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20 Luxury Bathroom Designs Gallery

Luxury Bathroom Designs

  Home design has a long cherished tradition of appealing to our senses. The intentional pairings of color, fabrics and textures can hold lasting impressions. You may notice when you walk into a space, the surroundings offer its own ambience. The characteristics of the room can provide us with a deep breath after a long […]

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20 Bathroom Open Shelving Design Ideas

Bathroom Open Shelving

One of the biggest challenges we face when updating our bathroom is space, time and budget. No matter the size of your bathroom, we have a vindicated style cure that will fit inside your weekly schedule, your monthly budget and your bathroom. Whether you are striving for a modern appeal or a rustic tradition, the […]

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20 Black Vanity Bathroom Design Ideas

Black Vanity Bathroom

When you think of incorporating black finishes into the structural integrity of your design, you may feel this only applies to a modern style or appeal. Lucky for us, times have changed and so has the world of design. Just like the little black dress, black finishes have become adaptable to any style. One way […]

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20 Contemporary Bathroom Design Styles To Choose From

Contemporary Bathroom Design

When redesigning your bathroom space, you may come across a lot of definitive terms that may seem confusing. One of the most common points of confusion is the word Contemporary. Many find it difficult to descriptively find the source of their style. Is it modern? or is it Contemporary? The modernization of style originated decades […]

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20 Bathroom Window Treatment Styles To Choose From

Bathroom Window Treatment

In my opinion, the most difficult part of restyling a bathroom with a window is not the decor or fixtures, it is the curtains! Standing in the store, you will find a plethora of curtains,drapes and blinds. You can become mesmerized by the varied colors, textures and patterns. When redesigning your bathroom, many hours of […]

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20 Gorgeous Turquoise Interior Bathroom Designs

Turquoise Interior Bathroom Design

Whether you are restyling or redesigning your bathroom space, you will be considering varying colors and hues that will complement the desired overall look you wish to achieve. Turquoise is as versatile as it is trendy. This classic color has many approaches in styles and shade variances that will appeal to any style. Incorporating a […]

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20 Best Bathroom Granite Countertops Design Ideas

Bathroom Granite Countertops Ideas

  if you are looking for a durable yet decorative way to incorporate design into your bathroom space, you may consider granite counter tops. When you think of granite counters your mind may automatically think of the kitchen. These designer gems are the perfect addition to your new bathroom. They offer a water resistant quality […]

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