20 Adorable Animal Print Bedroom Benches

Animal Print Bedroom Benches

Animal print is a growing trend, one that is making its way into the home. Warm, neutral colors flourish among animal prints which is what make them blend seamlessly into nearly any décor.

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Image: HGTV

Side by side benches with subtle zebra prints go well with the blue accents in this space.

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Image: Rue Mag

Animal print benches are wonderful additions to any space, add color and patterns to this otherwise monochromatic design.

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Image: Rilane

Elegant and refined, these wild cat prints complement the column bed posts, bringing a sense of Roman authority and beauty to this room. One of the nicest things about animal prints is that they go well with anything, so they can be used to accent things that already exist in the space. Animal prints go well with bold colors.

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Image: Cyb Ball

Completing this elegant African space are the zebra benches resting at the foot of the bed, the perfect way to tie together the rich wood furniture and creamy white shades.

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Image: How to Decorate

Some people enjoy a bolder accent piece, and animal print beds are the way to go. Without overdoing it, single aspects of the wall, single bed, or single blanket can be used to stencil animal prints and keep up a trendy new look.

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Image: My Domaine

If you feel adventurous, you can use animal prints to add color in unexpected places, even stairways or walls or floor rugs.

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Image: Décor Pad

In this beautiful space, a traditional wild animal print with a slight hue adjustment brings together the whites and the rich orange shades in an exotic yet classy fashion.

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Image: Foter

Animal print pillow covers give any normal pillow an exotic touch. You do not need your space to look more like the local zoo. Even something like a wild animal print is classy, especially when you reserve it for a subtle accent piece like a beautiful pillow, something to complement the spotted bench.

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Image: Lonny

If you feel adventurous, you can use animal prints to add color in unexpected places, even stairways or walls or floor rugs. Here the print is seen on the two benches, with a similar spotted print directly above the bed, drawing the eye in a natural upward tilt.

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Image: Bocadolobo

Accent pieces do not have to be solely pillows. They can be mirrors, frames, artwork, and even this bedroom bench. Such items add character to any room by emphasizing a unique pattern.

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Image: Indulgy

Animal print today is really the new neutral which means that benches boasting these prints add a hint of class to any space.

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Image: Expoluzrd

In addition to an animal print bench, any space can be enhanced with spots. Even simple stencils can add character to this space.

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Image: The Parker Palm Springs

Benches boasting animal prints give your room an exotic touch. Functioning as an accent piece, these wild touches are one of a kind.

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Image: Buyer Select

Animal print benches make your room wild. These prints can be colorful and bold, drawing the eye right to the seating. Even in this otherwise modern and contemporary bedroom space, the bedroom bench and accompanying pillows make a classy statement to all who visit here.

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Image: Overstock

Cool pastel colors make a beautiful mixture with animal prints. They enhance the eclectic design of modern rooms by adding glamour and in some cases even combining many types of prints, large and small. In this space the grey color scheme is accented not only by the glittering silver but by the animal print bench.

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Image: P Décor

With fun animal print benches, your personality can be shown off to everyone who enters your wild animal kingdom. Here, the fun mixture of the light green blue hues against the mustard yellow print really draw the eye to the bedroom bench.

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Image: Pin IMG

Animal prints work well against bold colors, like this rich blue wall paint and the bolder shades of blue hidden away in the pillows. With the black and white of the zebra print, it mimics that same white and blue pattern.

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Image: The Glam Pad

Unique and upholstered benches make for a great accent piece in any room, especially when you find them in pairs.

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Image: The Zhush

Graphic moves mean that brightly painted benches with bold animal prints like cheetahs or lions can make a huge impact.

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Image: Houzz

In this space animal print benches complete the length of the bedroom furniture and add patterns to this space, in a way that no other accessory does.

Animal prints can make any room shine, even with a subtle accent piece. Integrating things like pillow covers, wall prints, and stools is a great way to take advantage of this new trend.

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