20 Endless Possibilities With Bedroom Mural Wallpaper

We live in an age of technology that doesn’t seem to slow down.¬† With calendars that are full and phones that always ring, some of our

creative inspirations tend to fall by the way side. How does one get their creative vibe back? Use a mural for your muse. Bedroom mural

wallpaper is a clever way to transform your thoughts into reality. You can bring the world to you, and convert your space into a living work of art.

Natural or city scenes can be your next view. Bringing in lights that echo your design will help set the tone. Furnishings are brilliantly interwined

into the design. Colors and accents are a collaboration to accentuate the scenic space.

A bedroom mural is an inspiring way to live in your design. To bring home timeless opportunity and cherished visual cues add unique character

to the set of your space. Using pieces that add intellectual compatibility to the design is fun and smart. Lamps,pillows and trendy decor will unify

the theme in true fashion. Below you will find inspirational murals and schemes that will have you dreaming of where you would like to wake up

every morning.


001 traditional-bedroom 39

Serene and natural branches set the stage. Neutral colors and chosen woodwork enhance the theme of the space.

Sage green hues and woody tones articulate the designers thoughts.

Image: Hill Mitchell Berry Architects

Boy’s Educational Bedroom

002 contemporary-kids 39

Inspiring to aspire, this space brings the world along with endless possibilities. Primary colors and a clean design

are an ingenious pairing. Fun accents are brought together making this space a vision.

Image: Murals Wallpaper

2014 Designer’s Own Home

005 contemporary-bedroom 39

A statement with  historical value is patterned with vibrant colors and tones. Textures are used to elevate the style

creatively and envelop the senses with a stately appeal.

Image: Raji RM & Associates

West 2nd Street, North Vancouver

008 contemporary-bedroom 39

A room of shades is classic and modern. The mural is a sketch style. The designer has incorporated pillows

and an innovative lighting and accessories to this space.

Image: Gaile Guevara

My Houzz: Laurie Rabe

009 traditional-bedroom 39

Whimsical and vibrant , this mural is colorful and full of energy. Bright floral tones and subtle window

dressings are expertly paired together. Full of hobbies and happy thoughts, this space is delightful.

Image: Rikki Snyder

Master Suite

011 contemporary-bedroom 39

A black and white chic style makes a statement. An artistic theme and perfect contrasting allow

for the designer to respond to a dramatic theme and pops of color.

Image: Ann Lowengart Interiors

Boys Bedroom

014 contemporary-bedroom 39

Artistic street designs are symbolic to the city and established in detail. The bright colors and bold

imaginative ideas are well noted with muted tones and simple statements.

Image: Raspberry Interiors

Chelsea House

016 transitional-bedroom 39

Cloud like and soft this space has a light airy feel. The natural light infuses the darker tones with the

white and light blue surroundings. The room has a fresh look and is well designed.

Image: Thorp Design

Greenhouse – An ode to the power and diversity of nature

017 eclectic-bedroom 39

Natural and nostalgic this room has a pillar and is touched thoughtfully with candles and natural accents.

The trees are a lush green and holds a keen sense of awareness to the styles surroundings.

Image: Rebel Walls

kids bedroom

020 contemporary-kids 39

Imaginative and colorful, this room denotes the mind and aspiring visions. A desk space is a suitable

pairing with the global backdrop mural. A 3-d spin out compass hold a dual purpose and is ultimately clever.

Image: Dufner Heighes Inc

Kensington town house

024 victorian-bedroom 39

This design is vintage and cheery. A realistic cherry blossom is pink and plush. The furnishings are

cozy and comfortable. Taupe notes are create an inviting palette that blends immaculately.

Image: VSP Interiors

Family Home, London

025 traditional-bedroom 39

This space is traditional and sprightly. Tall ceilings and windows create a genuine design. Wall sconces

and witty pieces are interjected into the design creating an elegant look.

Image: Fiona Andrews Interiors Limited


028 traditional-bedroom 39

A grand design, this mural is graceful with a crystal chandelier and scenic views. Vintage furnishings

and blue accents are delightful and refreshing. Thoughtful accents and decor are warm and inviting.

Image: Anne Harris Studio

Upper West Side Residence

029 contemporary-kids 39

How interesting is this mural. It is fun and bold. A lime green and intriguing patterns create the

perfect melody with the scenic picture window. Hard wood flooring and personal touches make

this design charming.

Image: Jarlath Mellett


030 contemporary-bedroom 39

Reminiscent and timeless, this mural is fetching and full of character. The well noted design and

patterns are seamless in collaboration with stream line designs and accents.

Image: Sebastiano Photography

Sloane Square

032 eclectic-kids 39

A pool of patterns and prints are very intriguing and fresh. We see a creative collage mixed with

colorful splashes to enhance the designers flair for energy.

Image: Matteo Bianchi Studio

Colorful Bedroom with an Ocean Breeze

034 eclectic-bedroom 39

Warm and rich colors are blended and paired with deep accent colors. The wooden finish and window

dressings are well matched. French doors and a stunning view bring a cozy atmosphere to the design.

Image: Flea Market Sunday

My Houzz: Colorful Hand Painting Bedecks a Creative Home

035 eclectic-bedroom 39

A kaleidoscope of patterns and infused colors are a fun way to create a personal space. With the

dark wood flooring and bright energetic walls, you cant go wrong with the look and vibe this room brings.

Image: Lindsay von Hagel

Richmond, 1930’s refurbishment

037 contemporary-kids 39

A play on the eyes has this space a creative edge. The red and white scheme is energizing. The modern

yet traditional designs bring harmony and met expectations to the space.

Image: Amory Brown

Teen Boy’s Bedroom

040 contemporary-kids 39

A trendy day at the park is brought home in this spontaneous and splendid space. The sky ceiling

and game day mural is ingenious. The glow under the bed and the grass carpet is a fan favorite.

Image: TRG Architects

We have been taken on a tour of mural inspirations. We have seen nostalgic all the way to fun and fresh designs.

The innovative imagry is exhibited well. The thoughtful accents unite the design in fun and imaginitive ways. We

are seeing designers think out side of the box, putting the rules to the side and displaying not just rooms, but themes

and schemes with fresh senses of style.

Individual and independant, the designs of today are offering an array of visionary opprotunities. The length of the

imaginative path is endless. You are able to collaborate as much or as little energy in your space. The results are timeless

with a revitalizing perspective in every style. The ability to close your eyes and immediately open them in a space of your

own design, means you will have the capability to travel and see anything you could dream. Envelop yourself into your space.

Bring to life the vision you have in your minds eye.