21 Living Room Accent Chairs Interior Design Ideas

Accent chairs do two things. They provide additional seating for your bedroom or living room and, most importantly, complement your room’s color and design scheme. These accent chairs are guaranteed to inspire or, at the very least, brighten your day.


Image: New Mood Design LLC

While this studio apartment isn’t generous on space, these blue accent chairs not only add an element of comfort to this beautiful stairwell seating area, but help complement the predominately neutral color scheme.



Blue leather accent chairs not only provide plenty of seating but ensure that the subtle pops of blue throughout the room and the art deco decor really stand out.


Image: Webber + Studio, Architects

In an otherwise atmospheric and quiet room, this library and living room is made to pop with the use of red accent chairs.


Image: Ondine Karady Design

This Southwest inspired art deco room may not have bright blue or red accent chairs but these brown chairs help anchor the room and add an earthy element to this cool and highly contemporary space.


Image: Chango & Co.

Sometimes it’s not the chair itself that has to do all the work. Here we see the use of colorful throw pillows, which help this room really stand out.


Image: Mikel Irastorza

These black chairs help complement this room’s bright color scheme all while contributing towards a highly modern look.


Image: David Howell Design

This living room is highly contemporary, in part thanks to the neutral color scheme and the sleek, minimalist accent chairs.


Image: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

These red vinyl and ebony accent chairs help compliment the warm surroundings of the room, while adding a strong modern element here.


Image: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Sleek curved black vinyl chairs complement this highly modern living room.


Image: Kenneth/Davis, Inc.

Bright pops of red help keep the cream heavy color scheme from feeling monotonous while adding a strong element of tradition to this Edwardian style living room.


Image: Paul Craig Photography

In a room that utilizes a primarily neutral and dark color scheme, white accent chairs help complement them, all without making the room feel monotonous.


Image: Habachy Designs

Blue suede chairs add a traditional element to this modern and yet traditionally inspired hunting lodge living room.


Image: Kenneth/Davis, Inc.

Art deco, wood accent chairs add an interesting element to this gracious living room.


Image: Peter Salerno Inc

Interesting designs are always a plus when it comes to selecting an accent chair.


Image: West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

Curved arm handles and a low back make these accent chairs stand out, all while infusing this art deco living room with a lot of appeal.



These black accent chairs perfectly compliment this room’s neutral color scheme and modern design.


Image: Bismut & Bismut Architectes

Gentle white accent chairs compliment the breezy surroundings, while providing ample seating.


Image: J Design Group – Interior Designers Miami – Modern

In a warm living room, white accent chairs play well off of the teak wood flowing throughout the room.


Image: Cheng Design

Four is better than two in this beautiful living room. Red and black accent chairs play well off of each other here, while bringing this living room to the next level.


Image: David Howell Design

This contemporary, art deco living room is elevated to the next level with these simple, dark accent chairs which play well off of the bright colors popped throughout the room.


Image: Significant Homes LLC

This stately living room is given a pleasantly nautical element with these blue, pin striped accent chairs.


Image: Joni Spear Interior Design

Black and white accent chairs compliment the modern color scheme throughout this room quite well while inspiring conversation.


Image: Brooke Wagner Design

Comfortable blue accent chairs here are a huge reminder of what this living room is designed with- comfort in mind.


Image: Traci Connell Interiors

Art deco accent chairs perfectly complement the design scheme present throughout this room.


Image: Habachy Designs

Wood and cream accent chairs add a comforting element to this highly modern bachelor’s pad.

Accent chairs are an important element in any living room. So think carefully about the design you’re going for and select accent chairs that will compliment the room’s design scheme and so on.