31 Full Small Master Bedrooms Design Ideas

While many of the master bedrooms we’ve featured on this site often have the advantage of plenty of space to utilize, that’s not always the reality for most people. Whether you live in a studio apartment or otherwise don’t have a lot of space to spare, you may be wondering how you can make the best of a tight floor plan. Well never fear. It can be done. These master bedrooms all feature relatively small floor plans but by no means do any of these bedrooms feel tight or cramped. ┬áDesign and layout ideas will also help when selling a home with a small master bedroom. Let’s take a look.


Image: Union Studio

Brick walls add a pleasantly urban feeling to this studio master bedroom. While small, minimalist decor not only adds personality to the room but keeps the space from feeling overwhelming and cramped.


Image: Lana Lounsbury Interiors

This elegant master bedroom features rich mahogany shelving units, which compliment the predominately neutral color scheme throughout the room, while floral bedding and a padded headboard attract the eye in all the right away. And when in doubt, mount on the wall. This chandelier is a classic touch, infusing the room with plenty of light.


Image: Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

Mirrors are your friend in a small place- adding to the illusion that the room’s larger than it is. Light colors can also be a huge help, taking advantage of ample lighting and contributing towards an open, breezy feeling.


Image: A.LeStage Interiors

Again, minimalist decor is ideal in a small space. We’ve got pleasant oak flooring and a white heavy color scheme. A bedspread built up of dark and neutral colors compliments all of this quite nicely.


Image: Box it Design

A handsome ash dresser provides plenty of space for knickknacks and personal items. But the star of the show is the pleasantly vintage wallpaper, which compliments this space and helps it feel more spacious than it is.


Image: Corynne Pless

While a tight fit, this bedroom is by no means tight on charm. Bright colors and a canopy frame add personality and interest to the space, while small furniture ensures plenty of space for everything to comfortably fit.


Image: In House Interior Design

An art deco inspired bedspread, plus rich mahogany furnishings contribute towards a space that’s minimalist and yet not sparce. It’s modern, making the best out of a small floor plan.


Image: Dragonfly Designs

A brown, sand heavy color scheme adds a lot of interest and a modern outlook to any space. Again, we see minimalist decor. But it feels far from bare, thanks to a cheerful rug and plenty of floral elements throughout.


Image: Gina Paris Design

Bright pops of aqua really help this room stand out. Polished wood flooring seals the deal and an intriguing angled bed design makes the best out of an area short on space.


Image: Jonathan Caron Construction, Inc.

Bright, complimentary colors paired with dark flooring create a rich space that’s perfect for any space.


Image: Simply Home Decorating

On the other hand, dark or neutral color schemes can do a lot in a room that’s tight on space. Look here, for instance. Floral bedding and the blue heavy color scheme infuse this room with atmosphere and personality without needing to spread out.


Image: Fluff Interior Design

Art deco elements help give this master bedroom interest without overwhelming it.


Image: Sheila Singer Staging & Design

Sleek, silver bedding and small furniture make the best out of a floor scheme that’s practically bed to closet. If you don’t have space to your advantage, here’s what you do- make the bed your focal point.


Image: Thorp Design

And like the room above, this room is practically door to bed as well. Again, focus on the bed. Interesting wallpaper can do a lot for your space without having to shove in more decor that you may not have room for.


Image: Miss Frugal Fancy Pants

And when in doubt, wall mount. Photos? Decor? Use dresser tops and walls to your advantage and veer away from floor standing lamps.


Image: Emily Wilson Design

Or, skip excessive decor all together and rely on interesting color schemes to pull the design weight for you, as we see here.


Image: Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.

And use the room’s own unique characteristics to your advantage when it comes to designing the ideal bedroom. While the dresser is large, considering the size of the room, by using the wall’s features, it feels far from overwhelming.


Image: Rachel Reider Interiors

But if you can, decor can do a lot in a small bedroom. So long as you don’t overwhelm the room with pictures and paintings, a well placed portrait can help the room seem slightly larger than it is and add interest and color to a tight space.


Image: Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

And if you can, try to keep decor and furniture close together (not crammed, though) if possible. That’ll ensure plenty of space near the back of the room and ease of access near the head.


Image: Robinson Interiors

While relatively small, this room manages to incorporate a four poster bed and lounge chairs. Placement is key in any room but especially in rooms without a lot of space to spare.


Image: Borden Interiors & Associates

Here we see another use of mirrors and open doors in order to help this room feel slightly larger. And when in doubt? Opt for a queen sized bed instead of a king.


Image: Lana Lounsbury Interiors

And when it comes to furniture? Focus on height as opposed to width. Take advantage of your ceiling’s height and you’ll be able to maximize your storage possibilities. And this is all without completely overwhelming the room.


Image: Terrat Elms Interior Design

Again, we see the same idea. By maximizing space with tall cabinets, this room even has enough room to incorporate a little arm chair.


Image: Jenkins Custom Homes

And again, focus on the bed. Dry painted techniques paired with this wrought iron and mahogany four poster bed make for a gorgeous, small Tuscan bedroom.


Image: Zephyr Interiors

Mirror or glass, as we’ve said before, can help a room feel bigger than it actually is. But go one step further with tinted glass. It’ll add plenty of charm to the space too without robbing the room of valuable space.


Image: NEDC

See, this bed doesn’t have a lot of space to spare. But with minimalist decor and a strong, mahogany frame, this bedroom is still charming and far from short on charm.


Image: Linda MacArthur, Architect

While much more spacious than the other bedrooms we’ve featured here, this room still incorporates many of the traits we’ve talked about, such as going easy on decor and allowing the Oriental bed frame to do all the talking.


Image: Flegel’s Construction Co., Inc.

Interesting decor and open doors and windows help keep this bedroom feeling spacious and open, regardless of floor space.

Whether you’re practically bed to door or you’ve got high ceilings, the right touches can make any bedroom, regardless of floor space, feel luxurious and ready for action.