A Collection of 20 Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets of Different Colors

Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets of Different Colors

Bedrooms which have spacious closet areas, having a large bedroom wardrobe is a blessing. Armoires specifically are designed to store all of your clothing but can be re-purposed for alternative storage solutions. Whatever is stored inside, adding doors can keep the majority of your eye sores hidden from view so that the room maintains its beauty.

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Image: Interiors Room

For wardrobe cabinets, there are different finishes and configurations as well as door designs that ensure whatever is selected will complement the space and décor well.

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Image: Apartment Therapy

Smaller spaces can benefit from upright wardrobe cabinets too. Even in this space, a traditional cabinet is perfect for corner storage.

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Image: Homedit

Customized options can be professionally created for any sized budget. Fit for any room, you can select various storage options for the interior and different door finishes.

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Image: Houzz

In wider spaces, there are different shoe organizers, hanging rods, accessory drawers, and more for storage possibilities. Combinations are endless.

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Image: Wardrobe World

Customized wardrobes are ideal solutions for more permanent storage, especially that built into an existing wall space, like the closets here.

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Image: John Lewis

More elegant and sturdy armoires have more storage options hidden away such as dividers, rods, shelves, and drawers.

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Image: An Ordinary Woman

The armoire takes a more ornate spin with the basic wardrobe. Made of wood, you can select armoires to match any style in your space from contemporary to rustic country. And in this space the wardrobe takes an angular spin on traditional rectangular designs, making use of a unique space.

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Image: My Domaine

Wardrobes make for wonderful storage in guest rooms or children’s rooms because they can hold extra odds and ends. Here the walls are customized to fit the height of the space and to tuck away into the closet.

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Image: Buyer Select

Basic wardrobe cabinets are great for holding non-everyday things like winter garments, evening ware, sportswear, coats, formal dresses, or outfits that are not often used.

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Image: Design Sponge

Hidden from view, the painted shutter doors bring a nice complementary color to this themed space.

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Image: Georgiana Design

Keeping clutter off the floor and off the tables, this room appear sleek and clean thanks to the wardrobe storage.

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Image: Betta Living

This sleek space installs wardrobes along the length of the room, converting otherwise plain walls into extra storage.

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Image: Abigail Ahern

Bold door handles make these wardrobe doors stand out against an otherwise neutral space.

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Image: Vtwonen

Basic wardrobes are inexpensive solutions fit for every design style. These come with a great frame, rail, and unique shelving. Some have drawers and others have covers or doors to hide away the mess.

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Image: Trendir

One common bedroom woe is limited storage space. Closets are often too small, which is why bedroom wardrobes are making a big splash as an easy storage alternative. Great for clothing and accessories, they can even hide away miscellaneous eye sores, extra throw pillows and linen.

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Image: The Interior Styelist

There is no reason that storage has to be limited to a single, stand alone structure. Today customized designs are even easier to come by, and they can be built such that they run the length of a bedroom wall, as featured here.


Image: Square Space

Wardrobes can be used to store all manner of accessories and décor. Cabinets can reveal storage space for shoes, technical cords, and even accompanying books—in case there is no room on the shelves or clutter detracts from another key feature in the room.

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Image: HGTV

While originally designed to store close, wardrobes now come in many shapes and sizes. This mirrored door finish can attest to that. Adding the mirrors to the doors reflects natural light in the room, which gives the appearance of more space.

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Image: Ikea

Bedroom wardrobe cabinets have unique top to bottom doors which open to reveal full length dresses as well as longer coats which you can keep on hangers and prevent from winkling. Others have bottoms for drawers where accessories and folded garments can rest.

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Image: Music Left

Bright purple and fun, this kids space takes advantage of the walls by converting them into a wrap around storage unit. By building into each corner, extra shelving is made around the lower cabinets and the larger wardrobe.


Overall, the various materials and patterns are making bedroom wardrobe cabinets a new thrill. Now able to take up an entire wall and span the length of the space, limited storage will no longer be an issue. Whether users want the short, traditional designs with drawers and an armoire shape, or larger wall length designs that build into the existing closet space, there are options out there.

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