20 Upscale Living Rooms with Stunning Hardwood Floors

Not only are they gorgeous, hardwood floors are practical, economical, and good for the environment. What’s more, they never go out of style. And they last forever. In fact, some homes have beautiful hardwood floors that are hundreds of years old, and the floors just get better looking as each year passes. You can’t say that about carpet, laminate, or any other type of flooring. And when it comes to luxury, hardwood floors take the cake. Take a look at these swank living rooms.


Image: Jay Miller General Contractors, Inc.

Blond hardwood floors make this space feel light and airy. Lighter flooring colors are also ideal for modern and contemporary spaces.



The rich, golden tones of the cabinetry, window casements, and woodwork are mirrored in the hardwood floor of this grand living room, lending the space a cohesive aesthetic.


Image: Bismut & Bismut Architectes

Darkly stained hardwood floors are the focal point in this room. Notice that the designer didn’t stick to one color of wood either. There are at least three different finishes used in this casual living space.


Image: Haus Properties

An inlaid floor breaks up this open space and gives the seating area a warm, homey feel. Contrasted by stark white tile, this wood floor can’t help but be noticed.


Image: Domus Nova

Opulent and oh-so swank, this luxuriously finished room also boasts one of the most beautiful wood floors ever laid.


Image: The Design Practice by UBER

Wide rustic pine boards serve as the foundation for this stunning room. Any other type of hardwood flooring would have detracted from the rustic cabin feel of this living room.


Image: Portal Design Inc

Finished with a warm, honey-colored stain, these decadent hardwood floors are contrasted by darker woodwork found throughout the room.


Image: Mauricio Nava Design

Attractive and comfortable, this traditional living space is accented with sumptuous hardwood floors finished with a darker stain.


Image: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Although this living room has a dramatic vaulted ceiling, the dark hardwood floors are the crowning jewel of this space. Stained in rich walnut, these floors are exquisite.


Image: C Wright Design

Stately and regal, this room boasts gorgeous hardwood floors that peek out from around the edges of the elegant area rug.


Image: Magnolia Homes

Neutral furnishings combined with just a hint of extravagance, allow the floors of this luxurious living room to take center stage.


Image: Markalunas Architecture Group

This awe-inspiring log cabin possesses handsome hardwood floors that have been stained to match the rest of the natural wood found in the rustic space.


Image: Magnolia Homes

Contemporary in design, this modern living room features lightly stained hardwoods contrasted by darker woodwork throughout.



A truly decadent space, this living room features exquisite flooring and exemplary stonework. Fine furnishings and accessories complete the look.


Image: New Mood Design LLC

Finished with a blond stain, these hardwoods offer a great deal of texture and interest to this contemporary space.


Image: New Mood Design LLC

The designer of this modern space selected a subdued color palette to give these lovely hardwoods, found on both the floor and ceiling of this luxurious living room, a dramatic look.


Image: Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

Boasting a dramatic inlaid border, this unique hardwood floor adds visual interest and makes the space feel warm and inviting.


Image: Ryan Street & Associates

Sparsely furnished, this room’s greatest features are the beautiful hardwoods incorporated in the flooring and on the walls.


Image: Sophie Peckett Design

Beautifully embellished with colorful fabrics and ethereal window coverings, this living room features stunning hardwood floors.


Image: Nathalie Priem Photography

Inlaid patterns, like the one seen in the bottom left corner of this photo, add an extra design element to any room. They are also ideal for created zones within an open-concept living space.

There’s no doubt about it, hardwood floors are magnificent. While they may cost more to install initially, they are less expensive than other types of flooring in the long run. So, if you’re looking for a little something to transform your living room into a luxurious haven, think about installing hardwood floors.