20 Stylish Bedroom Closets Designs That Will Make Feel Luxurious


As you walk down the streets in New York City, you will see the roads lined with trendy boutiques and coffee shops. With a Mocha Latte in your hand you pull the ornate door and walk into a shopper’s paradise. With elegant lighting and plush seating you can’t help but be feel like a movie star.

Imagine waking up in the morning with most likely not a mocha Latte but a very good cup of coffee. You open your bedroom closet to decide what to wear and step into your own personal boutique.

Designers today have brought chic and trendy home. The popularity of Luxurious bedroom closets are on the rise. We live in an age of entrepreneurs and Millennials who don’t hold back when it comes to style.The ease of shelving and compartmental designs are fluent throughout these spacious bedroom closets.

Your design style is similar to any other room in your home. One could use ornate lighting or recessed lighting to create a more modern look. The stream lined accessibility to style is prevalent throughout. The designing sky is the limit when it comes to your bedroom closet. We see designers infuse details such as a soft chair, ornate mirrors and elaborate fixtures to create a most luxurious feel to your surroundings. The use of drawers and counters incorporate all of your needs for trinkets and jewelry. Spaces are created to feature fashionable accessories such as your favorite pair of heels or wedge sandals. Purses and clutches line the walls surrounded by all of your fashions hanging delicately. These luxurious boutique style bedroom closets are designed to deliver necessary efficiency with style.

Chic Luxury

002 beach-style-closet 35

Image: Guided Home Design

This Chic modern layout boasts vaulted ceilings and recessed lighting that accentuates the lined mirrors. The designer chose crisp white theme accents with modern pieces.

Sorrento Residence

003 traditional-closet 35

Image: Verandah House

With Rustic touches this bedroom closet has an ease of accessibility. The partial vaulted ceiling allows for the space to feel airy and light. With a stylish chandelier this space is bright and well-articulated.

Brookridge Home – Fall 2012

006 contemporary-bedroom 35

Image: Key Residential

the modern clean edges of this design are intricate in lighting that compliments the reflective smooth surfaces surrounding this luxury concept. The finished detailed statuary and artistic pieces complete the visionary aspect of this space.

Master Suite Wing

007 traditional-closet 35

Image: Roomscapes Luxury Design Center

Classic is this closet with a modern twist. The wood finish denotes a superior quality with the details in the décor. A cascading spiral for fashions adds a flair to this style.

Spectacular Master Bedroom Closets

008 traditional-closet 35

Image: Kay Wade, Closet Factory

This shabby chic design is reminiscent with its cabinetry design and elegant chandelier that sets the mood for this space. We see the Victorian details throughout the wood workpaired with the marble top island that compliments the design.

Spectacular Master Bedroom Closets

012 traditional-closet 35

Image: Kay Wade, Closet Factory

A charming window seat creates a dual tone to this design. Spacious in its design this closet is purposeful and elegant. The use of natural lighting is whimsical in its delivery.

Sophisticated Master Closet and Dressing Area

023 closet 35

Image: Connecticut Closet and Shelf

Here is an Upper Connecticut contemporary toned space. Detailed door panels are used to add a hint of texture. Purposed props are an ingenious way to display and apply your most memorable pieces.

Spring Valley

024 transitional-closet 35

Image: Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

This country French look inspires as it’s deeply accented in a delightful colored scheme and accented by fresh details that are sure to please any eye. The chandelier used is complimentary of its era toned ambience.

Magnificent Hudson Street Mansion

025 traditional-closet 35

Image: Hudson Place Realty

Anything but traditional is what we see here in this provincial inspired bedroom closet. The lighting accentuated the desired showcase. The cabinetry is neat and in line with creating an airy space. A crystal chandelier takes center and is warmly greeted within its surroundings.

Howell, MI. New construction

028 transitional-closet 35

Image: Tutto Interiors

This rustic modern allure is consistent within the room spaces and offers an easy flow. The rustic framed mouldings are highlighted by modern accents. The high ceiling is an attribute in lending a spacious feel.

St. Paul Street Master Suite

031 transitional-closet 35

Image: Sanctuary Kitchen and Bath Design

A country inspired art takes form in this simpler design. The designer creates a clean streamlined canvass coupled with genius shelving. The down lighting accents the space offering bright characteristics.


033 traditional-closet 35

Image: Brink Custom Homes

Glamour inspired sconces accompany a luxurious vanity. With intended placement of shelving and recessed lights this space has a clean elegant feel.


035 transitional-closet 35

Image: Craig Ross

50s inspired pieces are complimentary in this traditional modern design. Symmetry and accentual décor are well placed providing a well thought out space.

Luxe Walk-in Suite

038 traditional-bedroom 35

Image: California Closets Connecticut

A modern infusion utilizing reflective trim and door panels. The built in lighting paired with the shaped recessed lights unify all the fine details.


045 modern-closet 35


Convenient and Cozy this walk in design offers a multitude of storage options. The intelligent shelving space allows for a multi-tasking space that is much needed for today’s busy society.

35 Karsten Creek Way, The Woodlands Tx

046 home-design 35

Image: Simon Homes Inc

50s inspired pieces are complimentary in this traditional modern design. Symmetry and accentual décor are well placed providing a well thought out space.

Master suite with French doors to backyard

050 traditional-bedroom 35

Image: Stanton Homes

Double closets adorn this spacious room. The fashionable inset ceiling is perfectly accented in contrasting color schemes. The chandelier offers a touch of luxury in this fashionable space.

Master Closet

053 transitional 35

Image: Melchior Building Company

we have the option of external closet space as we see in this rich finish and design. These adaptable pieces re an accent in any room.

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom and Dressing Area.

056 modern-closet 35

Image: Figura Kitchens & Interiors

Rustic beams and barn style doors and hinges are classically toned complimenting a distressed clean finish that has a vintage appeal.

Master Closet

058 traditional-closet 35

Image: California Closets Twin Cities

A crystal chandelier greets you as you step into this modern splendor. The ample shelving and organization is unique. The top shelving is clever as it is stately.