20 Harmonious Asian-Inspired Dining Room Designs

Asian Dining Rooms

Simplicity, balance, and harmony reflect in each of these Asian dining rooms and create wonderful spaces in which to share your meals. They range from zen to elaborate, antique to chic. Each of them incorporates nature in some form while also adding modern accents like chandeliers and rough wood tables.

Several Japanese-inspired dining sets focus on soft, natural schemes and textures. On the other hand, Chinese-based decor opts for brighter colors, sometimes incorporating the classic idea of yin and yang. Feng shui is evident throughout, from the flow of spaces to the placement of various materials in the room.

Aviary Dining Room

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Image: 93idm

A birdcage light fixture suits the natural oriental aviary theme in this dining room. An abstract series of paintings depicts a tree branch which pairs well with the dark wood table.

Dinner Relics

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Image: Decoist

Along with dinner, this dining room provides a look into the past with a display case of ancient Asian artifacts. Two large paintings tie together the space which is enhanced with a stunning light fixture.

Artwork + Architecture

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Image: Markdsikes

Large panel murals take up both walls in this Asian dining room to set the scene. Intricately carved chairs in black and gold finish off the look.

Zen Dining Room

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Image: Lonny

In this traditional Asian dining setting, white cushions act as chairs for this ground level table. Simplified place settings and a clean white room keep a zen vibe throughout.

Partitioned Dining

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Image: Alibaba

Another low table, this one is surrounded by cushioned chairs with comfortable backs. Beautiful white screens allow in light but lend privacy to the setting.

Lantern Dining

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Image: Chinoiserie Chic

The focal point of this room, the light fixture, matches the other bright red features in the room. Its design is modeled after imperial palace architecture and plays off the idea of Chinese lanterns.

Breezy Nature

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Image: Pin IMG

This Asian dining space follows a Zen theme with light wood and a large nature-themed mural. The modern chandelier presents a contemporary twist.

Darkened Dining

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Image: The Decorista

A painted screen in the corner sets the theme in this Asian dining space. A colorful patterned rug draws out lighter tones in an otherwise darkly theme rooms. Tall candles and sconces provide a soft glow.

Cherry Blossom Dining Room

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Image: The Pink Pagoda

Artwork in this primarily green space depicts oriental patterns and origins. Cherry blossoms painted on the wall are reflected in the ones filling the painted vase. Meanwhile, modern touches such as a crystal chandelier coincide wonderfully.

Oriental Vibrancy

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Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Elaborate design elements cover every inch of this Asian dining room. Gold inlay carvings around the chandelier, chair, and mirror add a palatial elegance. Panels painted with antique pictures and vibrant colors present a story with dinner.

Golden Dining Room

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Image: SFGate

A striking gold mural screen decorates one wall. Gold accents also complete the chairs and the chandelier without overpowering the space.

Sunny Setting

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Image: BHG

This small dining space is enough to brighten any day with its bold orange walls and sky blue paintings. Light floors and gorgeous white cutout chairs keep the room light and breezy.

Feng Shui-Inspired Asian Dining Room

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Image: Aai Made with Love

This striking space follows perfect symmetry. Centered beneath the roof’s peak is a raw wood table adorned with eight chairs leading to matching white screens and tall plants.

Sleek Asian Inspired Dining Room

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Image: Architecture Art Designs

Small details enhance this sleek Asian dining space. Various wood accents create a comforting space with a pop of green added by a table plant.

Modern Asian Dining Room

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Image: Zen Designs

With large rocks decorate the table in this clean zen space. White washed wood floors enhance the clean white of the walls and cushions in the room. Finally, large custom-made chairs lend extra comfort for guests.

Asian Dining Nook

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Image: SG living Pod

This amazing space sits above ground level and is light by a large lantern. While it gives the appearance of ground seating, a small space beneath the table allows guests to sit as if at a regular table. Meanwhile, beautiful fabric murals add a pop of color on the wall.

Colorful Asian Dining Room

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Image: Decozilla

This brightly decorated table sits low to the floor to allow guests to sit on comfortable cushions around it. Hardwood floors and a low hanging light complete the bright, natural feel.

Cozy Asian Dining Room

Unveröffentlichtes Detail Tisch asiatisch eingedeckt: Tisch, Stühle,Lampen Bild, Vorhänge, Gläser: Ikea Servietten: ASA Rattanlaternen: Impressionen, Höhe 25cm, Holzschalen: ASA schwarze Kiesel: Habitat. Geschirr: Arzberg, Form 2000 Magnolie Besteck: Daily Lambert Buddha, lange schwarze Zweige: Die Wäscherei Stoff für Tischläufer: Jab

Image: Wunderweib

This cozy space is decorated in black and red accents. Floral patterns are found throughout, and unique iron lanterns hold candles that shed a zen glow.

Asian Dining Room

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Image: Manyara Home

Light wood against white walls keep this space sleek and calm. Comfortable pillows cushion guests as they sit at the beautiful wood table. A stunning chandelier dangles above the small assortment of plants.

Festival-Inspired Asian Dining Room

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Image: Blog Lovin

Upon entering this room, you feel as if festivities are about to begin. Several Chinese lanterns hang at varying levels above a smooth wood table. A vibrant rug reflects the colors of the accent wall and highlights the animal heads and portraits decorating the walls.

These designs are sure to amplify the balance and zen in your home. For more Asian inspirations, check out our post 15 Glamorous Asian Kitchen Design Ideas.