20 Cool Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets with Wooden Finishes

Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets with Wooden Finishes

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Image: Hall of Homes

In this space, the black and white theme is maintained with the wood cabinet painted white. The structure allows for different storage options, easily converted when needs change. This means drawers for storing jewelry, watches, ties, and belts, shelves for shoes and folded clothes, as well as rods for hanging tops.

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Image: Czasnawnetrze

In this space the deep, rich wood tones offset the lighter bedding and neutral wall color.

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Image: Undo Lock

Wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes give a natural look to any room, in both dark and light wood tones. In this space, the cabinets are over sized, fitting to the large bedroom space. The sliding doors allow for easy maneuvering and a beautiful complement to the dark wood bed frame.

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Image: Murphy Beds

Spanning one end of the room to the other, this unit takes over as a traditional head board and instead becomes a wooden wardrobe cabinet set. Still allowing for head board storage of accent pieces, on either side of the bed are small drawers with shelving units for storage, and the cabinet doors to close over additional storage.

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Image: RCN Furnishings UK

In this space, the wood finish is converted to match the decor by way of white painted doors. By painting the doors white and leaving the natural wood along the sides, the bed becomes one with the closet set up, and the white chairs blend seamlessly. This allows for the accent colors to really stand out.

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Image: Betta Living

Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, with just as many options for their doors. Hooked doors, sliding doors, and even coplanar doors have made their way into the design world. Here the mixture of all shapes and sizes allows for storage of anything and everything, leaving very nearly nothing left exposed. Doing so allows this space to embody a modern, sleek appearance completely free from clutter.

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Image: Link Design Interiors

Cluttered spaces, especially bedrooms, need more storage for holding clothes that are not in regular use like winter gear, sports gear, and evening wear. For this reason wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes are becoming a great alternative for storage solutions. Here the cabinets are sleek and tall, fitting the geometric design of the space well.

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Image: Archi Lovers

Combining traditional wood colors with a painted black door finish brings this closet into the same theme as the rest of the space. When closed the black doors blend seamlessly with the other black furniture and when opened, the wood shades complement the orange and tan colors in the bedding and accessories.

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Image: House Plans Helper

Solving the closet and storage issues, wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes can also increase the value of any home. In fact, this walk in closet space really adds to the value of the bedroom, solving all storage issues for any resident.

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Image: Alhabib Pabel Doors

Closet woes need no longer be a problem with fully customizable wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes. There are different configurations available, professional installation options, and consultants willing to make a plan perfect for your space.

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Bedroom wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes are all the rage today, perfect for even minimalist designs. As seen here, the wooden panels hide what is really a customized storage unit while matching the bed frame and end table perfectly.

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Image: Jenna Sue Design

The most common material for wardrobes today is wood. Wood finishes can be converted into beautiful designs and made to look any color thanks to stains and paints. The white paint in this room allows the accent rug and accessories to really stand out against the natural light wood floor and white walls.

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Image: Ik6

Wood structures can be painted to match any existing space. Here, the storage is fitted nicely behind a wall dividing the over sized bedroom space into two spaces.

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Image: Women Planet

In this room, the mixture of black panels and natural wood create a beautiful two toned effect.

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Image: Deco Cool

Capitalizing upon the light wood floors and open beams in the ceiling, these wooden finished doors on the wardrobe really bring together the floors, walls, and ceilings in a way that draws the eye straight toward the bed.

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Image: Globo

Painting the doors, this wood finish blends nicely into the walls.

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Image: Somewhere I Would Like to Live

Traditional bedrooms like this benefit from the wood finish.

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Image: Atg Stores

Wood finishes do not have to be built into the wall. Here, the entire bedroom set is made from the same wood, which brings each piece together beautifully. The cabinets are all stained to match and are standalone units which can be moved if necessary.

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Image: We Heart It

Left open, these two natural wood units face one another to create a walk in closet in an otherwise open space.

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Image: Naturafuls

Even elegant spaces can use accent panels or paintings on their wooden finishes to draw the eye.

Today bedroom wardrobes with wood finishes can match any space, painted or not. In a traditional bedroom space, wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes can be left open, so as to provide shelves not just for hideaway storage but for showing off accent pieces or accessories.

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