Art Deco Bedrooms: Art in Small Spaces

Art deco bedroom desgin

It might remind you of the Roarin’ 20s. Art deco, as a design style, is both delightfully vintage and yet forward thinking at the same time. Bedrooms big and small have shown that no matter how much space they have, an art deco bedroom can be a work of art.

001 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects

Symmentrical decor and sharp contrasts (note the cream walls or brown furnishings) are part of the charm behind art deco designs.

002 traditional-bedroom 20

Image: UBER Interiors

Pleasantly retro, this spacious bedroom showcases some of the classic features of art nouveau bedroom deco designs, including a magnificent glass chandelier.

003 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

A little more subtle, this art deco bedroom furniture uses luxurious purples to make a statement.

004 eclectic-bedroom 20

Image: Marie Burgos Design

Classic art and lines of black in the furnishings help turn this small bedroom into a retro haven.

006 transitional-bedroom 20

Image: Laura U, Inc.

Glass art deco bedroom furniture definitely evokes a very strong, luxurious vibe. The decor and rich mauves and browns present in the room are classic art deco.

007 asian-bedroom 20

Image: IMI Design, LLC

Wood paneling helps give this bedroom a masterful gentlemen’s club feeling while remaining skillfully modern. It provides the best of both worlds.

010 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: London Bay Homes

A little more subdued, this bedroom’s retro decor is a bit more subtle. Note the chairs and the geometric lighting fixture.

013 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Art&deco

Lighting installed on the wall helps fill this space with light and emphasize the grandeur of the room’s art deco designs.

020 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Arnold Schulman Design Group

Geometric wood paneling and lots of light bring together the best elements of art deco decor in a very spacious room. Art, as seen here, works wonders in any space but especially in art deco room.

023 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Lucy Call

This room might not be as colorful as other art deco designs but this room still emphasizes the importance of art and geometric designs nonetheless.

033 midcentury 20

Image: Timeless Interiors

A clamshell headboard helps emphasize the room’s retro qualities.

034 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Accouter Group

Geometric paintings help emphasize the room’s pleasant art deco qualities.

041 traditional-bedroom 20

Image: Masterworks Window Fashions & Design

Even a small space can become an art deco haven thanks to a full vanity and art on the walls.

048 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Nash Baker Architects

Contemporary furnishings and geometric designs in each piece of furniture help incorporate art deco elements into this modern room.

056 eclectic-bedroom 20

Image: Eolo A&I Design

A wall vinyl, a chandelier, and stunning mahogany furniture turn this bedroom into an art deco hideaway.

063 eclectic-bedroom 20

Image: Ondine Karady Design

Don’t underestimate the power of color in an art deco space. Done right and these rooms take on a personality of their own.

066 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Flegel’s Interior Design & Furniture

Cream walls pleasantly contrasted with dark furniture give this room a lot of character.

078 traditional-bedroom 20

Image: Casa Cavio

A geometric headboard and a majestic rug help this art deco bedroom turn into a work of art. Note the plant in the corner and how that subtle pop of green makes everything stand out.

079 contemporary-bedroom

Image: Chris Snook

The glass, geometric lamp base is evokative of all the best qualities of art deco design- retro without being out of style and assertive of its identity.

080 modern-bedroom

Image: Modern Declaration

Strong geometric designs and fluffy carpets make this an art deco room worth coming home too.

Art deco can mean a lot of things. But for us, it denotes a luxurious, pleasantly retro space with forward thinking momentum. We think these rooms fit the bill.