25 Headboard Design Ideas for Master Bedroom

Beds alone can make it or break it when it comes to designing a beautiful master bedroom. But part of making an impact with a bed is the headboard itself.


Image: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

This contemporary bed is elevated to the next level with this beautiful, padded and paneled headboard, which expands past the bed itself.


Image: Soucie Horner, Ltd.

This cream and white bed is aided by a padded, embroided headboard, which adds an element of grace to this master bedroom.


Image: Stone Creek Builders

A high, padded headboard perfectly complements the gentle color scheme present throughout the room.


Image: Markalunas Architecture Group

Decked out with mahogany, this beautiful headboard perfectly sets the scene in this classic bedroom.


Image: Jensen C. Vasil Architect PC

Set in front of an ornate, papered wall, this beautiful bed features a rounded, soft gray headboard.


Image: L2 Interiors

A leather, paneled headboard highlights the dynamic colors scattered throughout the room.


Image: Robert Granoff

A rippled headboard helps set the scene in this cozy, neutral toned master bedroom.



Image: Younique Designs

This luxurious, cushy bedroom is highlighted by a plush, elaborate headboard.


Image: Angela Reynolds Designs

A tall, elevated paneled headboard helps give this master bedroom an amazing, club style quality.


Image: Shuster Design Associates

A paneled headboard gives this master bedroom a very beautiful, modern atmosphere.


Image: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

A sandy, paneled headboard perfectly compliments the bedroom’s color scheme, while providing a strong header to this bed.


Image: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

This simple, twin bed is made into something special with a drift wood, boarded headboard.


Image: Adrienne DeRosa

This kid’s bed is here to help your child feel like a princess, thanks to the headboard’s gentle, sloping curves and ornate design.


Image: Doyle McCullar

A woven headboard, with charcoal tones, complements this neutrally toned master bedroom, all while providing this bedroom with a mature anchor.


Image: Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

While this headboard is short and simple, its rich mahogany tones contribute towards this room’s rich, contemporary atmosphere.


Image: Martin Architect, Inc.

A curved headboard enriches this highly contemporary bedroom.


Image: Chango & Co.

This ornate headboard is richly decked out in faux silver, elevating this simple, contemporary master bedroom into a gorgeous hideaway.


Image: Brooke Wagner Design

This padded headboard is ornate without being overwhelming. Part of its charm lies in this room’s neutral color scheme, which the headboard perfectly compliments.



This canopy bed doesn’t feature a true headboard- rather, the curtain itself serves as a de facto headboard. But nonetheless, this bed is gorgeous and eye catching.


Image: Environmental Dynamics, Inc

A low, leather headboard perfectly compliments the atmospheric colors present throughout this master bedroom. The view certainly doesn’t hurt matters.

As you can see, a headboard can make all the difference when it comes to buying a bed. Whether it’s part of the bed itself or a custom fixture, headboards can elevate any bed to an ornate piece of art.