20 Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes To Choose From

Bedroom Color schemes

The world is full of energy and subconscious cues. We envelop specific emotions and feelings through the use of our senses. A symphonic melody can be calming , the feeling of silks are soothing , the scent of a baked apple pie offers a sense of warmth, the taste of a chocolate cake can give you an indulged feeling and the sight of certain colors offers an array of  thoughtful inspirations. This theory is recognized and realized throughout society on multiple levels. When it comes to style and design , we have a wonderful world of colors to choose from. Cooler tones and warm hues will present a bedroom colors scheme that will be incorporated in your next design.

Your bedroom is unlike any other room in your home. It is the one room where you can keep your dreams and personal space to a refined sense of yourself. A bedroom style is not just a choice of fabrics and lighting fixtures. It is a decision on how you will start and end your day. No matter the size of your space, you can create your own stylish get away from your everyday life. We have included photos of how color is able to impact designs.You will see the many ways color inspires each other to create varied styles for each room.

Orange and Gray

001 2-orange-and-grey 14

Image: BF Interior Design

Here we see orange infusions throughout the room. Orange is a vibrant color that is full of energy. The gray tones are a positive balance the style.

Hollywood Pink Glam

002 4-hollywood-pink 14

Image: Lorigen Tile

A collaboration of colors are well met in this style. A light peach has depth when paired with deep neutrals and a pretty plum color.

York Avenue Apartment

003 shabby-chic-style-bedroom 14

Image: Corynne Pless

A pale wall coloring has a hint of cream and is delicately accented with a stark white. Touches of deep pinks and reds accent the room with the right amount of light.

Fulham Bedroom

004 contemporary-bedroom 14

Image: VC Design Architectural Services

A light gray room envelops the space with a keen sense of style. Bright white contrasts are delightfully intertwined in the setting.

Loft Rooms

005 transitional-bedroom 14

Image: Amanda Nelison Interiors

Here we see a mink wall color that is expertly contrasted with white framing. A light wood finish completes the style.

Knightsbridge Apartment

006 contemporary-bedroom 14

Image: Helen Green Design

Enriched neutral tones hold the space with a deep layering of hues. A dusty blue is added to create a chic space.

Bedroom Textures

007 contemporary-bedroom 14

Image: The Couture Rooms

A lavish look is neutral with champagne notes. A white shading adds a thoughtful approach to the design.

Parkwood Road Residence Master Bedroom

008 traditional-bedroom 14

Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

This serene space has a barely there blue wall coloring. Light gray and white hues are accentuated by the natural lighting in this style.

American Dream

009 contemporary-bedroom 14

Image: Maurizio Pellizoni Ltd

Dark wood finishes complement a black on black wall theme. Slate gray and white are intriguing and paired with natural hints of greenery and floral aspects.

Roehampton Development

010 transitional-kids 14

Image: Inspired Dwellings

A white surrounding has hints of color that touches the room in varied accents and decorative pieces.

Dusky Plum Bedroom

011 purple-floral-bedroom 14

Image: Timothy Young Photography

The color of dusk surrounds the style with multi faceted plum purple tones offering a luxurious appeal.

Vintage-style Pink Bedroom

012 pale-pink-bedroom 14

Image: Dominic Blackmore

The color of vintage inspiration is noted with a dusty pink and descriptive gray tones. This style has light whispering hues that harmonize the design.

Retro Patterned Bedroom

013 Retro-pattern--bold-and-beautiful-bedroom--PHOTOGALLERY--Style-at-Home--Housetohome 14

“Image: Jeremy Phillips

Retro styled colors are prevalent with avocado, orange and red accents. a cache of colors are spontaneously decorated into the room.

Bedroom Color

014 main.original.640x0c 14

Image: My Domaine

A dark and rich slate gray covers the walls and has a continuous appeal with matching drapes. White details and yellow intricacy has a modern vintage look.

Bedroom Color

015 Image 4 - Teal Goddess 14

Image: Lifestyle

This room has a fresh style with fuchsia pillows and white accents that are surrounded by a sterling aqua blue.

Bedroom Color

016 Room_Bedroom_1 14

Image: Paint Color

A neutral pallet is enchanting with infused lilac appeals. Soft tones create a design that is absolutely charming.

Bedroom Color

017 764f3e1317fa862f1c28aac2531cf5d0 14

Image: Bykoket

A steel blue is mingled with a chic gray coloring. A brilliant yellow harmonizes the style in a clever compilation of art and style.

Bedroom Color

018 5f09d96e3093fd63d3c4ba7f8945f403 14

Image: The Decorologist

Blue and gray are witty with a refreshing style. The artist uses a play on colors to contribute to an elegant feel to the space.

Bedroom Color

019 master-bedroom-bedding-ideas 14

Image: Mpower Products

Taupe is an intriguing color. This hue changes depending on the time of day and the lighting in the room. The white contrasting ceiling and trim are beautifully styled and paired with a dark wood finish.

Bedroom Color

020 shutterstock_5701279-Medium-633x380 14

Image: Homes Showcase

A golden room is well noted with lush tones. The space has a cozy feel with enriched accenting colors.

We have reviewed many styles and how they correlate with colors and themes. When designing your bedroom, you will want to think of the ambiance you are striving to create. Use of neutral tones and alternate shades offer hushed whispers of serenity and style. When you surround your atmosphere with cues of keen senses and appeals, you will create a bedroom that turns your thoughts into a statement. Bright bold colors will bring a vibrant spirit to the style and deeper tones and palettes offer tranquil serenity. Charming hints add touches of color to bring the look and feel of the room together. Collective textures and tones offer depth to the perception of the space. When looking at the structure of each design, we see the integrity remain true to the vision that was intended.

Any room in your home will be styled and designed to suit your lifestyle. This is especially true of your bedroom space. This particular room holds your own personality within its walls. Your dreams and daily aspirations begin when you open your eyes in the morning and see the colors of your morning. In the evening hours you will find the aura needed to refresh your thoughts and generate a sheer sense of calmness. A spectrum of colors has many shades and tones. When peering through your options, you will come across a hue that makes you feel both energized and peaceful. That is the moment you know you have found your base inspiration for your bedroom design.