20 Bedroom Blackout Curtains Guaranteed to Keep You in the Dark

bedroom blackout curtains

If you are a shift worker or need to sleep during the daytime, it is important for you to be able to block as much light out as possible. In the past, blackout curtains used to be very unattractive. Now, though, there are many options that you can find that will match any decorating scheme.

001 contemporary-bedroom 4

These blackout curtains look luxurious while still helping to create a dark space to sleep during the daytime

Image: Wheeler Kearns Architects

002 traditional-bedroom 4

Image: Designing Solutions

This room has blackout curtains in a pattern that matches the rest of the room’s color scheme while still allowing the room to look bright and airy.

006 transitional-bedroom 4

Image: Alexander Pollock Interiors

The floor-to-ceiling drapes give this room a very luxurious look. The color scheme keeps the room looking monochromatic and relaxing.

009 contemporary-bedroom 4

Image: Greg Natale

These blackout drapes fit in well with the design of this room. The solid color is a nice balance to the intricately patterned wallpaper.

013 modern-bedroom 4

Image: Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc.

Blackout drapes do not need to look overly heavy to be effective. Here, they work well with the sheers and the creamy yellow color scheme.

017 contemporary-bedroom 4

Image: Mackenzie Collier Interiors

When picking blackout curtains, make sure that they are large enough to more than cover the window. This will help limit the amount of light that will filter in around your drapes.

019 industrial-bedroom 4

Image: Kirkwood McCarthy

If you have an oddly shaped window, you may need to get creative with the curtain rods so that the entire window is covered.

021 modern-bedroom 4

Image: Chloe Warner

Consider adding long tracks so that the room looks like one long wall of windows.

023 traditional-bedroom 4

Image: Castro Design Studio

This white room uses blackout curtains making it comfortable to sleep in even if you need to rest during the daytime.

024 mediterranean-bedroom 4

Image: Claudio Ortiz Design Group, Inc.

Some blackout curtains have a special liner in them, meaning that even light colored fabrics can be used to cover the windows.

027 contemporary-bedroom 4

Image: Rollande Vachon owner of Moutarde Décor

This room uses two different sets of curtains to give visual interest and to help block out as much daylight as possible.

028 rustic-bedroom 4

Image: Howells Architecture + Design, LLC

The color of these blackout curtains blends in well with the rest of this room’s design.

030 transitional-bedroom 4

Image: Heather Garrett Design

This room is serene and calming and the blackout curtains only add to the comfortable feel. Make sure that you use quality sheets and pillows to make your bed as comfortable and inviting as possible.

031 modern-bedroom 4

Image: Boor Bridges Architecture

You can turn any curtain into a blackout curtain by using a light-blocking liner.

033 contemporary-bedroom 4

Image: Carmen Parker Styling

This room has sheers to let in light when it is needed and beautiful blackout curtains for when darkness is a must.

035 contemporary-bedroom 4

Image: Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes

These playful curtains are excellent at blocking unwanted light that could disturb daytime sleepers.

038 transitional-bedroom 4

Image: Highgate Builders

Blackout curtains may be thicker or heavier than normal curtains. They also can insulate a room and help prevent heat loss in colder weather.

041 traditional-bedroom 4

Image: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

049 contemporary-bedroom 4

Image: Bridgwater Consulting Group

Matching blackout curtains on each window keep this room looking tailored and sleek.

066 midcentury-bedroom 4

Image: Regan Baker Design

Here, a band of color has been sewn onto the bottom of  these drapes to make them fit in with the design of this room.

As you can see, blackout curtains do not have to be ugly or obvious. Make sure when you are looking for them that you check for a liner or heavy fabric that will be sure to block out as much light as possible.