20 Elegant Antique Bedroom Decorating Ideas

antique bedroom decorating ideas

If you could go back in time for just one day, you would undoubtedly bring back intriguing memories and maybe a charming armoire.  The stylish essence of past eras is enchanting. The thoughtful designs are intricate with detail and integrity. One may try to find buried treasure on their visit while others may look for antique bedroom decorating ideas. On your tour of historical vision, you will find rich wooden finishes and embellished patterns. Each piece seems to integrate a noble sense of dignified touches into their structure. Solid craftsmanship and valiant styles represented a sincere design.

The key to holding an antique style is the articulated accents that  that are delicately placed through the space creating a delightful look. You will find antiquated chandeliers that are appealing and luxurious while modern offerings provide balance. Palatable colors are donned in neutrals, mauve and peach tones that are of A Victorian splendor and befitting any antique bedroom. In the images below you will take a trip through time as if then and now have come together in a glimmering strand of time.

Antique Bedroom

001 2-Green-Antique 6

Image: Shanghai Antiques

A vintage and Victorian style has artistic wood workings in a deep finish. The burgundy tones offer a stately appeal to the room.

Delft Blue Guest Room

002 7-Delft-Blue 6

Image: Lmozes

A smart blue is complemented with a regal effect in crowned furnishings and delightful prints. The space is well lit with natural lighting lending an airy feel.

Urban Glam Guest Bedroom

003 contemporary-bedroom 6

Image: RSVP Design Services

Modern touches and Victorian elegance is seen throughout. A deep lavish purple is well met with rich grays and vindicated textures.

Master Bedroom

004 contemporary-bedroom 6

Image: Interior Design 4

Stream lined modern designs are accentuated with vintage antiquated touches.Neutral tones are intriguing and spirited with style.

Traditional Bedroom

005 traditional-bedroom 6

Image: Klima Design Group

Wooden designs are surrounded by neutral colors that inspire a Victorian and Tradition style and design.

Mill Valley, CA

006 transitional-bedroom 6

Image: Urrutia Design

A whisper of lilac hues and richer tones are brought together with fashionable designer accents and decor.

Romantic Bedroom

007 traditional-bedroom 6

Image: Kate Byer Interior Design

An antique traditional look has a four poster bed and lovely decorative pieces to finalize the style.

Ashbury Heights Residence

008 traditional-bedroom 6

Image: Candace Barnes

Traditional styling has an Asian theme with Victorian pieces. The champagne drapes and crystal chandelier are luxuriously noted.

Master Bedroom Antique Elegance

009 st_9934_hmgaid101220461_1 6

Image: Southern Living

A charming hutch sits amid a country Victorian setting with blue and beige hints. Stripes and checkered patterns adds a dimensional aspect to the bedroom.

Vintage Bedroom

010 bedroom-country-Ideal-Home4 6

Image: House to Home

This room is feminine and chic with creative applications. A pretty white is paired with muted neutrals lending a harmonious feeling within the space.

Old Fashioned Bedroom

011 old-world-panel-customizable-bedroom-set 6

Image: Wayfair

A classic design is decoratively genuine with a traditional wood finish and plush surroundings. Light and dark beige hues are warm and provide a cozy aura to the room.

Antique Bedroom


Image: Archplush

This vintage rose room is inspired with patterns and pillows. A four poster canopy bed has a rich finish adding a fresh design.

Bedroom Idea

013 e88a5b35b2c549e37c9f6137c2d1aac1 6

Image: Atlanta Homes Mag

In this traditional and modern style, we see a draped theme and whispers of color that are both elegant and sincere.

Rustic French Barn House

014 697292f04ce99f81905141b8c1e274c5 6

Image: Fern Creek Cottage

Rustic meets vintage in this inspired space. The brick design and cathedral window are expertly paired with cottage accents.

Cool Bedroom Idea

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Image: Oddee

A modern eclectic look has a loft appearance with rustic wooden touches. The lighting has an industrial sense with a symmetrical design.

Decorating With Murals And Frescoes

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Image: Eye for Design lfd

A brilliant mural surrounds the room in architectural genius. Distressed furnishings and intricate accents are absolutely stunning.

Antique Bedroom

017 master-bedroom-decoration-995 6

Image: Kellen Gallery

The perfected duo of shabby and chic are defined in this well met space. A whimsical style is delightful and nostalgic with enchantment.

Bedroom Idea

018 284ca0c2f5829c33aecbee577be98dd4 6

Image: Home Talk

In this charming rustic space, we see purposed items and neutral notes that are genuine to the rooms design.

18th century manor house

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Image: Patrice Besse

This fairy tale style has delicate prints and embellished accents. The chandelier is magically set with a vintage fireplace that is dream worthy.

Antique Bedroom

020 antique-bedroom-decorating-ideas-photo-of-exemplary-bedroom-decor-within-vintage-white-bedroom-furniture-ideas 6

Image: Safarimp

A country cottage style has a delightful creamy white theme. Victorian furnishings are paired with a rose’ champagne hue that makes a lasting impression.

In the styles we have peered through, you will note a desired blend of light and dark tones. Pleasant color and genuine decor bring a cherished antiquated look to our everyday space. Floral prints and damask patterns fill the room with depth while creating a cozy style. Scrolled designs and curved gestures bring an elegant and chic fashion home. When choosing your theme, style and decor consider the space and the symmetrical value of corners and windows. You will find the right amount of lighting shares a refreshed perspective bringing purposeful style through out. Vintage and Victorian trends meet modern charm with intricate details. Deep wooden finishes are stately while an airy tone enchants the space.

Taking a step through time reminds us of a fashionable history. Inspiration from a notable era brings a sense of heart and nostalgia that is reminiscent of artistic craftsmanship. A dramatic period is followed by a more subtle style that is collaborated for a warm and cozy appeal. Restyle your bedroom with visionary aspects that will start your day with a smile. The horizon is full of possibilities and so is your bedroom space. Merge your favorite charismatic hints together to create your dream style. When you take a step back and feel your new room , you will find out a little about yourself. Seeing the elements come together is a portrait of your own aspirations and personality.