20 Stunning Exterior Asian Home Design Ideas

Asian Home Designs

The Asian culture is both serene and spirited. Designers today have adopted the ancient architectural concept of Asian home designs, and have conformed the design to a modern structure. The asian style home infuses a balance of the elements that is said to increase awareness to the senses. The thoughtful energy adds harmony to our style and our way of living. The asian designs consist of clean lines and shallow roofing heights. The angles and geometry of the designs offer smart solutions to year round effects as well as an eye appealing structure. The windows are a concept to allow a fluent flow of energy through and around the home. Modern designers have continued tradition with asian details and inspirations.

You can adapt an asian style theme for any size home. The cultural style is architecturally precise while conveying the designers visionary prose. The materials will be indicative of your personal options and the environmental needs of your region. The look is adaptable with masonry directives and and wood choices. You will find many asian style homes will collaborate materials to create a unique design that has a generous curb appeal.

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Image: Prairie Architect

This Asian inspired home has a stately appeal. The brick column style balances the homes geometrical design. An abundance of light is evident as it shines across the manicured lawn.

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Image: Designer Dream Homes

This traditional asian style utilizes a white screen surrounding and a light wood bamboo style ambience. The house is set on risers over a tranquil and meditative pond.

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Image: The Berry

The perfect modern appeal holds an ancient style. The elegant windows are paired in a rich wood setting. A cultural pond runs beneath the house inviting prosperity and positive energy to the home.

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Image: Dwell

An inspired asian styled home has dramatic ocean views.  The dimensional roof sits atop a wooden structure with large glass properties that open the home to a breathtaking surrounding.

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Image: Houzz

This home holds an open concept. Brick and wooden touches inspire a charming perspective on Asian styled architecture. The landscaping adds a natural balance to the homes design.

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Image: Bensley

In this eastern style, the home is dressed in stylish touches that are balanced with a modern tone. The foyer of the home is traditionally inviting luck and ancestral prosperity to the home.


Image: The Home Decorz

In true asian style this home depicts many of the cultural aspects using the origins of the elemental design. The home is set with natural woods and indications window directions. The home has an earthly appeal with a keen sense of appeals.

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Image: 966v

Private and architecturally inspired, this home has a balance of modern details and Asian styles that have created a dimensional design.

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Image: Luxe Source

This Asian styled home has an elegant air to its design. The creative collaboration of stone and woods add a finessed touch to the multi dimensional style.

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Image: Bloglovin

Multiple textures are integrated in this Asian style home. The shingled rock harmoniously charms the wooden details set within this design. Windows and lighting lend a grandeur look and feel to the home.

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Image: Architecture Art Designs

A spiraling wide concrete stairway leads up to an asian styled home. Ocean views and a spacious surrounding is chic and luxurious.

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Image: One Kind Design

Overhead slats adorn a cultural walk way. Clever doors and windows contribute an open and inviting style. The mingled materials create a genuine design.

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Image: Home New Design

This modern elegance is lined with structured pillars leading to a dimensional style. The Asian design is lavish with cultured accents and a modern flair.

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Image: Awillettarchitect

This home has an infused style of a cabin feel with Asian culture appeals. This wood and stone structure sits on a peaceful corner of your own part of the world.

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Image: Home Adore

Pond views are central in the style of this Asian styled home. The natural setting accentuates the wooden elements and brings a vibrant sense to the design.

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Image: Home Design Find

A varied collaboration of elements and materials are balanced with an angular view. The home is dressed in a refined palate and designer style.

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Image: V-Meni

Industrial hues are paired with an asian style home. The white and neutral is refreshing and airy with a witty sense of accents and designs.

18 Contemporary-Lake-House-SkB-Architects-11-1-Kindesign

Image: SKB Architects

A grand design has luxurious windows and an open modern appeal. The layout has multiple levels that accentuate the Asian concept.  The lighting is brilliant offering an illuminated view of the elaborate setting.

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Image: Florplan

This creative fencing surrounds an Asian styled home. The neutral colors are designed to harmonize with rich and earthly accents that are both intricate and delightful.

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Image: Envy Avenue

Black and white tones are melodically elemental in this Asian styled home. The modern structure is set with architectural genius while utilizing a style that has an elaborate curb appeal.

The designs we have seen today are inspiring with a keen sense of culture. The elements and style are integrated with the philosophies of tradition. With a designers touch these homes are luxuriously set with grand views and stunning surroundings. The clever structures are designed with stone, brick and wood that offers a refreshing style. An Asian styled home has both personality and charm leading to ingenious architectural structures.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or building your own, you will find this design a genuine style to call home. The Asian aspects of your design will provide a link to the elemental nature that surrounds us. Prosperous thoughts and new beginnings are in the air when you decide on an Asian styled home.

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