20 Ultra-Chic Modern Living Room Designs

Pink Living Room

Long gone are the days of the ornate stuffy parlor.  Modern living rooms are airy, welcoming, and filled with accents and special touches that make the homeowner’s personality shine through.  Since your living room is where you’ll spend a majority of your waking hours at home, as well as being the first impression guests receive of your abode, you’ll want to make it comfortable and inviting yet bold and unique.  Here are twenty stellar examples of the chic modern living room.


Image: alvhemmakleri.se

The mix of stark simplicity in the furniture and the splashes of color in the wall art and rug make for a hip contrast in this design.


Image: Ligne Roset

The pop art and teddy bear sculptures round off the modern look of this candy-colored treat.


Image: alvhemmakleri.se

This design is a class act with its natural wood floor, muted hues, and bold wall art.


Image: GorgeB

This living room combines some of the best techniques of modern decor – decorative but functional shelving, striking black and white photography, colorful accent pillows, and traditional statuary.


Image: alvhemmakleri.se

This pink sofa is frankly adorable, and very inviting underneath a colorful library of reading material.


Image: The Lennoxx

The decorator here has made great use of this high ceiling at every level, from the floor decor to the elegant sofa to the brightly colored twin paintings to the glitter ball light fixture.


Image: alvhemmakleri.se

The sweet sentiments of the wall art make this room shine, but the selling point is the beautiful rounded fireplace in the corner.


Image: GorgeB

Mauve has never looked so good!  In spite of the large volume of natural light, the room remains relaxing due to its shadow-toned color scheme.


Image: alvhemmakleri.se

Lots of colorful accents and the birdcage-style light fixture make the white backdrop of this design look all the more crisp and warm.


Image: Wisteria

Here’s a gorgeous twist on the color-on-white theme – splashes of white, like the pillar-top wall art and horse sculpture, against a dark background.


Image: alvhemmakleri.se

The bright zigzag patterns of the rug and the two comfy-looking wooden chairs bring this look together.


Image: GAP Interiors

From the skull over the mantle of the gorgeous fireplace to the pop art and the shaggy ottoman, this room has personality plus!


Image: alvhemmakleri.se

Here’s a beautifully simple and peaceful look, complete with a modern-day rocking chair.


Image: BoConcept

The cool tones of the furniture against the serene beauty of the wall-turned-masterpiece make this design a dazzling winner.


Image: alvhemmakleri.se

The wheeled pallet coffee table brings a hint of days gone by to this relaxing modern design.


Image: Dwell Designs

The repetition of the pink, yellow, and blue motif throughout this design really makes it shine.


Image: alvhemmakleri.se

The original radiator brings a hint of old-fashioned charm to this studious modern setting.


Image: Mark Herron

The round golden vases are the focal point of this colorful and brightly-lit look.


Image: BoConcept

Here’s a stunning sample of the look you can get with the popular blue-black-white-yellow trend.


Image: Mark Herron

The middle piece of furniture acts as both a stylish table and a comfy ottoman, and could also seat more people at a large gathering.

Modern living room design offers endless opportunities for self-expression.  To avoid clutter, choose a few accent pieces that stand out and express your personality while keeping the room spacious and open.  You can use all kinds of color schemes to create different moods and feels.  Let these photos serve as an inspiration to you to create the living room of your dreams!