20 Asian Bedroom Design Ideas

Asian Bedroom Design Ideas

When your day has been full of demanding bosses and a barrage of barking dogs on your way home, you sigh in relief as you open your bedroom door. You are ready to put the day to rest and start your evening. As you step in , what do you see? If you are not sure if you should answer that then take a moment. Imagine opening your door and stepping into a whole new serenity. A place that envelops a deep enriched sense of your inner zen. You do not need to take a vacation to find this peaceful corner of the world. You can bring the harmony to you with an inspired Asian Bedroom.

Asian bedrooms have a fine balance of the elements. An intricate collaboration of your style and an ancient culture of meditative qualities, you will find your bedroom space to be an unparalleled piece of paradise. Asian decor has long been a tradition in many homes around the world. The hues and tones range from bold reds and gold to earthy muted neutrals. Themes and pictorial qualities tell a tale of wisdom deeply set in an antique culture. A modern world collaborates with designs from the past for an inspirational style. Below you will find images that will sweep  you away into another place that will soon have you designing a room of your own.

Bedfordale House

001 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Suzanne Hunt Architect

Beautifully set is a design that appeals to your senses. Wooden and metal touches work together with a modern yet cultural style.

Hale Ho’omalu

003 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Antony Homes

Pleasant neutrals are intertwined with wooden appeals. The decorative accents and shudders create a refreshing and spirited look.

Mauna Lani Resort

005 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Kohala Creative Construction

A vaulted roof accentuates the divine mural that sets the tone for the room. Sleek furnishings are designed to accompany the rich wooden accents throughout.

Master Bedroom

008 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Laura Birns Design Eco-Furnishings

A sage green back drop is well met with a deep bronzed silk inspired bedding. Greenery and wooden pieces offer an elemental quality to the design.

Nejad Oriental Rugs Bucks County Historic Estate Featured in Architectual Digest

009 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Nejad Oriental Rugs

Oriental accents are lavishly set along a canopy bed. Sheer panels hold a nostalgic feel and create a brilliant design. The accessories to the style are chic and of utmost elegance.

Makai Residence

010 asian-bedroom 37

Image: GFDS Engineers

This room has clean lines and a fresh appeal. The large dual doors are intricate in design and adds  a prosperous look to the room.

Hale Ho’omalu

012 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Antony Homes

Create your own getaway with this captivating style. A bamboo impression and symmetrical design is seemingly luxurious.

Classical Japanese Meets American Techno-Luxe

013 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty

A grand picture window is accompanied by a cultural round window. The wooden room has Asian inspired art that is a phenomenal design.

Antique Bed

015 asian-bedroom 37

Image: China Furniture and Arts

A beautiful cultural design is set with enriched accents and decorative embellishments. Wood is gracefully carved and perfects this divine look.


017 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Mosher Dolan, Inc.

This design holds wonderful artistic pieces that contribute to the grand wooden framing around the bed. Gentle accents and curvatures add a prominent feel to the room.

River Runs Through It

022 asian-bedroom 37

Image: L&K Real Estate

Here we see a rustic and vintage point of view. Distressed woods meet vintage scrolled lighting that highlight the elegant furnishings presented.

North Rim – Wild Rye Circle

024 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Pacwest Homes

Picturesque windows lend a hand to a traditional and modern appeal. The aqua accents are well noted throughout the space.

Mandarin Oriental

025 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Lisa Escobar Design

An oriental chest of drawers and stated art are brought into a modern sphere with clean lines and a classic look.

Teen’s Colorful Dream

027 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Texture

A whimsical use of color and style brings a vintage feel and an air of antiquity. The accents and decorative touches are genuine.

Anomalous Asian Fusion

030 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Circa Interiors

Modern styling is well met Asian touches. Wooden appeals and a chic corner fireplace are paired with witty art work and hints of luxury.


037 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Japanese Space and Decor Zen’s Studio

An Asian fashioned sliding door has intricate wooden framing. A simplistic allure meets a modern headboard creating a comfortable space.

Cosy Alpine Bedroom + Bathroom

039 asian-bedroom 37

Image: ASVInteriors

An ingenious use of wooden symmetry. Lighting accentuates the angular design along with precise accents and chic white bedding.

Dan Fein – Ethan Allen Scottsdale, AZ

042 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Ethan Allen

In this room we have a headboard that is a unique modern design. Wooden shudders add specific dimension while complimenting the neutral palette to the room.


044 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Japanese Space and Decor Zen’s Studio

A different angle to an inspired setting allows us to see the frosted glass and wood detailing that has inspired the sliding door within a room.

Woodstock residence headboard & live edge tatami platform bed

049 asian-bedroom 37

Image: Miya Shoji & Interiors Inc

This bed style has risen to the designing occasion and is paired with a naturalistic art design that accents the room to complete a sensational modern design.

Styling your own retreat will bring a fresh perspective to your mornings and a light breeze to your evening. Integrating the nuance of modern intricacy with the integral poise of an antiquated culture. Our deep connected sense of culture surrounds us with an elemental perspective. The air that swirls around us, the earth and oppositional water and fire harmoniously balance our day. We are able to infuse these balances into our space with accents and designs. When you are entering your bedroom you should not only see a scheme that envelops your senses, you should feel as if you have stepped into a manner of exclusivity and serenity. Clean lines and tones are displayed with simple elegance as some designs may envision a more luxurious space with lavish decor.

When you are ready to enchant a design with your refreshing style, you will culminate references to cultural appeals. The aspects that speak to your being, your clarity and aspirations are intertwined with a stylish representation. Your bedroom is a part of your home however it is so much more. It is a personal oasis away from the door, the phone and the ringing of timers. It is a room to take a journey through the pages of your favorite book or just close your eyes and dream of what inspires you most. The decorative world has much to offer. Murals and artifacts are rich with cultural symbolism. Use of color sets the tone of the room and offers a refreshing aura to the space. Bring hopeful expressions of  luck,spirit and the essence of your insightful thoughts to a brilliant view. Be inspired in your your own zen. When the day comes to an end and a new one dawns, your Asian bedroom will be a personal paradise.

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