20 Functional and Gorgeous Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Bathroom Shelving Ideas

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, shelving is key. Bathroom Shelving Ideas can both significantly improve the look of your bathroom and add some much-needed storage space to an often neglected room in the home. Here’s a few Bathroom Shelving ideas to give you some inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling project.

001 contemporary-bathroom 13

Image: Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

Highly modern, small bathroom shelving are both cute and functional. The light colors help open up the bathroom and help this space feel lighter, which is key when you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

005 contemporary-bathroom 13

Image: Filmore Clark

Modern, unobtrusive shelving units by the tub help provide a handy space for decor and towels while contributing to this open shelving bathroom, elegant atmosphere.

006 traditional-bathroom 13

Image: RW Anderson Homes

When you don’t have a lot of space available, the last thing you want to do is have a huge, hulking shelving unit taking up valuable floor space.

014 traditional-bathroom 13

Image: RemodelWest

Tucked beside a discreet cabinet, these shallow shelves are a handy place to add both decor, which adds interest to the space, and beauty products, avoiding the common problem of a junk-filled bathroom cabinet.

017 contemporary-bathroom 13

Image: Wettling Architects

In general, try to stick with shelving units that hide in the wall if you’re short on space. In a bright, white bathroom, these floating glass shelves for bathroom units help break the monotony and offer both function and style.

018 contemporary-bathroom 13

Image: Dawna Jones Design

Wood shelves give this contemporary bathroom an oriental vibe, all while keeping valuable belongings off the counters and floor.

019 transitional-bathroom 13

Image: NWC Construction

This nifty shelving unit adds interest, due to its eccentric shelves and vivid blue coloration.

020 transitional-bathroom 13

Image: Jordyn Developments

Glass can be just the thing to help brighten up a contemporary bathroom. These glass shelving units are generous on space and style.

025 modern-bathroom 13

Image: Mosby Building Arts

Perfectly paired with the open shelf bathroom vanities, this shelving unit gives this bathroom a warm, organic vibe.

026 contemporary-bathroom 13

Image: C.P. Hart Bathrooms

Looking for bathroom wall shelving ideas? Empty wall in your bathroom? Consider installing a couple small shelving units. As seen here, you’ll have the opportunity to add plenty of knickknacks and personalized decor, which helps your bathroom feel a little less monotonous.

029 contemporary-bathroom 13

Image: Andrea Braund Home Staging & Design

These asymmetrical shelves add personality and charm to this elegant modern master bathroom.

049 tropical-bathroom 13

Image: Ike Kligerman Barkley

In this bathroom we actually see two great shelving examples. Over the bathroom counter we have a subtle, recessed shelf that adds both function and beauty to a contemporary yet classic space. The other shelf, installed over the tub, adds some pizzaz with lit shelves and European style bordering.

053 contemporary-bathroom 13

Image: Cathers Home

Contemporary bathroom shelves recessed into the wall, these glass cabinets add a very chic element to this very .

055 eclectic-bathroom 13

Image: Lauren Bryan Knight

When in doubt go into the wall. These high cabinets help reduce floor clutter and help jazz up a small, yet bright space.

056 victorian-bathroom 13

Image: J Campbell Interiors

Classic and yet far from outdated bath, these shelves help continue the spacious, generous feeling that’s present throughout the entire bathroom.

061 traditional-bathroom 13

Image: La Rizza Interior Design

In such an elegant bathroom, even the shelves have high expectations to live up to. And they certainly do the job well enough, providing function and beauty all in one.

062 asian-bathroom 13

Image: Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc.

Without these shelves, this wall would seem a little too empty and bland. But with the shelves, empty spaces are put to good use and another element of interest is added to the room.

063 craftsman-bathroom 13

Image: Carisa Mahnken Design Guild

But don’t discount end tables and low shelving. A hutch or a large shelving unit can help add a warm element to the bathroom while providing plenty of space for everything in your bathroom.

067 modern-bathroom 13

Image: fouzia

Sleek, white shelves help give the walls some interest and help play off this bathroom’s ample lighting and open space.

069 modern-bathroom 13

Image: MORE design+build

In this penthouse bathroom, wooden shelves infuse the space with plenty of organic charm while taking advantage of a small space.

Whether you need additional storage space or want to add more interest to your bathroom, never discount a good bathroom shelving unit. Regardless of how you’ve designed your bathroom, shelves can do more than hold towels- they can help your bathroom feel more like a liveable, functional space.