35 Naturally Amazing Designs for Fabulous Living Rooms

After all the hustle and bustle of the work day, sometimes all you want to do is come home and crash on your sofa. Feel free to crash on the sofa but how about treating yourself to a living room worth coming home too? An ideal living room may differ from one person to another. There are others who want to have a minimalist living room that just look neat and easy to the eyes with less stuff. Still others prefer a living room that showcases everything they want. But for some, a living room with a natural feel is the best because they can get that feeling of bing with nature. Well, it really is relaxing to have natural elements around us. So, here are 15 designs to help you create a fabulous living room.

Clean and comfortable living

Clean and comfortable living

Image: Amity Worrel & Co.

Through the use of funky, multi-colored sofas and these gorgeous wicker back sofas, here we’ve got a relaxing, livable space that’s not only perfect for gathering the family for game night but hosting friends. A soft wall color like cream works with a variety of room layouts but here, it definitely works to give this room a relaxing palate and warm tone. The real conversation piece here is a bright, red Oriental rug- your eyes are drawn immediately to it.


Peacock themed living room with colors that was taken from this feathered friend of ours and the result is really awesome. Image Source: Cablik Enterprises


The coffee tables in this living room add some natural feel to the space from one with a glass top and branch legs to a wooden trunk table in between the two chairs. Image Source: Jenny Jones Rugs

Open and spacious for the modern family

Open and spacious for the modern family

Image: Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

With these wicker lounge chairs and very open space, this living room is not only modern and accessible but serves a dual purpose as a sun room and office. We’ve used plenty of clean lines in our furnishings here- note the end table and the lamps. This gives our space a casual and functional appeal. Note the rug on the floor- how it seems to bring to mind hedge mazes. A little splash of green or a soft color like aqua does much to give this living room a cool charm. The burgundy wall by the door not only gives this room a look of its own but ensures this room can hold multiple identities- from the blue in the office’s corner to the quiet green at the center of the seating area.


Definitely nature inspired! A fireplace mimics the look of a waterfalls. And of course the murals and that tree are lovely features too.Image Source: simpleHome


A simple living area with wooden furniture, a white stone fireplace and plants as decor. Image Source: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

A little bamboo goes a long way

A little bamboo goes a long way

Image: JMA Interior Decoration

Here, we’ve brought the islands into our home with this tropical design. A bamboo backsplash and woven chairs bring to mind a gentle, coast side cabana while lamps- evocative of tiki torches- definitely set the mood. Here we’ve used lots of yellows and creams to give this room a bright tone. A distressed coffee table adds a lot of charm and character to this little room.

A living room for adventurous living

A living room for adventurous living

Image: Louise Lakier

This room also brings the exotic into your living room- through well-crafted wooden furniture and this very breezy, open space. Dark orange walls and floor tiles add a hint of exotic charms to your living room while giving the room a warm-blooded appeal.


The structure of this house alone is already nature inspired but that stone fireplace added to the drama. Image Source: Gelotte Hommas Architecture


The furniture brings in a natural touch the area especially that natural light floods in. Take a look at that library area with a chair under the shelves!Image Source: Diane Bergeron Interiors


A contemporary space with glass windows and some plants indoors. Image Source: Marie Burgos Design

Cool and collected living

Cool and collected living

Image: Multiyork

Through cool blues and grays, this space is calm and collected. Birch furniture provides functional storage space while adding to the overall gentle layout of this room. Add in some comfy white sofas and lounge chairs and you’ll be good to go for an evening by the fireplace.


The coffee table evokes a natural feel to the living area as well the wall decor. Image Source: Dufner Heighes Inc


Nothing beats natural light for it can add warmth and brightness to a space. The colors here are inspired by nature too. Image Source: Dlux Images

Oranges and browns pull everything together in this comfortable space

Oranges and browns pull everything together in this comfortable space

Image: FORER Incorporated

This living room is definitely made for hosting a large family gathering or a dinner party. With that striking wicker back sofa for one, there’s no doubts about how much seating you’ll have for your guests. A woven mat does much to give this room character and spruce up what might, in a different room, be considered bland white tile. But here it works- giving a bright element to the deep brows and oranges that make up the walls and furnishings.


The colors here are fun but are inclined to nature. I like that sculptures on the corner. Image Source: Amy Lau Design


This living area has a coffee table from a tree trunk while other furniture are modern pieces. Image Source: Rikki Snyder


This living area is elevated and has that subtle feel from nature because of its use of wood, entry of natural light and that wall painting. Image Source: Fougeron Architecture FAIA


Exposed beams from tree trunks are used in this living area which sure has that natural feel we all look for especially that it has a fireplace of that design. Image Source: R Brant Design

Even gray can be cheerful

Even gray can be cheerful

Image: Leanne McKeachie Design

This is another room that utilizes cold colors but here- gray need not be a dour or depressing color. When done right, even gray can add character and charm to your living room. We’ve used dark charcoal paint to give this room a peaceful atmosphere, while distressed wood furniture and a stone fireplace provides respite from a hard day at the grindstone. Mahogany flooring adds a slight element of comfort, while the white rug we’ve used here pulls the room together.


Blues and browns look good together and pull off that beachy feel. Image Source: Spinnaker Development


With the open layout of this home, it seems to be connected with the outdoors and it used some furniture with nature’s features too. Image Source: Jeffers Design Group

Even an understated color can say a lot

Even an understated color can say a lot

Image: AMi Design

Utilizing loads of browns and cream colors, this room is not only spacious but cozy at the same time- thanks to the color scheme and inviting vinyl furniture. Eggshell or cream walls need not be bland- with the right accents and décor, even an understated color like cream can tie a room together and add the right tone.


A contemporary living area with a white stone fireplace and other wooden elements in it.Image Source: Laura Burton Interiors

Bring the hunting lodge into your own home

Bring the hunting lodge into your own home

Image: Heal’s

Alternatively, this room utilizes wood paneling to achieve a very rustic, comfortable look. Note the faux fur throw rug and distressed furniture and tell me it doesn’t bring to mind a hunting lodge or a bachelor pad. A funky hanging light gives this room a slight modern element while helping to create an inviting, conversation inspiring space.

Comfortable appeal

Comfortable appeal

Image: Stovax | Gazco

Here, gentle beach wood flooring and cream colored walls give this room an element of comfort, while an eccentric mix of furniture gives this living room an at-home appeal. A long birch coffee table definitely pulls this room together and with a wood stove, this living room is all ready for long winter nights.

Come sail away to this cozy cabana

Come sail away to this cozy cabana

Image: Corine Maggio Natural Designs

With a large woven rug and a stark contrast between white and brown, this room brings to mind summers spent in beach houses. Note the comfy, cream colored couch and wicker furniture. A speckled fireplace carries on the theme this room provides, while providing this room with a key focal point. There’s plenty of room to hang collectibles from your travels and conversation pieces.


This white living area has white paint and is furnished by a mix of furniture for an eclectic look. Image Source: Nunley Custom Homes

Open spaces for entertaining

Open spaces for entertaining

Image: Staprans Design

Saffron walls give this living room a cozy element while gray furniture offsets the walls nicely while contributing to this comfortable element. This room is wide and spacious- perfect for hosting guests- and a small coffee table does much to provide utility while refusing to draw attention from the rest of the room. A handsome book shelf adds class and function, while its gentle brown shade goes well with the rest of the room.

Industrial designs for the modern home

Industrial designs for the modern home

Image: Don F. Wong

This industrial design would also work well with a sun room- what with its open spaces and simple furniture. Less is more as this room shows- through minimalist furniture and a small wood stove.

Make the most of unique spaces

Make the most of unique spaces

Image: Nina Interior

You might not have the kind of real estate this design showcases but regardless, this is a good example of making the best of large and small spaces. A brick façade does much to give this room classic charm. Even better is the beach wood flooring, which brings to mind turn of the century homes. A saffron rug and occasional couch cushions give this room a slight splash of color without drawing too much attention away from the general impact of the room’s design.


Blue is the color of this space but it used a variety of patterns for visual appeal. Image Source: Katie Rosenfeld Design

Spacious living in comfortable spaces

Spacious living in comfortable spaces

Image: Pier

And last, but certainly not least, we have this charming room design. Working well with a small space, this room is comfortable without being cramped. A large, oversized couch does much to give this room plenty of seating and a homely charm. Wicker furniture and driftwood flooring definitely contribute to this room’s rustic appeal while light browns and creams are charming without saying too much.


Love the clean look of this modern living area that has a subtle industrial touch. Image Source: Christiano Homes, Inc.


Throwing a faux rug into a chair will add more drama to it. This space has every natural feature you want! Image Source: Brad Ford ID

When trying to achieve a natural themed space, simply add elements with wood or bring in some plants. Furniture and the right shades of paint can add a lot of character to a room without doing too much. Whether you’re looking to create a room that pays homage to the natural or a more modern style, the right design can create an atmosphere you’ll want to come home to. For a natural living space, it is also important that you have enough natural light into the space as well as proper ventilation.