20 Stylish Bachelor’s Pad Bedrooms Designs and Decor

Bachlore Pad

When you think of bachelor pad bedrooms you may think of an Austin Powers movie. The clap on clap off disco ball that drops from the ceiling with retro swirling lights and of course completed with a fur rug. In today’s modern society bachelors have moved up on the fashion ladder. Modern tidings and classy Appeals have become more of the tradition then what we may be used to seeing. Statistics show we live in a time where marriage is no longer the common trend. There are more confirmed bachelor’s today than any other time period. As the bachelor scene has evolved so has the bachelor pad. A refined sense has been displayed, keeping the cliche to a minimum. Mens place in the design world is equally significant to women. They have staked their claim creating elegant rooms with a masculine touch.

Most modern day bachelor pads have ditched the neon signs for a contemporary style. The modernized effect is a trendy and chic (sorry guys) space. You will find varied neutrals and tones that are paired with detailed pieces. The rooms have a stately purpose while being comfortable and cozy. We have hand picked twenty bachelor pads that will give you a new outlook on the proverbial version of the bachelor pad.

The Pretty Blog
Image: The Pretty Blog

Here we view simplicity with a detailed surroundings. The deeper tones are gradually set with neutral hues creating a warm ambience to the bedroom.

Image: digsdigs

Black and creme are generously styled with decorative accents and purposed touches. The room is friendly and inviting after a long day.

Elements of Style
Image: Elements of Style

A clean style has a refined approach. The room is charming allowing for the bedroom to have a positive vibe.

Image: HomeAdore

This modern design is slate colors with choc creme accents. Artistic lighting and fresh appeals are a genuine statement within the space.


This well stated space is defined and enriched. The lavish tones and finishes complete the style with a charismatic appeal.

Next Luxury
Image: Next Luxury

Modern contemporary is a refined style that holds depth of color and slight cues. The look of this bedroom is stylishly welcome. Updated and contemporary accents are trendy and well purposed.

Next Luxury
Image: Next Luxury

Nature lovers will cherish the realistic mural and it’s walk in the woods appeal. The clever use of pallets and wooden decor makes this design a win. A shabby chic appeal is woven in to a completed sense of style.

MF Post
Image: MF Post

Reminiscent of recent movies, we see a large space filled with personality. The floor to ceiling book shelves are paired with a cozy surrounding and a great view. Textures are paired with soft hues to set the room.

Home Design Love
Image: Home Design Lover

This loft style bedroom is earthy and modern. The gray collaborations make this space a style with depth and understanding. The wooden back drop is clever with lime green modern lights.

Home My Design
Image: Home My Design

The essence of lavish designs is simplified with a well stated appeal. The bedroom is generously given a charming appeal. The cascading effect along the window is full of champagne dreams.

Home My Design 2
Image: Home My Design

Brick and wood are surrounded by Windows for a brilliant design. The colors are paired well as is the tradition of a classy appeal. Creme and black accents lend a seamless style.

Image: Homedit

Rustic meets modern tradition in this bachelor pad bedroom. The wood is vindicated with decor and trophies alike. The faux fur bedding adds to the style with personality.

Image: igxbaddies

A collaborative mix of fine artistic touches create a beautiful city scene. The creative lighting sets the ambience of a relaxed atmosphere. The shadowing tree is effectual with the atmospheric view.

Kathy Kuo Home
Image: Kathy Kuo Home

A glossy finish is accentuated by an industrial design. The white is luxuriously set alongside an enriched palate. The surrounding is mirrored of a sleek city apartment.

Apartment Therapy
Image: Apartment Therapy

This stately space is black and gray. The natural palate is refined and comfortably appealing. The walls are mingled with dual tones creating depth and scenic perceptions.

Image: Cantoni

The subtle gradual hues are perfected in this bachelor pad bedroom. The design is gracefully set with a classy surrounding. You will note the lighter tone is paired expertly with a stone gray. Metallic touches enrich the room with a designer feel.

Image: Decoist

Twilight patio is brought indoors in this charming design. The genuine sense to the room is inviting and relaxed. Taupes and black are integrated for a completed sense to the room.

Design You Trust
Image: Design You Trust

The ingenious architectural design noted here is inspiring. There is a multitude of stylish cues and qualities. Artistic angles and accents are the center of this themed space.

Image: DesignMag

Luxurious and lavish settings are made with a glamorous chandelier and black and tan tones. The creme accents are graciously styled in this photo worthy.

Designers have ditched the neon signs and have replaced them with classic and artistic pieces. The trending times are dressed for success with stately tones and neutral palates. Accents are featured with a stylish cue from the theme of the bedroom space. The design you choose will depend largely on the lifestyle and needs of the space.

Determining color is a personalized theme. Color creates energy in the room. The pairings of color will invite an assortment of appeals. The designer will opt for tones that collaborate with the style of the room harmonizing a charming bedroom design with a bachelor’s touch.