20 Bathroom Window Treatment Styles To Choose From

Bathroom Window Treatment

In my opinion, the most difficult part of restyling a bathroom with a window is not the decor or fixtures, it is the curtains! Standing in the store, you will find a plethora of curtains,drapes and blinds. You can become mesmerized by the varied colors, textures and patterns. When redesigning your bathroom, many hours of planning and decorating have been invested. The curtains become not only a focal point, however they also tie the entire room together. No pressure….. right?

First lets discuss the functional aspect of bathroom curtains. They not only add a sense of privacy, they can also regulate temperature by blocking drafts and eliminating heat from the sun. The decorative collaboration of bathroom curtains will blend the rooms style together similar to the punctuation at the end of a sentence. When choosing curtains for your bathroom, you will want to consider the size of the window and the location. This will help you to decide the best option for your design. Below we have put together twenty illustrations that will help define the various styles and their optimal uses.

Home Stratosphere
Image: Home Stratosphere

A picturesque window deserves the royal treatment. These champagne touched valances are luxuriously set following the theme of the rooms design.

Image:  Restoring Our Victorian House

Simple yet stated, we see bi-fold blinds that offer stylish reviews as well as privacy. The combined purposed blinds are a must have for your shower.

Image: thezhush

The window treatments displayed in this design are trendy with a neutral palate that is decorative. The scrolling shade is versatile in offering airy light into the space as well as being drawn to have a more shaded effect.

Image: The Shade Store

In following with the whispered gray hues of the space, this crepe style shade balances the room with light and completes the style gracefully.

Sarah Bartholomew
Image: Sarah Bartholomew

This simplistically elegant window treatment is designed with a stylish flow adding a charming touch with a contrasting rod.

Sarah Burdon
Image: Sarah Burdon

A cottage style is cozy and functional. These stark white blinds offer both privacy and a stylish design that complements the space.

My Sparkled Life
Image: My Sparkled Life

This swept to the side appeal is patterned with a decorative touch. The printed window accents the set while paired with accommodating accessories that complete the room.

Housetrends Magazine
Image: House Trends Magazine

A creative window treatment is sans the curtain. This designer opted for an iron scrolling design that adds a lavish effect. The window is central in the space yet blends the fashionable essence of the room.

House Beautiful UK
Image: House Beautiful UK

Here we see how color is infused through the style with the use of window treatments. The muted tones are vibrantly set with a decorative touch.

House Beautiful Magazine
Image: House Beautiful Magazine

The long draped window treatment frames the claw foot bathtub in a timeless style. The luxurious pairing heightens the space lending a grand appearance to the room.

ConfettiStyle Interiors
Image: Confetti Style Interiors

This classic shade is exquisitely scenic adding just the right element to the design. The black and white contrast is balanced with a neutral surrounding.

Confetti Style Interiors2
Image: Confetti Style Interiors

A clean open style is complemented with half set folding blinds. Natural light illuminates the space and is paired with an intriguing light fixture that offers the finishing touches.

Diy and Crafts Magazine
Image: Diy and Crafts Magazine

A neutral palate is paired with a geometrical pattern infusing a chic look with a modern style. The accents throughout the room are harmoniously set.

Home Bunch
Image: Home Bunch

Country chic is found with these pleated top window treatments. The soft sea foam color is complementary of the tradition of this bathroom space.

Circa Lighting
Image: Circa Lighting

This designer added a dreamy shaded window treatment to this room. The curved appeal and gathered edge softens the window with a modern Victorian simplicity.

Image: CATTYGAL ??

This style resembles a high rise in the night sky appeal. The dramatic drapes are accentuated by reflective glamour and stated color.

Image: Blinds.com

These full window length blinds are private and add a cozy cue to this well designed bathroom. The intricate setting is inviting and cheery.

Better Homes and Gardens
Image: Better Homes and Gardens

A Victorian cottage comes home with these window treatments. The bay window is beautifully accented with a light creme shade.

Image: Tableaux

In this design we see a scrolled window effect and lavish deep wine valance that complements the decorative properties of the space in true fashion.

We have seen in this article how window treatments are both purposed and decorative. If you have a walled shower, most designers have opted for a blind effect that is functional and charming. The open concepts are privy to drapery and valances that also accommodate the design of your home. The size of the window will effect the chosen length as does the ceiling height. If you have lower set ceilings opt for a shade or valance that allows the space to be proportioned. A taller ceiling is balanced with longer drapes and decorative shades bringing a vertical sense to the style.

Light and airy hues are equivalent to deep shades depending on preference and the stylish tone of the space. When choosing your own window treatments, you will find a variety of options are available to you. They keep the room consistent, private and serve as a decorative gem within your own bathroom design.