20 Bathroom Open Shelving Design Ideas

Bathroom Open Shelving

One of the biggest challenges we face when updating our bathroom is space, time and budget. No matter the size of your bathroom, we have a vindicated style cure that will fit inside your weekly schedule, your monthly budget and your bathroom. Whether you are striving for a modern appeal or a rustic tradition, the concept of Bathroom Open Shelving will reinvent the style of your space. Incorporating open shelving in your Bathroom provides a trio of functionality, efficiency and decorative prose.

Below, you will find twenty illustrative examples of how Open Shelving can change the way you view your bathroom. You will see how an open concept is as favorable as cabinetry. This style is a true space saver that can be displayed proudly. Peer through the images and you will want to start planning your own Open Shelving concept today.

The Harper House
Image: The Harper House

Remove the cluster of daily products by storing them in chic canisters and baskets. They are efficiently accessible and decorative when set atop wooden block shelving. The location of this setting will create an ease to the day.

Small Design Ideas
Image: Small Design Ideas

In this concept we see how to use bathroom staples creatively. This design has cleverly displayed open shelving that offer functional living in a classic appeal.

Image: Minimalisti

Traditional tones create a warmth and air of coziness with use of this open shelving concept. The shelves are set in an optimal space allowing for the purposed decor to flourish.

Almamia Decor
Image: Almamia Decor

Organization using a classic style is found in this chic space. The shelving runs proportionately, utilizing space creatively. Baskets and the use of charming decorative accents offers a new perspective to this bathroom design.

Better Homes and Gardens
Image: Better Homes and Gardens

The use of gradual color is ingenious while the baskets add a clever storage technique. A built in cove for a hamper not only saves space it becomes a genuine part of the design.

Byte in Home
Image: Byte in Home

A traditional spa is evident with light and airy cues and a double basin table top. Earthy woods and wicker offer a deluxe appeal to an everyday tradition.

Better Homes and Gardens 2
Image: Better Homes and Gardens

A place for everything, and everything in its place is the motto for this space. The refreshed use of baskets and color make this a comfortable style. The integration of patterns bring a refreshing decorative touch.

The Cottage Journal
Image: The Cottage Journal

Bring a sea side retreat home with this open shelving design. The key is the crisp colors and clean white decorative accents that double as clever storage.

Image: Waplag

Say hello to organization at its finest. Contrasting lined baskets and chic canisters, display this on the side shelving stylishly.

Image: HipVan | LIVE BETTER

In this open shelf setting, we see an emphasis in the shelving itself. The hooked corners add a designer appeal to everyday essentials.

Image: Kathy @ TBD•TGG•DYSS

This chic style accentuates color usage in an energizing palate. Trendy containers are both efficient and decoratively charming. The aspects of this design brings a sense of home and cozy tidings that is ready for an everyday lifestyle.

Home Design Lover
Image: Home Design Lover

Rustic and elegant, we see the use of uniformity to bring a well styled look to the room. The basin table is adorned with an even balance of decorative hints and storage capability. Low set baskets are a victorious addition to the design.

Image: Honey were home

The block wooden shelving that we see here offers dimension. The design is focused yet appealing in a stylish sense while offering accessibility to the space. We see a collaborative use of texture and height to bring the completed look to an inviting design.

Shirley {notedlist.com}
Image: Shirley {notedlist.com}

Here we see a collaborated style allowing multiple essentials to be displayed and utilized without the clutter. The shelving is brilliantly displayed with touches of personality. This concept is magazine ready yet family friendly.

domino magazine
Image: domino magazine

A hint of luxury is evident in this design. The well purposed shelving offers a two toned dimensional appeal while serving as a stylish storage of prominently used items in your bathroom space.

Desire to Inspire
Image: Desire to Inspire

This inspirational shelving design is architecturally innovative. The eye is drawn to the perplexity of the units as they additionally serve as a means of everyday usage.

Image: Decoholic

A touch of country is found here with a classic cottage appeal. Take note that a small space can be decoratively appealing as well as purposed. The storage baskets and decor collaborate together offering a well styled appeal.

Country Living
Image: Country Living

Combining shelving and drawers are the dynamic duo of this concept. Matching boxes and rolled towels give us a pleasant view of organization.

Image: contemporist

Simple yet defined is evident in this design. The open shelving on the bottom of the basin table is highlighted as both storage and a clever use of space. The rustic style is collaborated with a modern tone that offers a finished appeal to the concept.


In this article we have seen how open bathroom open shelving can be an attribute to your design.  In this no doors necessary style, you will be able to update your bathroom while keeping the space organized. The use of containers both big and small serves a dual purpose of decorative functionality. Apothecary jars and decorative tins and bins can be used as well as baskets of all varieties. Many of the designs we have seen collaborated textures and tones. We have seen how color is incorporated to finalize the style you wish to create. This concept is family and budget friendly offering a chic and luxurious appeal to any bathroom.

You can begin by assessing your space and the essential daily items you will be including in your own open shelf design.  Include a dimensional intention to your shelving that will in return offer a well purposed style. The key to success is to add your own personality into the refreshed style. The resulting overall look of your bathroom will be complementary to your lifestyle.