204 Modern Living Room Styles That Will Sure Inspire

Modern Living Room Designs

So it’s time to design your dream living room. You’ve debated over what direction you want to take it. You’re leaning towards taking your living room in modern directions, but you’re still undecided. But we bet, by the time you’ve seen all 200+ of these gorgeous living room, you’ll be convinced that a modern living room design may be just what you need.

Whites, Creams and Browns: Oh My!


Image: 186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell

This beautiful living room and dining room combination by Gregg Mackell features a number of popular modern design features. We have refurbished and pressure treated furniture- including this gorgeous dining room table. This room is spacious and airy. Light colored furniture contributes to the open space provided. A cream colored facade around the fireplace adds some interest without being too loud. There’s even a pool, though we don’t expect every living room to include one. A rug helps pull in the living room seating area.


Image: Mark English Architects, AIA

The great thing about a modern living room is that they can be minimalist, without feeling under utilized. Seated around a hearty, stone fireplace, this seating area offers dynamic contrast and comfortable seating. A black throw rug gives this living room a centering point.


Image: Tess Bethune Interiors

Offering comfortable seating and ample shelf space, this living room creates a gentle room filled with blues and whites and oak wood flooring.


Image: Window World S.A.

This spacious modular living room and dining room makes good use of the available space without feeling too spread out. Notice how the television and entertainment center not only provides entertainment but serves as a divider between both functions of this room.


Image: Watermark & Company

While the basic color scheme of this room is simple, with lots of whites and browns, this room is made into something special with dynamic pops of color. Bold reds and a multi-color rug help give this room some interest, while making the simple basic color scheme of this room stand out even more. By playing with contrast, this room is expanded beyond the basics.


Image: Jason Ball Interiors, LL

This dynamic design features comfortable seating and a cream colored wall. With a floral print seat, a black throw rug, and a few splashes of color, this living room is a comfortable, spacious space. Notice the art deco fixtures.


Image: Sarah Greenman

With a refurbished wood table and deep blues prevalent, this modern living room encapsulates the best of mid century cottage styles and modern sensibilities.


Image: C O N T E N T Architecture

A black and white floral rug adds an element of class to this contemporary living room. Notice the sleek designs present throughout the lamps, the chairs, and even the vases. The lines are clean, smooth and unbroken.


Image: Portico Design Group

Grays and reds provide a comfort, warm modern space. Notice the unobstructive fire place and the sleek shelf space. Plenty of lighting and open windows give this room space to grow.


Image: Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

Working well with a small amount of space, this living room utilizes white brick fireplaces, mahogany furniture and subtle splashes of color. Notice how the use of a soft rose helps add interest and help keep this living room from feeling too repetitive.

Style for Any Space


Image: Gacek Design Group, Inc.

This blue heavy living room uses an eclectic mix of furniture to set the scene. Here we have an Edwardian chair, a mid century sofa, art deco fixtures, and beautiful glass topped tables.


Image: Mark Brand Architecture

The use of a rough hewn fireplace and contemporary furniture makes this spacious, modern living room something special to behold. A stone mosaic above a wide shelf adds color and artistic appeal to this space.


Image: DeForest Architects

Offering ample shelf space, this cozy living room is a book lover’s dream. Notice the heavy uses of browns and creams throughout this space. Mahogany or ebony can be wonderful furniture pieces for any living room, but especially those who adopt a more modern outlook.


Image: Causa Design Group

With clearly defined lined and art deco fixtures, this living room hails back to post modern sensibilities, with touches of early ’60s design features (evident in the recliners and geometric rugs). The overall color scheme is neutral, with bold splashes evident throughout the room, allowing for plenty of opportunity for customization.


Image: Daniella Villamil Interiors

With floral scarf curtains and furniture that gives a classic ’70s style a modern update, this living room is a definite conversation starter. Splashes of blue aid the eyes in a careful transition between the dining room and living room, helping this room feel spacious and open.


Image: Mark Brand Architecture

Cedar or pine flooring and furnishings can help give any room a clean, cottage style appeal. With a subdued color scheme, this room is spacious while still feeling cozy and warm.


Image: HMH Architecture + Interiors

A subtle color scheme and fireplace helps set the theme in this modular living room and dining room. Plenty of light is allowed to flow into our living room, which is rendered a comfortable, spacious space.


Image: Optimise Design

Lots of creams, whites and browns throughout this room give it a warm, comforting appeal. Notice the modular designs prevalent here, along with a subtle fireplace and pine flooring.


Image: Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC

This spacious floor plan manages to encompass multiple purposes without feeling too overwhelming. Notice the use of off white rugs to give certain sections of the room their own purpose without using blocky furniture or boundaries to make the distinctions between dining room, living room, and kitchen. There’s ample seating for guests, provided by gorgeous, post modern vinyl furniture in soft, cream shades.


Image: Shirley Meisels

A vintage, black Eames lounge chair helps to set the scene in this post modern space, using a variety of furniture styles to create a dynamic, eccentric space.

Vintage, Post Modern and Contemporary Fusions


Image: Betty Wasserman

Each section of this room has its own identity and purpose, reinforced by rugs to to establish boundaries while still allowing this room to flow and easily transition between each section of this room. Ebony furnishings and an ebony colored fireplace reinforce this transition and contribute to a mature atmosphere.


Image: Design Transformations

This room utilizes subtle touches from Mediterranean design features. From a living room heavy with tans, golds and creams and design touches such as a stone brick fireplace, this living room is cozy and contemporary.


Image: Glynis Wood Interiors

This spacious living room adopts late ’60s furniture, a spacious fireplace, and wide french doors to create an open space ready for hosting.


Image: Eleven Interiors

With clean, clearly defined lines, a gray fireplace, a subtle color scheme, and post modern furniture, this living room is cozy while still maintaining a cool, modern vibe.


Image: CID Interieur

This very modern living room utilizes post modern furniture and unique touches, such as this dynamic art deco rug and a glass coffee table, to create a clean, sophisticated space.


Image: ASAP•house Inc – Studio Kiss

This cozy space utilizes cool, deep colors such as dark blues and browns, to create a dynamic modern space.



This eccentric living room uses dynamic pops of color and funky designs to create a space infused with character and personality. A refurbished wood coffee table and a pocket door add art deco appeal.


Image: Renewal Design-Build

With a soft color scheme heavy on the blues and grays and with furniture styles that hail back to a more classic era, this modern living room utilizes a few splashes of bolder colors to create a space open to any family style.


Image: John Maniscalco Architecture

A pair of Barcelona lounge chairs aren’t the only thing contributing to this living room’s special, sophisticated air. Notice the contrast between white and brown prevalent throughout this room. With a woven rug, we have a very subtle tropic air that hangs throughout this room, from clay vases to hardwood coffee and end tables.

Sophistication for the Modern Era


Image: Valerie DeRoy Interiors, LLC

An oak coffee table helps set the scene in this beautiful, modern living room. Classic furniture- note the lamp- provides a comfortable air.


Image: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Stark whites and warm, reburbished wood contribute towards a clean, contemporary look.


Image: Connie Anderson Photography

A carmel colored subway tile fireplace creates a unique look, akin to marble without the expense. It stands out, versus blending in to the rest of the wall. Post modern furniture utilizes clean lines to emphasive the strong contrasts throughout this room.


Image: Design First Interiors

Charcoal and ebony shades throughout this room, paired with a light birch floor, create an elegant contrast.


Image: McClellan Architects

A rosette rug, paired with a subtle, cool color scheme, especially stands out in this modern living room.


Image: Mark Brand Architecture

A polished sandstone fireplace adds an element of warmth to this cool, sophisticated living room.


Image: Daniella Villamil Interiors

This cool, dark living room benefits from funky light fixtures and a white shag rug, which plays off the mahogany flooring well.



Image: Hammer Architects

Edwardian style lounge chairs and a Persian rug give this spacious, living room and dining room a special flavor of its own. Sometimes, all it takes is some careful furniture planning and an eye for blending styles.


Image: Michelle Salz-Smith, ASID, CID @ Studio Surface

Splashes of orange and red interplaying throughout this art deco living room add a nice touch to what might otherwise be a simplistic room. Notice how the navy sofa plays well off of the curtains and the rug.


Image: Brunskill Design

With bold spurts of pink throughout this room, the clean modern lines prevalent throughout- from the lamp to the subtle in-wall fireplace, stand out even more because of this interplay.

Style for All Spaces


Image: Fredman Design Group

Soft gray tones help create a cool, relaxing living room. A mahogany tiered coffee table provides a simple, yet effective centerpiece. The furniture is timeless and comfortable.



Image: Corine Maggio Natural Designs

Bold colors and sharp contrast define this eccentric modern space. Notice the use of refurbished wood and shag carpeting.


Image: rectangle design inc

With gorgeous oak flooring and a glass topped coffee table, this living room may be small but it’s beautiful nonetheless. Note the flagstone fireplace and white shag rug.


Image: C O N T E N T Architecture

A brick facade and  ebony french doors aren’t the only things that contributes to this beautiful, spacious room. Tiled flooring and gorgeous maple furnishings throughout the room help this modern living room and dining room come into its own.


Image: 450 Architects, Inc.

This art deco living room benefits from leather lounge chairs and geometric designs throughout the room.


Image: Steinbomer, Bramwell & Vrazel Architects

With a fusion of brick and clean white walls, this living room is cozy and bold. Note the Eames lounge chair, a popular choice for many contemporary rooms, and the fireside library.


Image: Seven Custom Homes

Note how the L-shaped couch works well with the tiered coffee table, ensuring that no matter where you sit, there’s table real estate. A gray faux fur rug adds an element of contrast to this beautiful living room.



Image: Webb & Brown-Neaves

This modern living room adopts elements of Asian design features- from ornate upholstery to the decor itself.


Image: KuDa Photography

This gorgeous contemporary living room benefits from wide, spacious windows and a colorful array of leather seating.


Image: The Cavender Diary

This living room utilizes loud colors and funky decor to create a unique bachelor pad.

Contemporary Visions


Image: Ohashi Design Studio

This absolutely stunning living room benefits from a gorgeous view and plenty of light provided by glass walls- a popular fixture of contemporary living rooms.


Image: Koo de Kir

A matching portrait and rug not only adds a splash of color to this contemporary living room but contributes to this room’s theme.


Image: Connie Anderson Photography

Mahogany flooring and furniture help create a mature, contemporary space to be proud of.


Image: The Wiseman Group Interior Design, Inc

Creams, browns, and whites meld together to create an elegant, Spanish style contemporary room.


Image: Price Harrison

This ’60s style modern living room is something special in itself. From mahogany flooring, to geometric designs and a dynamic blending of colors, to even the curved egg style chairs themselves, the atmosphere is fantastic and we have a beautiful modern seating area.


Image: Gardner Mohr Architects LLC

This elegant living room utilizes teak and mahogany furnishings to contribute towards a beautiful, contemporary space.


Image: 2Scale Architects

With classic furniture from a variety of eras (notice that gorgeous china cupboard), this beautiful living room uses wood paneling on the wall and a handy shelf system to its advantage.


Image: Coop 15 Architecture

This amazing living room leads directly out to a beautiful outdoor dining room patio. The living room isn’t anything to scoff at- notice how that Persian rug pulls everything together, adorned with a glass topped coffee table.


Image: Boscolo Interior Design

With a simple, yet dynamic color scheme full of strong contrasts, this contemporary living room is a beautiful, mature space.


Image: HMH Architecture + Interiors

By pairing cool, charcoal walls with a maple floor, we’ve created a rich contemporary room that’s perfect for any penthouse.

Contemporary Style


Image: Destination Living

This elegant living room draws you in with its charming classical furniture and convinces you to stay a while with vibrant, art deco elements.


Image: Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design, LLC

This beautiful contemporary living room utilizes a copper backsplash as an ingenious decor technique.


Image: Soelberg Industries

Overlooked by a stunning floral, spherical chandelier, this gorgeous living room makes the best of every element in this room, from glass coffee tables to a granite fireplace overlooked by a metal wall outfitting.


Image: De Mattei Construction

This spacious living room knows exactly how to draw the eye, from wide windows and a fabulous view, to spacious furniture and a beautiful mahogany coffee table.


Image: neely architecture

With a simple, yet contrast heavy color scheme, this contemporary living room is not only a comforting seating area but a sure-fire winner when it comes to entertaining.


Image: Aria Design Inc

The best part about this beautiful modern living room not only rests in the maple furniture and support beams running throughout this room but in the spacious, absolutely gorgeous seating arrangements that make the best of a very open space.



Image: Robeson Design

This patio living room and dining room takes full advantage of the great outdoors, while still managing to create a mature, beautiful space that works especially well either in or outside.


Image: Homes by Avi

With a gorgeous cobblestone fireplaces and oak flooring, this modern living room is elegant, yet simple.


Image: The Ranch Mine

Notice how a single wall of blue plays well off of a primarily white color scheme. This living room is simplistic, clean, and aesthetically appealing.

High Ambitions and Spacious Spaces


Image: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

A faux fur rug completes this dynamic, primarily white living room, which is tied together with a white brick fireplace and vinyl furniture.


Image: Hoover Architecture, PLLC

Oak flooring and constrasting cotton sofas contribute towards a spacious, airy living room.



Sometimes, the dining room can be one of the most important areas to entertain in. Take this gorgeous dining room for instance. Featuring a mahogany table flanked by sleek vinyl chairs, it’s a contemporary powerhouse.


Image: I-Beam Design

Tied together with a Persian rug, this post modern living room is a work of art in itself.


Image: Steinbomer, Bramwell & Vrazel Architects

This industrial living room works well and it’s all thanks to tiled flooring and high valuted ceilings with ample lighting.


Image: James D. LaRue Architects

With classic furniture and a modular entertainment center, this living room is the perfect fusion between new and old.


Image: M/I Homes

Wood planked flooring and a geometric rug help tie everything together in this beautiful contemporary living room. Notice the wood walling.


Image: IPD Partners, Inc.

Even though there isn’t a lot of room to spare in this modern living room, it’s still something special to behold. Notice how the very decor of this room plays well off of the two paintings hanging upon the wall- sometimes art can be the biggest element of your room.


Image: Rottmann Collier Architects

A floral backwall contributes towards this natural, spacious living room.

Style for Any Era


Image: Uptic Studios

Framed by wide windows and birch, this contemporary living room uses modular and even classic, timeless furniture to its advantage.


Image: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

This stellar post modern room takes a key from art deco designs (just look at that coffee table) to create a spacious, eye catching space.


Image: Flüff Designs & Decor

This modern living room works well with a small alloted space. Notice how the modular sofas frame that glass coffee table.


Image: Linc Thelen Design

A mahogany floor sets the scene in this beautiful modern living room. From a wood paneled fireplace to a white, minimalist sofa, this living room is gorgeous and ideal for entertaining.


Image: Studio Z Architecture

With art deco furniture- from vinyl chairs and a leather sofa, we have a classic, post modern living room. One of the best features of this living room, in fact, is the rug. It’s got personality, it’s unique, and it perfectly fits in with the art deco theme of this room.


Image: James D. LaRue Architects

With oak paneling throughout this room, it contrasts nicely with the rest of the room, from the white modular fireplace to the low seated sofa.


Image: HMH Architecture + Interiors

A marble fireplace sets the tone for the rest of this living room. With art deco furniture, a glass coffee table  and geometric rug, it takes advantage of the strong lighting and spacious area.


Image: Simon Winstanley Architects

Unlike a lot of modern living room and dining room combinations, this room doesn’t so much as try to separate each element of the room as it accents the fact that this room is multi-purpose, which is a nice touch. Notice the warm color scheme, heavy on the charcoal and browns, and a nice use of refurbished wood throughout.


Image: Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design

This urban living room uses lots of smooth curves and art deco elements to create a conversation inspiring living room that’s ideal for hosting.



Image: Gabriel Builders Inc.

This elegant living room uses gorgeous, Victorian style furniture and a spacious setting to create a beautiful, classic space. And here, it works very well. We have glossed, tile flooring, dry brushed walls, and absolutely stunning wrought iron fixtures to seal the deal.

The Future is Here


Image: Streeter & Associates, Inc.

Where do we begin with this fantastic modern living room? From a glass topped, drift wood coffee table to a woven rug, this living room is comfortable, yet dynamic.



Image: Robert Granoff

Through mid century modern designs and stark, white wall and furniture schemes, this room is definitely a conversation piece, something that it does very well, thanks to woven rugs, smooth and sleek lines, and furniture-as-art-pieces.


Image: Calligaris

With a soft, warm color scheme that relies heavily on whites, browns, and creams, this room is a comfortable entertaining area. Notice the spacious, airy atmosphere.


Image: Optimise Design

Sometimes, even just a small splash of color can make a huge statement. Notice the pops of blue throughout this predominately white living room. The wide windows are paired perfectly with white, sheer curtains.


Image: Neil Mac Photo

This lower floor living room utilizes this room’s unique facets to its best advantage, creating a spacious, art museum in the home.


Image: Heather Garrett Design

One of the best features of this living room is this gorgeous oak dresser. Outfitted with iron fixtures, it fits in well with the rest of the living room.


Image: Mark Brand Architecture

With oak flooring and a Persian rug, this living room is beautiful, while still using modern design features to its advantage- notice the sleek, curving chairs.


Image: welch architecture

An Eames red lounge chair sets the tone in this spacious contemporary living room, perfect for the modern bachelor.


Image: ALTUS Architecture + Design

With a Noguchi coffee table and a Le Corbusier cowhide slingback chair, this modern living room adopts a cool, blue/green color scheme to create a comfortable, post modern space.



Image: Lauren Brandwein

This beautiful contemporary living room utilizes the amount of space available to its best advantage. Note the Noguchi coffee table and those sleek, charcoal sofas.


Image: Olsen Studios

A Persian rug ties this art deco living room together. Featuring handy shelves to display art work and a glass coffee table, this contemporary living room is a stunner and works well with the spacious, light filled space available to it.


Image: Urban Angles

This spacious downstairs living room and duning room combination uses sleek lines, amble sky lighting, and bright colors to create a stunning, modern space. Notice the contrast between the living room and the dining room, using color to distinguish between each room’s function.


Image: Duffy Design Group

This contemporary living room uses a light color scheme to its advantage. Notice the fireplace, which uses a dry painting technique to give it a look of its own. An L-shaped coffee table contributes to this room’s entertaining value. An oak buffet table provides storage space and an anchor for this living room to settle.