handy space to display favorite bottles.


Image: Locati Architects

This beautiful, medieval style wine cellar provides a gorgeous, open space for displaying wine. We’ve got glass doors, which provide a seamless transition between this ornate seating area (hello dining room) and the wine collection. The bricked walls are an especially nice touch.


Image: SemelSnow

This wine cellar, on the other hand, takes inspiration from modern themes. Dynamic red, angled shelving provides an eye catching space worthy of displaying your favorite wines. We’ve got stacked displays to organize wines and low shelves for more subtle storage spaces.


Image: Barbara Gilbert


Image: Interior Decisions Inc

Providing ample shelf space, slim wooden racks ensure that every bottle you own is in easy reach and displayed beautifully. A polished granite countertop provides intimate seating space and grounds to test your wines.


Image: Pritzkat & Johnson Architects

Naturally set stone brick sets the scene in this European style wine cellar. Gentle marble tile plays off the birch counters and shelving nicely, while candles provide a classic atmosphere. We’ve even got the lights installed in a few of the shelves to display especially desirable wines.


Image: Lang Lequang

Angled shelves provide a unique way to display wines- especially handy if you’re keeping wines together by country of origin or type. Storage crates become a delightfully vintage and cost-effective means to display favorite wines.


Image: Omnia Group Architects

This wine cellar can either be a space of its own or be added onto any living room or dining room. Wrought iron doors keep the collection accessible while providing aesthetic appeal. Stacked shelves handily display each bottle. It’s out of the way and yet the collection is ready for entertaining.


Image: Morgan-Keefe Builders

This wine collection is a little more subtle. In fact, one could simply install a handy shelf, such as above, and it works well in any kitchen or dining room. With spackled walling and olive cabinets, this kitchen/wine cellar is especially appealing, bringing to mind a traditional French kitchen.


Image: CD Construction

This ultra modern living room manages to incorporate the wine cellar into the main part of the home. Minimalist metal shelving provides a handy space to prominently display each bottle of wine while the glass walling ensures that these bottles are by no means tucked out of sight.


Image: Joe Folsom

This European style wine cellar utilizes rich, earthy tiling and oak flooring to contribute to a warm, comfortable space. A wall rack gives each wine a day in the limelight, by allowing the bottle itself to do the talking. Reclaimed wood racks are an easy addition to any room, adding character and a rustic feeling to your wine cellar.


Image: Soloway Designs, Inc

This beautiful wine cellar has a lot of potential. We’ve got the glass door, for instance, which is highlighted by wrought iron floral piping, adding a graceful entry into this cellar. Birch shelves offer amble display space for showcasing your favorite wines.


Image: Joe Folsom

(Believe this picture is also the same wine cellar as entry #14- just wanted to give you a headsup. But it is a very nice cellar)


Image: Christopher Derrick

Oak shelving expertly displays your favorite wines. There’s stacked, angling shelving for when you’re looking to give special prominence to specific varieties, and narrower shelves to subtly store your favorites.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

This contemporary space makes good use of a strong contrast between charcoal tiling and birch shelving. Angled shelving fully displays and exhibits some of your favorite wines, while angled shelving helps keep favorite varieties together and all in one place.


Image: Dave Domeij & Associates

Marble flooring plays off well with rich, brown tiling. Oak shelving gives each bottle of wine and glass its own day in the limelight, while ample lighting highlights each bottle.


Image: Sun Valley Sotheby’s International Realty

Naturally set, stone bricks give this wine cellar a special character of its own. There’s individual lighting installed in each shelf, which ensures no bottle of wine is left in the dark. And don’t forget the table. You can either incorporate the dining room into the cellar or bring the wine collection into your home. As it is, this is a beautiful space to ensure that your love of wine is on full display.